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Bittorent : Web site dimeadozen asked to remove all shows related to Todd


On August 1, 2008 bittorent web page dimeadozen was asked to remove all Todd Rundgren shows from its client. This is very sad news for Traders of Todds music.

"Music Publishing Company of America" MPCA who is the owner of copyrights in and to certain songs written by Todd Rundgren ask to have todd music removed from Dimes client page and put his name on the hosts "not allowed artists and band list".

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VIDEO: Bourgeois Tagg with Todd Rundgren Bammies 1987

VIDEO: Sunshine of your love Ringo's Allstar band.. Beacon Theater nyc 1999

Review : Todds return to Bearsville

July 30, 2008 WMS
Todd Rundgren's blistering two-hour set at the Bearsville Theater July 28 marked the first time the former Woodstocker played a full concert at the intimate venue, though he spent years building large portions of his impressive portfolio at his Utopia Sound Studio up the road. And he created Utopia Video Studio, now home to radio station WDST, just yards from the theater. But Monday night's show was not the first time he performed on stage at Bearsville. Few seem to remember, but Todd played a handful of acoustic numbers with Jesse Gress during a benefit in the days before Woodstock 1994 in Saugerties, where Todd played his Todd Pod show under a tent on the grounds. Also performing at that benefit were Marshall Crenshaw and Jules Shear. Todd's show this week in front of a packed house just about tore the walls down. Todd was joined by longtime bandmates guitarist Jesse Gress and drummer Prairie Prince, and newcomers Rachel Haden on bass and Matt Bolton on keyboards and guitar. He played -- from start to finish -- all 13 numbers of his latest CD, Arena, which will be released in September. All the advance buzz on the show and the new music was dead on -- these powerful songs are packed with hooks and delivered with blazing guitar breaks, soon-to-be classic riffs and strong vocals. Todd sprinkled in several of his own classics, but it was Arena rock that has invigorated his fan base. See this show! In the meantime, visit our photo gallery for some images of Todd's night in Bearsville:

Picture i took at long island brewing company

Long Island Brewing Co. sept 11 1997

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Video : Woodstock NY Arena tour

thanks to summer101 for the youtube upload

Todd Rundgren I saw the light Woodstock, NY

Todd Rundgren Lunatic Fringe Woodstock, NY

Review: Bearsville Theater Steve Israel Times Herald-Record

Rundgren finds hook and hammers it home
Bearsville concert surprises, enchants fans
By Steve Israel
Times Herald-Record
July 30, 2008 6:00 AM

BEARSVILLE — To understand the unique allure of Todd Rundgren, meet
the Perk family of New Windsor. They're four of the 400 devout
Toddheads who packed the Bearsville Theater for Rundgren's knockout
Monday night show.

Dad Mike, who's seen Todd some 60 times, and mom Donna made
Rundgren's "Mated" their wedding song — after rocker Todd had wowed
dad with his devilish diversity by doing the Broadway
tune, "Something's Coming," from "West Side Story." Daughter
Jeanette, 20, remembers that Todd tunes were her lullabies. As for
youngest daughter, Jessica, 16?

"He's just awesome. Especially the lyric, "Eyes that have seen/Will
know what I mean."

But really, guys, what makes Todd Rundgren so special that you made
the show a family outing?

"He can do everything, from metal to softer melodic stuff," said
Jeanette before the Perks snared standing room next to the
stage. "And he's a crowd pleaser."

Rundgren and his hot four-piece rock band did it all during his two-
hour set that was book-ended by chestnuts like "Open My Eyes"
and "Couldn't I Just Tell You." But the centerpiece was his new,
unreleased album, "Arena," which features the latest surprise from
the former Town of Woodstock resident who's made a career of
surprising: arena rock. Rundgren, 60, played the whole thing — about
75 minutes — straight through.

Amazingly, he managed to integrate most of the ingredients of his
four-decade career — from tasty melodies to stick-to-your-ribs guitar
riffs — into big songs that packed enough punch to slay a stadium,
let alone this theater, which is smaller than a school auditorium.
And he did it with typical Todd tongue-in-cheek humor, taking a style
he could have parodied and turning it into a fist-pumping, crowd-
chanting rock concert.

"One of the keys to arena rock is find your hook and hammer it home,"
he explained. So even though the new tunes with names like "Mad"
pounded and rocked with the ferocity of one of Todd's windmill guitar
attacks, they were, at their core, as melodic as a hit like "I Saw
the Light."

All of which thrilled the crowd of cheering fans, including the Perks.

"Just great," said Mike, as mom and the kids stood in front of a
sweaty Todd and rocked.

Video Classic. Hello its Me ....Midnight Special

well what can be said, this is truly a classic video. man eating peacock....

VIdeo Classic: Cant stop Running ....Night Music

This is perhaps Todd's best performace of this amazing song.

video: classic:Todd Rundgren & Taj Mahal - Never Mind the Why and Wherefore

this is one of Micheles favorite live performaces. its a classic. notice todd feeding the line to the song to Taj....priceless

Photos by Grady M @ Bearsville Theatre 7/28/08

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Merchandise table 2008

Video: More from the North Kansas city Voodoo @ Harrahs show.7/24/08





Interview: Todd with Gregg Gattine WDST DJ woodstock interview

Courtesy of

For those fans who missed WDST's online streaming interview on Monday,
7/28/2008 at 5:00 PM Eastern, here's the replay. Todd Rundgren chats
with Woodstock, New York's Greg Gattine, WDST Morning Show DJ.

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Rundgren on Radio and Bearsville theater

Todd Rundgren, a former Woodstock resident, will return to his former hometown tonight for a sold-out concert at the Bearsville Theater.

Rundgren will also appear live on WDST (100.1 FM) at 6 p..m., for an interview with WDST "Morning Show" host Greg Gattine.

Rundgren for years ran his Utopia Studios out of the building that WDST not occupies, across a compound from the Bearsville Theater.

VIDEO -sampler of show from Rochester

Arena excerpts including Mad, Gun, Courage, Weakness, Bardo, and Mountaintop


A STALKER VIDEO FROM tjen0721 thanks for the corrections gregg..



black maria

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Fan Review of Rochester show.. Thanks Grady...

TR in Rochester -- this is an early review By Grady M.

Something I learned in my teens that's still with me today. . . When there's something to feel, and it feels good, completely release yourself to it. Sex is like that. A good movie can be like that. A great meal is ALWAYS like that. For me, Todd's music isn't "like that" it IS that. Last night, I must have looked ridiculous to those around me, but I just don't care. I was transported to a place full of rainbows and exhilaration, and the experience was transcendent. But I digress.I've been waiting impatiently for the Arena show at Nola's in Rochester ever since the tour schedule was announced. I was born in New Orleans, and the name of the venue alone had me excited beyond words. I arrived, after 7 hours of driving and about 3 hours before show time, to find a wonderful place with a large patio full of tables and chairs facing a portable outdoor stage about 24 feet wide by 16 feet deep, and about 3 feet above the patio, all ready to go with tent overhead, and stage lights, and . . . emptiness. No backline, no guitars on stands, no microphones. . . it was a bewildering moment, because there were equipment vans in the parking lot.Just as I was wrapping my head around this, I heard someone call my name and looked around. . . there at a table up front were Lois and George, and Amy Lynn, fellow Toddstalkers, uh, Toddstockers, with whom I had just last month shared what may end up being the most intensely joyful week of my life. I learned that veggiegurl was busy inside delivering a vegan meal to OH, and that other friends would be arriving shortly. Grateful to hear friendly voices, I joined them at their table, and learned that the show had been moved indoors because of the threat of thunderstorms later in the evening. THIS ended up being a GOOD THING!Nola's indoor venue is a classily appointed space, nicely decorated, but on the small side. Looking around, I'd bet that its fire-code max occupancy is only 800-or-so. The stage was extremely tight for Todd and the band, forcing Prairie and what must have been the house drum kit to be off to the right side of the stage, rather than in the center, rear. Jesse, Todd and Rachel were spread out left-to-right up front, and Matt was in a little cul-de-sac behind Todd in an area with a ceiling so low that a basketball player would have been forced to stoop. Todd even made reference to this when he asked the audience to remind him not to be jumping back there.As our Heroes took the stage, before the first notes were played, Todd looked at the head on the bass drum and said, "Stringer? What's that?" referring to the name painted thereupon. And that dry remark set the tone for the entire night. I've not seen Todd so relaxed in his own skin in years and years. The faithful and the newbies were crowded cheek-by-jowl into a space only barely large enough to hold them all legally, and the sound was impeccable. Not only were the lyrics clearly understandable, but Todd's between-song patter was up-front and fully intelligible. Put a crushing crowd in front of Todd and give him a sound system that's working well, and being worked well, by the sound engineer and the man literally levitates before our eyes!The set list was as before, with the addition of Black Maria in the pre-Arena mini-set. Tight, bright, and outa-sight, this show was simply awe-inspiring. I was close enough to see Rachel and her fret board clearly, and I have to say that her attention to detail and the intensity with which she is approaching Todd's songs is great to see. Nobody on this stage is taking anything for granted. Every night is "The Only Night", and they take no prisoners; they leave it all on the stage when they're done.It was great having a cadre of old friends and old fans clustered near the stage, because all of the audience participation stuff happened the way it should. First verse, a dozen people near the stage get it exactly right, second verse the whole freekin' room is into it! This room was filled with people who wanted to rock, and rock them Todd did! No one left the room 'til it was over. From conversations before the show, I figure more than a quarter of the attendees were newbies with no pre-conceived notions, and they were totally absorbed in the show. On the other hand, I was standing next to a 30-year fan named Bob who loved the presentation on the familiar material, and yet fully embraced the Arena set. To paraphrase his comments, 'Of course, some of them are better than others, but there's not a single dud in the bunch! I know that I need to listen more than once before deciding which ones are my favorites, after all, I hated "No World Order" when it first came out, and now it's among my favorite Todd albums!' This guy also told me that his bladder was bursting at the end of the show, because he didn't want leave during any of the legacy material, but the new stuff was so good he didn't want to miss any of it either! When I told him that one of the new songs is named "Pissin' ", he completely lost it!The reviews of the earlier shows on this leg of the Arena tour are accurate. This thing is getting better every night, and soon it'll be ready for the Arenas.And I don't give a damn how silly I look bouncing around, being controlled by the music. There's an ecstasy in allowing full release. . . I become something else for while, floating above the room in a dance with Todd's ethereal chromatic structures and lyrics, while simultaneously being slammed against the wall by the Prairie Prince-led rhythm section. . . and when it's over and I'm back inside my body, there's an afterglow that lasts for days.I'm glowing NOW!