Monday, August 22, 2016


UNRELEASED – Produced 1972 Copyright DBMc Inc.
This is an experimental film that was made while I was an undergraduate at the UCLA Film School in the early 1970s. My Marin County partners in crime, Jessica Roth and Bruce McCauley, brought the vision of this era into reality...they lived it! I regret Bruce died before the invention of UTUBE. This film was even made before MTV…image that! 
Nobody was combining motion picture film with rock and roll for theatrical release in those days. ” Shorts” were the little pictures that were seen in-between the feature films. We were dismissed as CRAZY invaders from San Francisco by our LA colleagues. The audio was made for quad-theaters (very hot in 1972) and thus takes some work to reduce 35 separate audio tracks into this format. It was mono in the car and blasts to quad when Wolfman or Todd hits the screen. We did a fantasy reveal on Wolfman in this short...due to the fact that very few people had ever seen him. Lucas had not released his vision of 4th Street in San Rafael just yet. 
For me and millions of other nocturnal radio listeners Wolfman was a nightly mystery of rock and roll interspersed with all kinds of babble and this is how we shared him. Todd composed his song “Wolfman Jack” that honors and gives praise the number one crazy cat alive! Someone tweeted that Todd played this for this 60th birthday party which had to be really fun for those lucky ones on Kauai.
This short is about 4 solitary guys spinning around in Los Angeles at a very creative time, the 1970s. Each one is at the top of their game and the games are quite different. George and Ms. Bobby are two lonely souls heading into the sunset.... on Sunset Blvd....listening to the radio. They collide on the boulevard.
George Jennings (driver) lived in Oakland and drove for the transit company. He is in search of a party. 
Ms. Bobby (sweet hitch hiker) is heading for the Chateau Marmount Hotel. She played the 70’s rock groupie to a tee during this collision of souls. In reality she was part of a San Francisco midnight theater group of entertainers, The Cockettes. No one has ever pickup on the fact that Ms. Bobbi was such a terrific LGBT actor…I think it is important to share this now to let you know of our support for the cause decades ago.
I do wish you could have seen this on the big screen with quad audio. It just wasn’t in the cards for me.
Enough for now…enjoy the history and fun.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

todd to teach a class at notre dame

Tuesday night, July 19, at 8:30pm ET.

Todd Rundgren will be teaching classes at Notre Dame for a couple of weeks among other activities including events that fans can participate in! An underlying theme of the visit is “Play Like a Champion Today,” Notre Dame’s iconic athletics slogan, and how its meaning can be expanded to include the essential nature of Music Education. Guests Jean Lachowicz and Ed Vigdor from the Spirit of Harmony Foundation will be on hand to break it all down for you! Main events for fans are 9/30 and 10/1, 2016.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tonight RundgrenRadio Guest Ed Palermo of ZODD ZUNDGREN

Be sure to visit

TONIGHT, TUESDAY June 21 @ 8:30pm ET

Ed Palermo’s Big Band has been together since 1980 and has been playing and honing the music of Frank Zappa (among other composers) for fifteen years, mainly in performance at the Bottom Line and Iridium nightclubs in New York City.  They have recently performed gigs featuring all Todd Rundgren music.  When they perform both Todd and Zappa they call themselves "Zodd Zundgren".
Their CDs, The Ed Palermo Big Band Plays the Music of Frank Zappa (If you have a copy, it’s now a collector’s item!!!), ‘Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance’ and the newly released ‘Eddy Loves Frank’ are concepts of love for the complex music of Frank Zappa. These crafty interpretations by the Ed Palermo Big Band stand as a testament to the longevity and originality of Zappa and his music. This music drives on its spontaneity and unpredictability. Palermo and his band bring this volatile music to life in a deft and powerful way, making it their own.
Made up of top New York musicians, the CDs also feature guest soloists: ‘Zappa-alums’ guitarist Mike Keneally and vibraphonist Dave Samuels, saxophonists Bob Mintzer and Chris Potter and guitarist Mike Stern.
Palermo has recorded two other critically-acclaimed big band albums and worked with Tito Puente, Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, Lena Horne and arranged music for James Brown for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. that took place 3 months before he died. His approach was influenced by Todd Rundgren, Cannonball Adderley, Neil Young, Edgar Winter, Nelson Riddle, Charles Tolliver, Gene Ammons and Brian Wilson. His devotion to eclectic roots also includes classical composers such as Prokofiev and Shostakovich.

Find out how it is going, etc.

Professor Todd strikes again!  Outside of the classes for students there will be activities for fans to participate in that definitely will peak your interest!  We'll give you some info on those activities tonight!

Get your mug now and send in a mug shot!  A great idea from super TR fan and SOHF Board Member Mark Woodin.


Check out all the goods at and don't forget it's your last chance to own a DVD of the first ever A Wizard, A True Star album live in concert is going on now until they run out!


Todd performed his musical "Up Against It" in Groningen The Netherlands on 2/19 of this year featuring the NNO - Noord Nederlands Orkest (North Netherlands Orchestra), Mathilde Santing & Wouter Penris and the Vocal Ensemble Amsterdam Academy of Music.


NOW-July 2:  Ringo's All-Starr Band on tour

August 20:  An Evening With Todd Rundgren concert Pershing Square in Los Angeles.  FREE OUTDOOR concert!

August 22-26:
  Todd Rundgren's Tyrolean Getaway/camp

Summer:  Toddfest West, Saturday August 6, 2016.

Labor Day weekend 9/2-9/5:  Possible RR BDAY BASH.  Sorry, no Todd concert this time - the man is busy making a new album, etc.  Fan parties with Todd and Todd related music if it happens.  

Mon, Sept 5 — Todd returns to Sausalito Art Fest for a one-off "Evening With Todd Rundgren" gig (band included) . . .

September 24-October 1:  Todd Rundgren/SOHF at Notre Dame (9/24 football game, 9/30-10/1 public events TBA soon)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

RundgrenRadio year 9 birthday bash information

Summary  You guys and gals know we have thrown over a dozen parties for Todd fans including 6 over the last 8 Labor Day weekends.   Each party has been special in its own unique way and this one will be no different if it happens.
Rather than take a risk like in the past, we are doing this IndieGoGo campaign instead to make sure we have enough interest.  We know there are challenges with all of the things Todd has been doing this year including his August camp (sold out), the cruise, and the SOHF Notre Dame event with TR in September so if the interest isn't there we understand.  However, we have had way too many requests by fans to not make a run at a party this year.
Your contributions will help us achieve our goal of throwing one hell of a party in 2016.  We have several bands lined up for you and other fun activities planned.  IF WE DO NOT HIT THE GOAL YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL BE REFUNDED 100%.  If we exceed it, we will add even more cool things into the mix!

Dates would be 9/2, 9/3, and 9/4.  We'd like to have a band(s) the night of 9/2 to start things up right.  Bands on 9/3 and 9/4 too as well as the Maurice excursion.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need $25K minimum to make this is a reality.  Sounds like a lot you say?  Yep we agree, that's because we are packing the event full of great things that will make great memories!  Here are some of the expenses we would use the money for ...

    Rental of venues
    Sound and lighting equipment
    Special event - Photo opp with Maurice, the RA tour Sphinx!  
    Restoration and moving of Maurice
    Fees (IndieGogo, credit cards, etc)
    Some food
    Maybe more surprises
    Multiple Bands/Special guests:
    Currently booked if this happens ... 
  •  Utopians (formerly Lil Rocktopia) featuring "Faux Todd" John Powhida (from Hermits of Mink Halloween), Kevin Ellman (from Todd Rundgren's Utopia), John Siegler (From Todd Rundgren's Utopia), Jesse Gress (Todd's current touring guitarist), and a keyboard player TBD.
  • Secret Society - a Utopia tribute band
  • Ed Palermo's Big Band - 17 piece band playing all Todd music

    and a possible add-on of Wizards of Woodstock (formerly Love in Akron)
  • Perks for this campaign include event pass for the weekend festivities and other goodies!  Events will be held in or near Woodstock NY.  Complete details will be sent to contributors.

    IF WE DO NOT HIT THE GOAL YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL BE REFUNDED 100%.  If we exceed it, we will add even more cool things into the mix!