Tuesday, April 28, 2015

VIP ticket available to Highline Ballroom May 5th

I have 1 VIP ticket to See TODD RUNDGREN @ the NYC Highline Ball Room May 5th show. These are seats with wait service and Early admission. NOT General Admission seating. Please message me if interested ma4utopia@aol.com

John Mellencamp Asks Why Todd Rundgren Isn't in R&R Hall of Fame

30 yrs of Todd on Letterman

thanks Wil Raasch for bringing this to my attention

The best compilation that can be made with what is on youtube. This is in honor of TR's 16th and final appearance Monday April 27th 2015. Here are all 9 previous musical guest performances + 5 sit ins with the CBS orchestra (This is missing the most recent 2013 salesmen rainbow suit occasion). Wish more of the sit ins were made available to us. Love in Action and Soul Brother are a bit quite. If your going to watch one go with Want of a Nail @ 11:11 - Enjoy

Love in Action 
Want of a Nail
The Waiting Game
Change Myself
Yer Fast
Hello its Me
Soul Brother

Runddans cd streaming right now..


Countdown to Letterman's Last "Late Show"