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Toddstock II fireworks fund



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The Toddstock II v6.5 Fireworks Fund

I keep hearing that Todd loves fireworks!!
And it seems everyone is very ready to contribute to a present for Todd's 65th birthday (and Todd and Michele's 15th anniversary). So... here's your big chance!
  • I've already checked with Michele, Lynn and many of you, and everyone is excited about this!!
  • Todd doesn't spend time on social media sites, so there's an opportunity to surprise him
  • It may be hard to keep this a secret from Todd, but we'll try!!
For those of you who don't know me, I've been a Todd and Utopia fan since 1972, and was honored to be able to play bass on the [re]Production album on the cut "Take It All." You've seen me in San Francisco, Columbus, Cleveland, Rockford and last summer at Revival Camp.

What We Need

I've done the legwork, and have fireworks companies (that handle everything, including all permits) lined up. The ballpark cost runs about $500 per minute for a decent (low-altitude) show. (We will negotiate the rate!) Our minimum budget is $5,000 for a 10-minute show, but we'll need to raise more than that to:
  • Increase the length of the show (up to 15 minutes)
  • Increase the quality of the show (shell count per minute)
  • Cover the cost of printing and distributing programs (with your name!!)
If we cover all of the above costs and still have contributions in the kitty, we will work with a volunteer Toddstock II board of directors to ensure your contributions go to make Todd's birthday the best it can possibly be. There is nothing magic about the $50, $100 or $500 levels ... the forms require we put in a number, but feel free to contribute any amount between $25 and whatever you can comfortably afford.

What You Get

Well... in addition to a really cool (or HOT!! as the case may be) Fireworks Show to cap off Todd's birthday and Todd & Michele's anniversary, I have outlined some additional "perks" for you.
This fundraiser doesn't quite fit the Kickstarter or Indiegogo mold, as we're trying to make sure the money goes into the program, instead of into t-shirts and/or other give-aways at each funding level. So... while there is a $25 minimum, the other "levels" are not "cast in stone"...
  • All contributors' names will appear in the program.
  • The Top 40 contributors' names will appear in the program prominently, and names will be read at the show!!
  • The Top 10 contributors' names will appear in the program in LARGE letters, names will be read at the show, and you'll be asked to stand (if you want to) for acknowledgement.
  • The Top 40 and Top 10 will be determined based upon cumulative contributions as of midnight PT, March 25th, 2013.
You don't have to be a Toddstock II attendee to contribute!! We will send you your program in the mail.
But to make the Top 40 or the Top 10, it will be a bit of a competition. I will post some names as the fundraising deadline approaches (with your permission, of course) - no amounts, just positions in line.
If you want your contribution to be "anonymous" - there is a button for that on the campaign page (comes after the donation page - unfortunately). If you want your contribution in the name of your business, parents, pets, kids or "in honor of" - let me know by putting a comment wherever you can find a spot in the campaign page, PayPal notes or direct e-mail (e.g., some of you may have business marketing accounts from which to contribute.)

Other Ways You Can Help

If your budget is tight, but you still want to help:
  • It's o.k. to get the word out and make sure others know about this campaign
  • Just don't mention it to Todd !!
  • I will be picking some volunteers to work with the fireworks company on shell types, pacing and accompanying music
  • We will be asking for assistance with graphics design and printing of programs to keep costs down
And there you have it! Please note: I will be covering the "overhead" costs Indiegogo charges out of my own pocket - so you shouldn't be concerned that we used this funding method versus a personal or business account. Using this site will keep the contributions and the names of contributors straight, and helps with privacy of credit card donations.

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