Saturday, June 19, 2010

TR's Johnson available sort of...

it appears the Johnson Cd is available in New Zealand but they will not ship out of the country... wonder what the hold up is..?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Todd heading to NEW ZEALAND in Sept. 2 shows

American music innovator Todd Rundgren is heading to New Zealand for the first time to perform two shows in September.

Rundgren has working in music and multimedia for almost forty years, and is touring to promote his new album Johnson.

He may not be a household name in New Zealand, but his list of album productions include: Patti Smith, Meatloaf, Cheap Trick, Hall and Oates, Grand Funk Railroad and Psychedelic Furs.

His own hit singles include ‘Hello It’s Me’, ‘I Saw The Light’, ‘Can We Still Be Friends’, and ‘Bang The Drum’.

Rundgren, who happens to be Liv Tyler’s stepfather, directed and produced the music video for his 1981 single ‘Time Heals’. It was the first video to feature compositing of live action and computer graphics and just the second video ever to feature on MTV (behind ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’).

Throughout the last four decades, Rundgren’s style has morphed from power pop to prog-rock to acapella, and his music has been referenced or used by such cult television shows as That 70’s Show, The Office, Miami Vice and 30 Rock. has two copies of Rundgren’s Johnson to give away – to win one simply email us with your name and delivery address and we'll randomly select two winners.

More details on the Wellington and Auckland shows will be announced soon.

Video: GUN w/ Lyrics

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bootleg cd update LACK OF HONEST WORK

Pre-Order this set today at

Produced By: David Skye
Executive Producer: Eric Gardner
Remastered by: Randy Wine at MoonWine Studios
Artwork: William Stout
Liner Notes: Sonya Alexander
Package Design: HackmartMission:TODD RUNDGREN – For Lack Of Honest Work

For Lack Of Honest Work is just the beginning of what is to be the new Todd Rundgren officially sanctioned bootleg releases.

Featuring performances throughout the United States, Europe and Asia and spanning 4 decades over 3 discs (3 volumes) “For Lack Of Honest Work” is the ultimate live bootleg experience and the 1st officially authorized Todd Rundgren bootleg compilation.

Volume 1 from the opening “It Wouldn’t Make and Difference” to the closing “Hello It’s Me”, is a collection of songs guaranteed to make you get over heartbreak. Volume 2 is an amalgam of synthesized soul “Born To Synthesize”, progressive “Mr Triscuits”, glam rock “The Seven Rays” and pop rock “I Saw The Light”, showcasing his lyrical genius and residual elements of smokey, gut-wrenching, love me or leave me soul. Volume 3 illustrates Rundgren’s musicial mastery and offers raw insight into his talent and state of being through the third and fourth decades of his career with favorites such as “Bang On The Drum”, “Lysistrata” and “”One World”.

With the release of “For Lack Of Honest Work” this set represents the first step in a partnership between Todd and Micro Werks that will see the release of full Todd Rundgren shows in the future, including the powerful concerts encompassed in “For Lack Of Honest Work” and all the tracks have been newly re-mastered.

In order to experience its total awe-inspiring effect, “For Lack Of Honest Work”, should be played regularly either with headphones securely planted or blasting from speakers at the highest decibel level so as not to miss a note.

“For Lack Of Honest Work” also features cover artwork designed by illustrator William Stout, internationally renowned as one of the first rock ‘n’ roll bootleg cover artists.
Products:Todd Rundgren – For Lack Of Honest Work – Box Set Track Information

Volume One:
1. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
2. Broke Down And Busted
3. Be Nice To Me
4. Utopia Theme
5. Black Maria
6. Open My Eyes
7. Freedom Fighter
8. The Wheel
9. When The Shit Hits The Fan - Sunset Blvd - Le Feel Internacionale
10. Real Man
11. Eastern Intrigue
12. Black And White
13. Hello It's Me

Volume Two:
1. The Seven Rays
2. Never, Never Land
3. Mister Triscuits
4. Last Ride
5. Lord Chancellor’s Nightmare Song
6. Healer
7. Love Is The Answer
8. I Saw The Light
9. Bag Lady
10. Too Far Gone
11. A Dream Goes On Forever
12. Born To Synthesize
13. Johnee Jingo
14. Hodja
15. Honest Work

Volume Three:
1. Can We Still Be Friends
2. Cliché
3. What’s Going On – Mercy Mercy Me
4. Bang On The Drum
5. Love Of The Common Man
6. Lysistrata
7. Hammer In Your Heart
8. Song Of The Viking
9. Free, Male And 21
10. Tiny Demons
11. The Want Of A Nail
12. I Hate My Frickin’ ISP
13. Fascist Christ
14. World Wide Ephiphany
15. One World

Photo: nice old shot

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chef Jam tonight

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Tonight with Chef Jam

Chef Jam 2010 at promotes Cleveland-area restaurants with food, rock music
Published: Friday, June 11, 2010, 12:00 PM Updated: Friday, June 11, 2010, 2:13 PM
Michael Heaton, The Plain Dealer

Donn R. NottageCrop Bistro owner and chef Steve Schimoler, right, jams with Bootsy Collins at a 2009 event at the Beachland Ballroom & Tavern in Cleveland.
Steve Schimoler, the chef-owner of Cleveland's Crop restaurant, may mince homegrown garlic and chives, but he doesn't mince words. "Not to be crass, but if you own a restaurant in this town, you get asked to donate to every charitable event imaginable," he said recently. "And we do it. I thought, why don't we have an event to promote us?"

Thus was born Cleveland Food Rocks, an organization thatpromotes the best this town has to offer in the way of tasty comestibles. In 2009, the events were tied into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, which took place in Cleveland.

This year, Schimoler has come back with Chef Jam 2010, in which 25 local chefs will be offering rock-music-related dishes Sunday night at the Rock Hall to raise money for Cleveland Food Rocks and the Rock Hall education department. Some of the chefs who are musicians will also be playing. Schimoler is a drummer in Cream of the Crop.

Bands made up of employees of the Greenhouse Tavern, the Happy Dog and Melange will be playing in addition to Schimoler's group. And, oh yeah, Todd Rundgren will round out the evening.

"Todd has been to Crop a half-dozen times and always enjoyed it," said Schimoler. "He's doing this for free, because he loves Cleveland, the Rock Hall and good food."


Chef Jam 2010

Where: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, 1100 Rock and Roll Blvd., Cleveland.

When: 7 p.m. Sunday.

Cost: $50.

More info:
The Long Island native whose restaurant has been thriving on West Sixth Street for six years believes Cleveland's undying support of music and food makes this an ideal place for events and organizations like those put on by Cleveland Food Rocks.

"Shame on us if we don't leverage the great food and music so abundant in this town," said Schimoler.

Besides his own Grateful Dead-inspired Backpack Burritos, other offerings include:

• Moxie: Pink Floyd, "Dark Side of the Moon" Pies.

• Dante: LSD, Lemon-Scented Doughnuts.

• Bar Cento: Phish, "Bathtub Gin" Gumbo.

• Melange: George Thorogood and the Destroyers, "Bad to the Bone" Ribs.

• Blue Point Grille: Ramones, Oysters Vindaloo.

• ABC Tavern: Meatloaf.

• Prosperity Social Club: Hank Williams, Jambalaya.

• Johnny's Downtown: Frank Zappa, "Yellow Snow."

Rock Hall President and CEO Terry Stewart is on board with the concept.

"Steve is a great champion for the Cleveland restaurant community, a fabulous chef, and a pretty good drummer to boot," said Stewart. "He's also a passionate promoter who understands how Cleveland's rock and roll identity can be used as a headline for the entire Northeast Ohio community."

Schimoler said that working in a restaurant has much in common with being in a band.

"The menu is like a set list," he said. "You need everybody in the kitchen cooking/playing together. The rhythm, melody and harmony are like flavor texture and aroma. Coming up with a recipe is like writing a song. Great music and great food create memories."