Friday, February 18, 2011

new tour dates as posted from kasim site

Kasim Sulton to play Todd Rundgren tour this Spring
Kasim Sulton will be part of Todd Rundgren's band this Spring.
The confirmed dates so far are:
6/18-19 Rehearse for tour - in Woodstock
6/20-24 Music Camp

Sat 6/25/11 - Havanna, New Hope, PA
Sun 6/26/11 - Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT
Mon 6/27/11 - off
Tue 6/28/11 - The Birchmere, Alexandria VA
Wed 6/29/11 - Ramshead, Baltimore, MD
Thu 6/30/11 - off
Fri 7/1/11 - Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY
Sat 7/2/11 - The Tralf, Buffalo, NY
Sun 7/3/11 - Oneonta Theater, Oneonta, NY
Mon 7/4/11 - off Independence Day
Tue 7/5/11 - off
Wed 7/6/11 - BB Kings, New York, NY
Thu 7/7/11 - off
Fri 7/8/11 - Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE
Sat 7/9/11 - Ohio Theater, Cleveland, OH
Sun 7/10/11 - Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI

All these dates will be added to the Todd Rundgren 2011 Gigs section of in the next few days, along with ticketing links.

Video: RA Todd climbs the pyramid

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Updates with the todd healing tour


By a large majority, the voters have spoken saying they want the Todd event to take place the same day as the concert. Right now we are leaning towards doing a CD Release Party at a local record store if Gigatone can get the "Reproductions" CD ready in time. If not, we will go to Plan B but rest assured there will be an event of some sort with TR on 3/30 before the concert. The time of the event would likely be sometime between noon and 3pm.

We are running a Valentines Sale effective immediately for some of the front orchestra side seats! The discount is $35 off which will make the tickets $40 + $4.50 fee. Passcode is bravo (case sensitive)

The sale will run through midnight Monday. If you don't like those seats, there are plenty of other seats available on and we might add some more on this week after the sale. If you've seen this show you know Todd moves from left to right frequently which makes those sides seats a lot more attractive than they might normally be for a concert. This sale gives you a chance to get good seats close to the stage for a great price! One reason we decided to run this sale was to give psychodots fans a chance to get tickets for a price a little closer to what they might pay to see the band - - - we did something similar for Fixx fans last September. So, keep in mind you have competition from the psychodots fans when it comes to grabbing up these seats :-).

The Golden Goose bus option is still available. We will be taking fans from Toledo to Columbus and back if needed. Only $35 each way if you purchase before 2/28. If we get enough people we will be adding Choir Master Dirk Hillyer to the mix and he would teach the riders how to properly sing "Sons of 1984"!


Rundgren Radio Fan Party in Boston will be held on 3/26 at the venue Church. Two Todd/Utopia Tribute bands and a special guest appearance by Utopia's Kasim Sulton! Tickets are on sale now for only $15 and are limited to only 200. Thanks to Jody Moore for securing this wonderful venue!

Full details can be found here:

Press release is here ...

For you Facebook members out there, the event page is here ...

We were unable to secure a group rate for Boston due to a limited amount of rooms available but our friend Jody Moore is going to get one close to the party venue for anyone that's interested. More info will be sent via this e-mail once that's locked in.


A pre-show party spot has been secured by our friend Dave Cornelio.

Friday, March 25th 4:30-7:00 PM
Black-eyed Sally's
350 Asylum St.
Hartford, CT 06103

The manager is reserving their private party room for us (holds over 100). There are plenty of tables & chairs for folks who want a sit-down meal, too. For any spillover crowds, we'll also have access to their upstairs bar and their normal restaurant seating, too (each area holds another 100 or so).

More specifics:

- Location is an easy and safe walk from the Hilton (0.3 mi) and the venue (0.4 mi).
- Meet-up hours are 4:30 thru 7:00 (happy hour runs 4:00 until 6:00 with beer, wine and most mixed drinks priced $2 - $4).
- The manager will pipe in TR music if we bring it in (this is a "BBQ & Blues" place, so TR's Johnson would be perfect!).

For you Facebook members out there, the event page is here ...


Our hotel choice for the group rate had a limited amount of rooms so we are going to lock in a rate at a different hotel for anyone interested. It will be the Hyatt near the venue and will be $109. We will let you know via this e-mail once that's locked in and the info will also be posted on


Columbus tickets were shipped on Friday so you should be seeing those soon. We sent the info this weekend to the Belding for the Hatford concert so they will be shipping those out soon. We still have not received the tickets from Count Basie or Berklee but hope to soon. The Stranahan will be shipping tickets for the Toledo gig and those should be on their way soon assuming they haven't shipped already.


Darryl Tookes, one of the background singers from the recent Utopia Mark II Reunion concerts, will be our guest on the show tomorrow night.

We are going to be asking for help from our Facebook friends soon -- hanging Todd+Healing posters and putting us on calendars online/newspapers. If you are not on Facebook and want to volunteer, please let us know via e-mail.

We are promoting some Gary Myrick and The Figures concerts on the west coast beginning this Friday! This has nothing to do with Todd other than Gary opened for Todd in the 90's for a little while but if you like this band or 80' music please come by and say hello to us. Cities and dates can be found here ...

And there's also a concert in Portland being promoted by someone else. It's at the Aladdin Theater on 3/26. Press release is here ...

Listen to the sound!
Doug & CruiserMel

golden goose bus information

You may have heard about the impending Toddledo album launch party with TODD and be wondering about heading to Toledo...well, you can take the Golden Goose bus from Toledo to Columbus and back for $35...but capacity is LIMITED and the low fare is good til Feb. 28th. Details found here! And there are excellent lowered rate tix available. Info at Get planning folks

upcoming todd healing tour info

dont miss out on these incredible shows coming this march. Go to for information