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nice blend of fractal images created in apophysis 2.0 and graphics from the Cinema marquee game Space Rangers 2 : Rise of the Dominators put to Todd rundgren's "future" from the Liars album, these are all great stuff, the music, the fractal generator and the game!!!

either use this link to see HD version or click on standard link below

Friday, December 11, 2009

BOOK A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story of Todd Rundgren vol. 2 is to be published by Golden Treasures Publishing on December 15, 2009

Second Installment of Todd Rundgren Biography To Be Published

12/11/2009 - Asheville, NC - After a seven year gap, much to the anticipation of Todd Rundgren fans worldwide, A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story of Todd Rundgren vol. 2 is to be published by Golden Treasures Publishing on December 15. 2009. There is no more consumate musician than Todd Rundgren. There is no more complete collected account of his sonic accomplishments than A Dream Goes on Forever. This second volume of the biographic series tracks his history from the triumphant mid-'70s atop the golden pyramid to the challenging mid-'80s when he faced the demise of Utopia. Follow the album-by-album coverage from Todd's landmark 1977 production of Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell through to the persistence of vision which allowed him to continue creating music after the end of his video studio, record label and band. From Utopia to Oblivion and beyond.

No account of Todd Rundgren's second decade of creativity would be complete without extensive coverage of his pioneering efforts in music video. From his first forays into live TV to the founding of his state-of-the-art $2 million studio, Todd poured as much energy, money and talent into the advancement of music video as he did for his audio adventures. Relish the highs such as when "Time Heals" becomes the second video ever played on MTV, or Utopia presides over the channel's first birthday celebration with Nina Blackwood. Be there as Martha Quinn and Todd announce results of a Basement Tapes session, and when the band produces award-winning videography for "Feets Don't Fail Me Now". Follow along on the rollercoaster ride as Utopia's TV show plans get foiled by lost RCA satellites, and the studio ultimately and tragically goes up in flames.

Learn how, despite it all, Todd continues to forge ahead producing his own landmark solo albums along with pop gems like Skylarking by XTC and Forever Now by the Psychedelic Furs. It's all here, disc by disc, frame by frame, covering all the developments in unparalled detail. It's the continuing story of the one - the only - Todd Rundgren marching boldly through the Utopia years.

A Dream Goes On Forever vol. 2, featuring a foreword by Utopia member Kasim Sulton, is available through Amazon as well as directly through Golden Treasures Publishing (who, along with publishing the first volume of the Todd Rundgren biographic series, has released Beyond &Before - The Early Years of YES by Peter Banks).

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official todd rundgren twitter page

Its official.. I have officially handed over the twitter page that i started a while ago to Lynn at Panacea Entertainment. It was always my intention to protect that name so it would remain in good hands. Recently i allowed a promotion company to use it to help with the West Coasts AWATS shows and i was going to take it back. But my dedication is to my blog. I never enjoyed twitting. So im here to stay.

So its my pleasure to have in great hands for good.

Videos :by sob451... AWATS Live, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA, December 1, 2009

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Article: Todd Rundgren Discusses Connection to John Lennon's Assassin|htmlws-main-w|dl2|link9|

Todd Rundgren Discusses Connection to John Lennon's Assassin
Posted on Dec 8th 2009 2:00PM by Pat Pemberton

When Todd Rundgren performs the song 'Rock and Roll Pussy,' he touches upon a bizarre connection to John Lennon's murder. Mark David Chapman, the man who assassinated Lennon in 1980, was intrigued by the song, which many believed was critical of the ex-Beatle. The delusional Chapman also believed Rundgren -- who was involved in a feud with Lennon around that time -- was beaming messages to him.

Still, while Chapman was supposedly "obsessed" with Rundgren's music, the songwriter and producer says he tries not to think morbid thoughts about his unintentional connection to Lennon's death.

"When you're in the public eye, you never know who the hell is looking at you," Rundgren tells Spinner. "You would like to think you have some influence over the people who are fascinated with you, but they are casting you as some fantasy caricature they'd like to see as opposed to what you're trying to be."

Rundgren wrote 'Rock and Roll Pussy' -- a song about celebrities who talk about change but don't actually participate in it -- for his 1973 album 'A Wizard, a True Star,' which he has been performing live in its entirety. Since the song specifically mentions the word "revolution" and references lying in bed, many assumed it had to be about Lennon, the 'Revolution' songwriter who held famous "bed-in" protests with wife Yoko Ono.

"I've never actually averred that the song was about John Lennon," Rundgren insists. "I think that was an assumption because at the time there was a press conflict about us."

Soon after the album was released, Rundgren was quoted in Melody Maker magazine saying Lennon was an attention seeker out to help himself more than any cause. Lennon responded with a sarcastic letter in the magazine, saying "I never claimed to be a revolutionary. But I am allowed to sing anything I want! Right?"

Rundgren, a Beatles fan whose early music was clearly influenced by the Fab Four, said the lyrics were meant to be more general. "One can say that John Lennon was guilty possibly of some of the finger-pointing that the song evinces," he says, "but it's mostly the whole idea of talk versus action and not specific to any one person."

On Dec. 8, 1980, Chapman constructed a tableau at the Sheraton Centre hotel in New York , consisting of a bible, a 'Wizard of Oz' poster and an album, 'The Ballad of Todd Rundgren.' Later that day, he shot Lennon outside the Dakota apartment building.

"I recognize it as one of life's more unfortunate occurrences," Rundgren says of the murder. But any time you become famous, he said, scary people are going to take interest in you.

"You're just lucky if you don't meet them most of time."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 airs TONIGHT at 8:30pm ET. 12/08/09. post AWATS CALI SHOW airs TONIGHT at 8:30pm ET. 12/08/09.

No guest, but plenty of post AWATS Cali discussion to include perspectives on the opening act and the shows and reviews AND your phone calls

Video Is It My Name? Ventura theater 12/5/09 + "Stop Breaking Down" from TR's Johnson

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Todd's international crowd of groupies at the front for 'A Wizard A True Star.' Live at the Majestic Ventura Theatre, Ventura, California 12.5.09.