Saturday, December 3, 2011

Concert : BBC Radio 6 classic concert series limited availability

Todd Rundgren recorded live at the London Forum in 1994 performs his album No World Order as well as other classic Todd Rundgren tracks

Todd Rundgren- Interactive, or 'TR-I' as the show is known, is a historical new concept where the audience can participate. His 29th album 'No World Order' is featured along with new arrangements of old classics.
Todd's first band was The Nazz which was formed in 1967. They split up in 1970. His first self-titled album 'Runt' was in 1970- closely followed by 'The Ballad of Todd Rundgren' in 1971.
The concert was recorded by the BBC at The Forum, London, on 7 October 1994.

New tour dates Semi acoustic shows

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Feb 18 Q & A by Larm Festival ,Oslo (Norway)
Feb 19 Solo acoustic show @ Parkteatret, Oslo (Norway)
Feb 22 Solo Acoustic show @ Ricks, Bergen (Norway)
Feb 23 Solo Acoustic show @ Sodra Teatern, Stockholm (Sweden)
Feb 26 Semi Acoustic show @ City Winery, NYC
Feb 27 Semi Acoustic show @ City Winery, NYC
Mar 2 Semi Acoustic show @ City Winery, NYC
Mar 6 Part of Robert Johnson tribute @ Town Hall NYC
Mar 7 Semi Acoustic show @ City Winery, NYC

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Todd and Ethel tour... info to come.

Tours & Projects
Tell Me Something Good - Touring 12-13
with special guest Todd Rundgren

As each generation comes into its prime it affects the contemporary musical environment, bringing in elements of the sounds it grew up with. These days, we are surrounded by references to the culture and sounds of the 1970’s; the era of funk, glam rock, early minimalism, the bi-centennial, Watergate, and the Vietnam War. The 70s was a restless, intelligent, dissatisfied time- a decade of contradictions, a decade of loss, a decade of discovery.

ETHEL celebrates this vibrant decade in a program that is scheduled to include Lou Harrison's Quartet Set (1972), a seminal example of cross-cultural concert music, as well as Kimo Williams' Quiet Shadows, a hauntingly beautiful Vietnam - inspired work, arrangements of music by Sun Ra, and a fascinating new work by rising star Judd Greenstein that incorporates the sound of synthesizers from the 1970s.

Central to this program is the thrilling collaboration between ETHEL and ‘70’s icon, Todd Rundgren. Having toured together in the United States and Europe in 2005, they found a deep connection and ongoing friendship in their passion for authenticity and their curiosity about what’s emerging. Each has assaulted the boundaries of convention with dynamic creativity. The energy onstage is explosive and beautiful.

Video: It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference - Alison Krauss

Norway mini tour

During his stay in Norway, Rundgren will also join a norwegian artist in the studio, and do a few intimate solo performances with material spanning his whole career.

WTF ? Todd Rundgren Plans His Own Tribute Act

Todd Rundgren - Todd Rundgren Plans His Own Tribute Act
01 December 2011 12:06

Veteran rocker Todd Rundgren is planning to launch his own tribute band so he can retire from touring after almost 45 years on the road.

The songwriter/producer began his career with Nazz in 1967 before going solo two years later.

He is still regularly touring and recording at the age of 63, but admits the rigours of life on the road are wearing him down - and he's considering finding an impersonator to take his place at concerts.

Rundgren tells Mojo magazine, "I'm 63 years old and there's a limit to what I can do physically. So I'm thinking ahead: how can I alter what I do in order to accommodate that without compromising any of it?

"The hardest part of it now is the travelling - it's getting to the gig. So I'm thinking about starting my own tribute bands. They can go out to work."

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Todd in Norway in Feb.

‎(Dagbladet): Music Conference Larm festival has been an ever so small scoop before the event in February next year.

The legendary American artist and producer Todd Rundgren is the guest of honor, and will stay in the country for a week.

Rundgren is known as unusually gifted, eccentric and influential artist, songwriter and producer with great musical range and a very loyal fan base, as well as music technology innovator.

Cooperation Project
Rundgren will be interviewed on stage during Larm festival of Audun Wings in the journal window. But it is far to go one's errand from Hawaii to the winter cold Oslo and Rundgren would not be avspise with a well-paid seminar appearance.

It is therefore a short tour Norway, where Rundgren will go through songs from across his career, in intimate solo format. In addition, efforts are being made to bring about a collaborative project between Rundgren and a Norwegian artist.

- It is amazing that this happens, says: Larm festival program manager Joakim Haugland told Dagbladet.

- Rundgren is one of the vikigste artists over the last 30-40-years as a musician, producer and technical innovator. He is a little side of everything, but have inspired many. He does not do things like this very often, so it hangs a little extra high. This is a højdare Larm festival in history, says Haugland.

Agreed in London
It all came about through a collaboration between the city bustle window, which will host several seminars during bransjetreffet. Edited by Wings are also music critic for Today's Business, and Rundgren fan on his neck.

During Rundgrens concerts in London in October, he was in contact with the artist, and secured agreement on visit to Norway.

- Rundgren is not a people dear name today, but he is bigger and more important than most realize. He is a god gifted songwriter and musician who is definitely going their own ways, and have done it the last forty years. Whether it's prog rock, powerpop or blue eyed soul, his music has a unique nerve and beauty about them, and he is still capable of doing amazing things.

- I rank him up there with Paul McCartney, Frank Zappa and Prince, says Wings.

Moogy Klingman Memorial Celebration

Sunday, December 11, 2011.
2:00pm until 5:00pm

Dear friends!
You are invited to attend a memorial celebration in honor of the life of Moogy Klingman.
It will be on Sunday, December 11th from 2 to 5 pm
at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street (between Thompson and LaGuardia), NYC.
There will be no food served but drinks are available for purchase.
If you have, please bring Moogy photos old and new to share.
We hope that you will be able to attend.
Please RSVP to


Dorit Klingman & family

Project: 40 Years of Something/Anything

Buy Here and Get Your Name in 2012 Rolling Stone Tribute Ad
This is a jump start store for the 2012 campaign to place an ad in Rolling Stone in tribute to 40 years of Todd Rundgren's album "Something/Anything?" The ad will run as soon as funds reach the full page mark, or by year's end as large as we can get (which ever comes first).

What is "S/A?4(@)"? S=Something, A=Anything, 4=4 decades, and (@) is the digital flower sitting inside the "0" in "40". This is printed on the back of the shirt and makes a great conversation starter for the curious minded.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Donny Osmond Preps Holiday Shows, Possible Solo Return

As he reaches the 40-year anniversary of his first solo album, Donny Osmond is starting to think about returning to his own work -- although his long-running residency with sister Marie at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has stood in the way.

"Nobody knew this 'Donny & Marie' thing was going to kick in like it did back in 2008, when we first started," Osmond tells "So all of my efforts have been placed into this, and I had to put my solo career on hold for quite some time. I'm thinking in the next couple of years I can focus a little bit more on a solo album."

Osmond -- who will also perform special holiday shows with Marie in Detroit and Chicago during December -- says the Vegas show is contracted through 2012. "They want to go more, but I just don't know if I can," he notes. And if an album does wind up being his next project, Osmond may well have an interesting collaborator -- Todd Rundgren.

"I was going to do an album with him, and it never materialized," Osmond recalls. "Our paths just didn't cross again. But we've met several time and he was serious about it. We started looking for songs and the whole bit, and it just was, 'I'll call you back because I gotta do this...' It was one of those natural things that pulled us apart, but we were ready to go. I thought that would have been a very interesting maybe Rundgren is the right guy."

The Vegas revue, meanwhile, remains top priority. "We've changed it substantially since the opening," Osmond says. "We added more dancing and more singing to it, and I think that's maybe because of the work ethic that we're just used to, the way we were raised. So we haven't dialed it down; if anything, we've dialed it up."

As for the holiday shows, which begin Dec. 1 in Detroit, Osmond says "pick a Christmas song and we're doing it" -- including a new song called "If Every Day Could Be Christmas" that's available at Osmond's web site. "It sounds like a classic," he says. "It sounds like something you've heard before, but it's a new song. When they played it for me I said, 'I gotta put that in the show!' " The tenor of the productions, meanwhile, will acknowledge some of the more serious world issues and current events but present Christmas as a respite from the turmoil.

"You've got to be careful about how you produce a show like this," Osmond says. "With Donny and Marie doing a Christmas show, you really run the risk of having to pass out insulin shots at the end, you know? You've got to be careful you don't put a lot of sugar on top. It's called 48 years of show business and trying to remove yourself from who you are and what you think the audience wants you to be -- although you know some people think they're going to get an 'Osmond Family Christmas' show of the 70s, and you've got to give them a little bit of that something that's a little different and that you're happy with as well."

Video: Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Capital theater, Clearwater, Fl. 11/5/2011