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New record deal to release older music again


“The Archive Audio & Visual Recordings 1976 - 1995”


Cherry Red Records and their imprint Esoteric Recordings are extremely proud to announce the acquisition of TODD RUNDGREN’s unique and extensive personal audio and visual archive of live and studio recordings covering material recorded and filmed between 1976 and 1995.

Todd Rundgren is a true original in popular music. A highly creative and diverse musician, his work as a solo artist and with the band UTOPIA has earned him a vast and loyal global following and immense respect from his musical peers. His production work with stylistically diverse artists such as MEAT LOAF, NEW YORK DOLLS, PATTI SMITH, THE BAND, THE TUBES, XTC et al has also set him among the gifted elite of musicians and producers.

The extensive Rundgren archive features a host of unreleased audio and visual concert recordings, of Todd’s solo work and Utopia. Esoteric Recordings label manager Mark Powell said; “It really is an honour for all of us at Esoteric and Cherry Red to be given the chance to work with rare recordings of such a ground-breaking icon as Todd Rundgren. As a fan of Todd’s, the chance to prepare a series of unique releases of unreleased material, beginning in the early months of 2012, is a privilege”.

Further announcements will be made as releases are prepared, but Esoteric plan a series of CD and DVD collections with deluxe packaging, extensive liner notes and the finest audio and visual quality. Aside from TODD RUNDGREN and UTOPIA releases, Esoteric’s release programme will also include a full release of the rare and unreleased DISCO JETS album, a UTOPIA side project from 1978.

Todd Rundgren Fans to Light Up Tour’s Final Show in Tribute to Late Keyboardist

Todd Rundgren fans will be out in Philadelphia this weekend hoping to break a world record as a way to pay tribute to Rundgren’s longtime keyboardist Mark “Moogy” Klingman, who recently died of cancer.

The fans will gather on Saturday at Philadelphia’s Upper Darby — site of the final tour date of the Rundgren-led band Utopia — and use 3,000 flow sticks to spell out “LOVE,” besting what fan organizers said is the Guinness World Record of 300 glow sticks used to spell out the word.

“I wanted to do something special to commemorate the final show of the tour, and a friend suggested a love message in glow sticks for Moogy (a long-time Rundgren friend and collaborator who was a founding member of Utopia),” said Rundgren fan and event organizer Bill Bricker of Charlottesville, Va.

“With a little quiet advertising on Todd’s fan pages, I got together with other fans willing to pay $10 each to pay for 100 glow sticks a piece. Very quickly we raised the money needed to provide everyone at the show with glow sticks. We now have 3,000 ready to go. 2,300 are all colors except white distributed randomly as fans enter the area.”

Prior to the encore at the conclusion of Saturday’s show, Bricker said 700 specially placed white glow sticks will be illuminated to display the word “LOVE” similar to the famous Love Park Statue.

front row orch seats available tower theater

Two front row center orch row AA seats for the TRU gig at Tower now available. Email at if interested. Asking face $224. Possibly negotiable if you needed. Seller can meet you in Upper Darby.

Special RundgrenRadio show this coming tuesday.

Mark "Moogy" Klingman -– best known as keyboardist and a founding member of Todd Rundgren's Utopia passed away on Nov. 15th following a battle with cancer. He was 61.

As many of you know, Moogy was on several Rundgren Radio shows over the past 4 years and was a very popular guest especially this year when he pulled off putting together the first reunion of TRU since 1975. We will be remembering Moogy during a very special show this Tuesday night beginning at 8:30pm ET at

Getting the TRU band back together was a dream come true for Moogy and the healing power of the music improved his remaining time on this earth. Unfortunately, Moogy was not able to make the current TRU tour but rest assured he was thrilled to have the music he helped create be recreated live for the fans that loved him the most. There are two more shows left for this TRU reunion tour and one of them is tonight and will be available for you to view on your computer. Tonight's Todd Rundgren's Utopia concert in Peekskill NY will be available as a VIDEO ON DEMAND via Nevessa Productions. Details are availble at

Rest in peace Mark Moogy Klingman, you will be missed.

WebCast tonight peeksville show

Feb 14th release date for Todd's new DVD

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Huffington post article on Moogy's death

(Mark "Moogy" Klingman passed away last night after a long, brave bout with cancer. You may not have heard his name, but you have heard, and enjoyed, his music. This was posted last December.)

You got to have friends/To make that day last long.

Mark Klingman isn't a household name. But the terrific singer/songwriter/keyboardist/producer known as Moogy has, in addition to enjoying a stellar solo career, crossed musical paths with such diverse musical giants as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Todd Rundgren, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, Carly Simon, Paul Winter and Guns N' Roses.

And now Moogy's sick. What began as bladder cancer has spread to the rest of his body. He's gone through four surgeries and four rounds of chemo. And like so many other dedicated artists who get sick, he needs help defraying his medical and living expenses. To that end, a benefit will be held next month at The Bitter End in New York City. (Details below.)

Moogy and I became friends in Great Neck, Lawn Guyland, when we were 8 or 9. He was the scraggly-haired kid up the street with the evocative name and the cool basement, where we traded DC comics and he spun 45s like a pre-stoned-age Murray the K. My mom admired Moogy's mom for being a committed "lefty," and I learned that word referred to something more than my southpaw status in stickball.

As we crossed the threshold of teenagery I lost track of Moogy, but rediscovered him in his high school incarnation as a '60s radical -- before that term was commodified -- and an amazing rock & roll singer and keyboardist.

When Moogy was 15, his sister, who was dating someone in Dylan's entourage, swung her brother a "kin" pass to the Newport '65 Folk Festival, and he hung out with Dylan both before and after the "electric" set that became a seminal moment in rock & roll history. (Moogy would later be managed by Dylan's manager, the legendary Albert Grossman.)

When Moogy returned to high school that fall, his band, The Living Few, played a dance in the Great Neck South High School gym. Instead of the pop hits of the moment, they began with a blistering version of "Maggie's Farm" -- one of the tunes Dylan had played at Newport -- and for me high school dances would never be the same.

Moogy moved into Manhattan after his gig at the Great Neck South High Civil Rights concert ended in fiasco -- some would say near-riot -- after Steve Sloane, the Zelig of our class, performed a strip tease. (At that same show Moogy took the hand of Andy Kaufman, another Great Necker, leading the deadpan "blind Cuban refugee" to his conga drums for Kaufman's first public performance.) Within a year, at age 16, Moogy was playing with Jimi Hendrix's band, Jimi James and the Blue Flames, at the Cafe Wha in the Village.

By the time we were 22, Moogy had written a huge hit song -- Bette Midler's "You've Got to Have Friends" -- and recorded a solo album for Capitol. Our relationship became professional for a moment when I wrote a profile of him for Record World magazine.

Moogy went on to, among myriad accomplishments, front his own bands; become a founding member of Todd Rundgren's Utopia; participate in the "lost" supersession Music from Free Creek with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Dr. John, Linda Ronstadt and other superstars; and produce the Dylan-Midler duet of "Buckets of Rain" for Bette's album "Songs from the New Depression."

Since the '70s, my contact with Moogy has been limited to high school reunions -- where he can be seen handing out flyers for forthcoming gigs -- or chance meetings in Greenwich Village or the Lower East Side, where, as often as not, he's handing out flyers for anti-war rallies. And, every now and then, word comes about yet another Great Neck musician whose career Moogy helped along without asking anything in return.

The benefit, set for Sunday, January 16 at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street at 9 pm, is scheduled to feature Peter Yarrow, David Amram, Randy Brecker, Danny Kortchmar's group the Kingbees and Moogy's own outfit the Peaceniks are scheduled to perform. (Yes, remarkably, Moogy is still rockin'.) Admission is a $25 donation.

A much-anticipated Utopia reunion concert -- this one's not a benefit -- will salute Moogy January 29 at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. All the original members -- Todd Rundgren, Ralph Schuckett, John Siegler, Kevin Ellman and Moogy -- will be on hand.

It's awful to find out that an old friend is ill and only then to express appreciation. But in the words of my brother Jeff -- one of the many who began making music with Moogy long, long ago -- "better late than later." If you haven't been lucky enough to get to know Moogy, at least through his music, now's the time.

last photos of Moogy and Tr's Utopia

Ikon voted #1 long song winner

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Video: Moogy tribute

Moogy music webpage

moogy's last interview w/

Listen to internet radio with Rundgren Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Mark "Moogy" Klingman's Bio

Mark "Moogy" Klingman (born 7 September 1950, in New York City, New York, USA), was a founding member of Todd Rundgren's musical team Utopia and later became a solo recording artist and songwriter.

[edit] HistoryThe biography of Mark Klingman, and how he acquired his nickname of "Moogy," were not widely known as of January 2010.[citation needed] Although "Moogy" is pronounced "Moo-Gee", he and his nickname rose to fame as Moog synthesizers dominated the market for his main instrument, electronic keyboards.

Klingman grew up in the Long Island suburb of Great Neck, New York. By age 10 he was collecting not just the usual comic books but 45rpm records, playing DJ in his basement. Through his older sister, he got an access pass to attend the 1965 Newport Folk Festival performance where Bob Dylan famously "went electric," hanging out with Dylan before and after.[1] Back home, his band The Living Few recorded a demo of Dylan songs and original tunes. Then, at 16, he joined Jimmy James and the Blue Flames with Jimi Hendrix and Randy California. His jug band performance with schoolmate Andy Kaufman in a controversial civil rights concert resulted in his expulsion from high school. By then, his band Glitterhouse had made records with the star producer Bob Crewe, as well as Crewe's soundtrack to the 1968 Roger Vadim film Barbarella with Jane Fonda.[2]

Klingman's association with Todd Rundgren commenced in 1969. Moogy was the original keyboardist for Todd Rundgren and Utopia. In his Manhattan loft, he and Rundgren constructed the "Secret Sound" recording studio where Rundgren produced his A Wizard, A True Star, Todd, and other albums.[3] He played on 10 Todd Rundgren albums, as well as several Utopia albums.

Klingman played keyboards and produced a record for Bob Dylan - "Buckets of Rain" - a duet Dylan did with Bette Midler. Through Rundgren, Klingman became the executive producer and musical director of the Music From Free Creek "supersession" project, which featured the participation of such internationally renowned artists as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Keith Emerson, Mitch Mitchell, Harvey Mandel and Linda Ronstadt.[4]

He has also played live for Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Buzzy Linhart and in the 90's - with members of the Allman Brothers/Gov't Mule and a summer tour with blues legend, Bo Diddley.

Klingman has performed at many legendary venues with various groups. From Carnegie Hall to Radio City Music hall from NYC's Bottom line to Live radio concerts on WBAI FM and K-ROCK.

Klingman is the co-founder of the band The Peaceniks, along with Barry Gruber.

Klingman has had solo albums out on Capitol and EMI records, as well as on his own label. Klingman has released several solo albums containing songs that went on to be recorded by people like Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Barry Manilow, Bette Midler, Todd Rundgren and others. He wrote the song "Dust in the Wind" (not to be confused with the hit song of the same name by Kansas), which Todd Rundgren recorded on his Something/Anything? album and Guns N' Roses have occasionally performed live in concert.

Klingman collaborated with William "Buzzy" Linhart on the authorship and composition of the selection (You Got To Have) Friends, which soon became Bette Midler's de facto theme song. He produced and played keyboards for Midler on her "Songs for the New Depression".

Klingman has played, recorded and/or had his songs covered by many rock legends, including Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Luther Vandross, Bob Dylan, Bo Diddley, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Allan Woody and Warren Haynes from the Allman Brothers & Gov't Mule. Klingman has also worked with great female rockers like Carly Simon, Cindy Lauper, Shawn Colvin, Irene Cara, and Thelma Houston.

Klingman also played in the "Moogy/Woody Band" with Allman Brothers alumni Allan Woody, and Warren Haynes.

A recent benefit concert (Feb 2011) for Klingman's medical expenses due to cancer saw the original Todd Rundgren's Utopia, featuring Ralph Schuckett, Kevin Ellman, John Siegler and Klingman, reunite on stage for the first time in well over thirty years.

dust in the wind highline ballroom jan 2011

RIP Moogy

Mark "Moogy" Klingman has passed away !!

I have some sorrowful news this morning. Last night Moogy Klingman, longtime friend and Utopian passed away after a difficult battle with cancer. He will be greatly missed. RIP Moogy.

Glow stick world record attempt @ Tower Theater Todd show

Help set a world record for LARGEST GLOW STICK DESIGN for TODD RUNDGREN'S UTOPIA at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby this Saturday 11/19/11. Free glow bracelet for anyone inside!

photo: Akron Marquee

Jesse new guitar and Todds fool

photo: Wilbur Theater marquee

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VIDEO: Akron Party: Hermits of Mink Halloween something to fall back on with spcecial guests

Hermits of Mink Halloween w/ special guests Heartsville -Kimberly Andersen & Dee Dee Miles & Matt Holley, Kasim Sulton, Mary Lou Arnold & Michele Rundgren @ MiStock Akron

check out all the other videos from this night.