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toddstock dvd label ?

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rundgrenRadio birthday bash 3 cake

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cover from a Thelonious Monk tribute album todd did many years ago.. "Four in one" - Todd Rundgren & Gary Windo

live broadcast of tonights rundgrenradio birthday bash 3 party

go to this link for information on the live ustream of tonights rundgrenradio birthday bash 3 event
Please join myself, MJ and co-host Dan (of Perfect Mix Sound @ September 4th at 7PM as we broadcast live from the The Akron City Centre Hotel ballroom for the 3rd Annual Rundgren Radio Birthday Bash hosted by Doug & Mel of Last year was great fun (online AND in person) The party will take place the night before the world premiere of Todd Rundgren performing his epic Double album "Todd" and also his 1981 "Healing" album! This year promises to be even more fun with special guests and better broadcast quality.

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News Article: Tour organizers like Ohio fan base, venue

Tour organizers like Ohio fan base, venue

By Malcolm X Abram
Beacon Journal music writer

Published on Thursday, Sep 02, 2010

The music industry may be wheezing and gasping, watching album sales plummet as listeners download a song or two (legally) rather than buy entire albums. But while the attention span of the average young listener seems to be shortening, many veteran artists with deep catalogs are finding their fans not only still listen to albums, but they also want to see them performed in their entirety.

The trend has taken hold across genres, from indie rockers such as The Pixies to hip-hoppers like Public Enemy, and, of course, classic rockers are reaping the benefits of fans hungry to be transported back to the album era.

Singer/songwriter Todd Rundgren has hopped on the bandwagon with encouragement from his dedicated and well-organized fan base. In 2009, Rundgren debuted a weird and wonderful ''theatricalization'' of his album A Wizard, a True Star (1973) at the Akron Civic Theatre, featuring 12 costume changes, films and slides. On Sunday, Rundgren returns to perform two albums: Todd (1974), the follow-up to AWATS, and Healing (1981).

The albums were chosen by Rundgren's fans and the tour was organized by online fanzine, once again premiering at the Civic. The folks at say they returned to Akron in part because of the strong Ohio fan base for Rundgren as well as the venue, nearby hotels and the general love for all things Runt.

The albums are two of the many stylistic landmarks in Rundgren's 40-plus-year career. Todd followed the dizzy, dense, metaphorical middle finger to the ''Rundgren as the male Carole King'' notion that was AWATS, and in some ways is even musically wilder and more adventurous than its predecessor. Healing, released seven years and four albums after Todd, was a synthesizer-heavy, insular, mostly calm musical meditation with a three-part suite at its center.

Both albums contain a few longtime concert staples, including A Dream Goes on Forever, The Last Ride and Don't You Ever Listen from Todd, and the R&B/pop-flavored early MTV hit Time Heals and the ominous Tiny Demons, both from Healing but packaged as a separate 7-inch in the original vinyl edition to make up for the lack of a single on the album. But much of Healing has never been performed.

Fans will also get a rare look and listen to some of the oddities on Todd, such as the Gilbert and Sullivan-inspired An Elpee's Worth of Toons, as well as the actual Gilbert and Sullivan-written Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song, plus straight-ahead rockers Everybody's Going to Heaven/King Kong Reggae and No 1. Lowest Common Denominator.

For Rundgren, these ''entirety'' shows obviously make picking a set list easy, and also allow him to see just what records mean the most to his fans.

Here is a Q&A with Rundgren from his Hawaii home shortly before the band was to start rehearsals for the tour.

Q: Were you surprised that fans chose ''Healing'' as opposed to one of your more popular albums?

A: It was kind of a surprise,
because you always expect Something/Anything? [featuring the oft-covered soft rock hit Hello, It's Me]. But AWATS was kind of a dividing point in my fan base. A lot of people never got past that; they got up to Something/Anything? and then they kind of couldn't endure the weird music that came after that. And in that sense they are completely unfamiliar with what happened after that, and may only remember me in the vaguest terms.

But the hard-core fans are the ones who actually survived that transition and came to realize that is actually the ride you're in for. I'm not going to do two albums in a row that are exactly the same. There is some evolution and sometimes revolution [ha, ha, ha] between records and that I think is essentially what my current audience expects, and that's why they don't ask for something obvious like Something/Anything?

Q: They are very different albums. You seem to have been in very different head spaces during their recording.

A: Yes, it's a small challenge to make them co-exist, but I think they don't contradict each other. One [Todd] is one end of a big kind of upward curve of me getting weirder and more out there, and you could say that the other is essentially the diametrical side of that curve. Of me almost creating order instead of disorder. I wouldn't say it's a conservative record, but trying to do some very precise things with the music, tell a story that has some coherence on one side and create a musical experiment on the other side and musical mediation, or something like that. You could say that Healing is a very purposeful record.

Todd is the record that essentially goes even further than A Wizard, a True Star in some ways. A Wizard, a True Star is an unordered jumble of ideas and at the same time, it still has a fairly consistent instrumentalization about it. And by the time we got to Todd, we had gotten more daring about the hardware, keyboards and drum machines and things like that. And so it was to my mind a more radical record than even AWATS was, in that I took a lot of those small ideas and developed them, and the results sometimes were very peculiar and sometimes very pedestrian.

Q: When you first listened to the albums again, what memories of the era did it bring back?

A: What was I on? [Laughs.] was kind of ''on'' the same things as AWATS. But also the first successful iteration of [his pop/rock band] Utopia is happening at the same time.

In terms of the way it was performed, it was kind of a step back to Something/Anything? in that I did a lot of it myself. I was playing drum parts and only on a few tunes did I use another drummer. I was kind of offloading the ensemble music onto the Utopia concept and I was getting back into something that was a little more insular and personal in the studio.

It was a chance to be in some ways even more daring with stuff that was kind of new and unfamiliar like synthesizers. We were experimenting with drum machines, which had been around but were getting more sophisticated. By the time we got to Todd, it was our official playpen and we had gotten things under control a bit, which meant we could get more out of control with it. We understood our working environment a little better and made more sophisticated use of it.

That's where my head was at, in a state of total freedom. I could do essentially whatever I wanted. I was making more and more money off productions I did for other people and so I was making the music that I purely felt like making.

Q: Then you get to ''Healing,'' and it's very focused and has gravitas and an overriding theme. It's seems like a serious record. Where were you at that time?

A: It's a more serious record though there are some unserious moments, like Golden Goose. Essentially, I had gotten to a point of psychic exhaustion, that I had pushed myself so hard for such a long time in terms of trying to expand my consciousness and my musical range that I got to a point where I had gotten almost sick from it. Not literally but psychically exhausted and enervated, and needed to collect myself in a way and to look at my experience in a different context.

I wanted to clarify some of the feedback about what effect my music was having on other people as well. When you start to write anthems and things like that, it appeals to a different thing in people than the typical love song. Love songs conjure up reminiscences and things like that, and more anthemic themes or themes about the nature of consciousness and stuff like that tend to give people a more hopeful aftertaste. They start to get aspirational rather than reminiscent. So I had to kind of confront and resolve in my music the effect it was having on other people.

The album itself is a story on one side and a musical experiment on the other side. And the context of the first side is supposed to be open to interpretation as all tales are, but I have my own idea of what it's supposed to mean. I don't want to spoil it for everyone else, but I needed to make some clarification, in whatever poetic or oblique terms, of how I saw myself, how I saw the possibilities of music and how reality plays into all of that.

It isn't any easier to explain than sort of the craziness of Todd [laughs]. The [musical] possibilities are greater than I assumed they were and that some of these realizations have been cannibalized by various drugs and things like that [laughs again]. None of that makes me a drug addict; it just keeps widening horizons for me. And then at a certain point, I realize that I have widened the horizon, but I have given myself so much area now to cover, it all is going to be completely exhausting, so I have to start narrowing in or focus on certain things. Essentially pull back, reorganize.

At a certain point you've said what you have to say about it and to continually harp on it is a lack of growth. It was definitely a turning point and something I needed to do for myself to get ''healthy'' and to get into a proper frame of mind, to where I wasn't feeling confused and somewhat overwhelmed by the possibilities I'd created.

Q: With two albums to perform, will you be skipping the ''theatricalization'' concept?

A: The approach will not be like A Wizard, a True Star. We've actually made the band smaller, removing a keyboard. But I will pick up the slack in some songs by actually playing the piano, which I never do anymore. So, only for the sake of these shows will I play piano.

But it is going to be something that — as the last show was — should be beyond people's expectations. So if last year was the greatest show on Earth, this should be the greatest show on Earth part two [laughs].

Q: Are you all going to sing [anthemic album closer from ''Todd''] ''Sons of 1984'' together?

A: I think that's a given, isn't it? Since it's on the record, I have to perform it and I can't stop people from singing it. So I might as well encourage it [laughs].

Malcolm X Abram can be reached at or 330-996-3758.

updates From RundgrenRadio

The RR B’Day BASH III will be here this Saturday to help kick off the Todd/Healing Tour! The first concert is in 3 days and is being held at the Akron Civic Theatre but you knew that already J.

A few updates since our last newsletter …

· The camera policy for this tour is as follows:


· Kasim Sulton will be performing solo at the Akron City Centre Hotel ballroom on Sunday, 9/5/10, at noon. Tickets are only $10 and they will be available at the show. The concert is a beach party theme so feel free to wear beach attire if you like (optional of course)!

· Speaking of Kasim, he has a new project available where you can have a photo of your choice on the cover of his next album! All of the details can be found here …

· And last but not least concerning Kasim Sulton, he has uploaded a video online that includes some rehearsal action for the upcoming tour!

· Still on the fence for the St. Louis concert on 9/10 or know someone that is??? For about another 16 hours you/they can get the best deal they will find for tickets by visiting the fastest growing internet site ever,! The Fixx will be opening for Todd at this concert!

· Reminder: The My Record Fantasy camp we discussed in a previous newsletter is set for January 17-19. is trying to send someone to this camp via a Scholarship Drive and you can help! For more information, please visit …

The raffle drawing will be held at the RR B’day Bash III in Akron this Saturday

· Todd Rundgren’s Johnson recently added a gig in Las Vegas for December 11th of this year. More info can be found on the RR Tour page:

· And last but not least, if you are looking to buy or sell tickets to any of the upcoming shows feel free to contact us to see if we can find you a match. We know of a few for Akron and Keswick right now if anyone is looking.


Doug & Melinda

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excerpts of Paul Meyers book released on his blog
paul has written a blog based around his soon to be released book on todds studio years
great blog check it out

davey lane and tony featherstone to support on new tour in syndey

Davey Lane and Tony Featherstone To Support Todd Rundgren
by Paul Cashmere - September 1 2010

Todd Rundgren taking Davey Lane and Tony Featherstone on the road for his Sydney and Melbourne shows.

Both Davey (You Am I / The Pictures) and Tony (The Badloves) were playing recently in the Jimmy Barnes band. “This all started in 2008 when Davey and I were in Bangkok with Jimmy Barnes,” Tony tells Undercover News. “We were in a hotel room after having just played a show and I said to Davey "have a listen to this and tell me what you think". I played him "International Feel" from A Wizard a True Star" and his jaw literally dropped. Two years later we are supporting him.”

The will support Rundgren at the show at The Basement in Sydney and The Corner in Melbourne.

“It will just be called "Davey Lane" but given that I turned Davey on to Todd he wouldn’t dare the shows without me,” Tony says.

While Lane and Featherstone recently recorded a few Rundgren covers they won’t be performing them live during these shows. “We wont be doing any Todd covers as tempting as it would be, we'll be mainly doing Davey's originals including a few of the tracks he recorded with The Pictures. We're both fanatical Todd fans so we'll be playing a set that we think we go down well with like-minded devotees. There might be a cover thrown in but it wont be ‘Can We Still Be Friends’”.

It will be just the two of them on stage.

Todd also has an Aussie in his band. “As it turns out, Todd is using an Australian drummer called Mick Skelton. (Shannon Noll, Richard Clapton, Baby Animals, everyone else!) who is a great mate of mine, so the whole thing is just a dream come true,” Tony says.

Dates are:

October 2, Sydney, The Basement
October 6, Melbourne, The Corner Hotel

Video: super fan John Hamlin's version of "open my eyes" featuring Flo and Eddie

Ad for Todd / Healing Orpheum show

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Radio Interview Q104.3 NYC largest classic rock station

coming soon we will have a interview with Todd and Jim Kerr from NYC radio station
Q104.3 it looks like a go on this but the details will be coming shortly. A ticket giveaway will also happen.

RundgrenRadio Tonight

RundgrenRadio show tonight 8:30 pm ET. Our last show before the frenzy that is Todd + Healing begins!!!! Also, Prairie Prince will call-in to talk about the Healing artwork.

Todd and Rick Danko playing chess early 1970's

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old blues song that todd played guitar on. James Cotton

James Cotton Blues Band Long Distance Operator

Composed by Bob Dylan
James Cotton:Vocals & Harmonica
Michael Bloomfield & Todd Rundgren:Guitars
Mark "Moogy" Klingman:Piano
Stu Woods:Bass
Joel "Bishop" O'Brien:Drums
Recorded in Los Angeles, CA. c. 1970
Originally issued on the 1970 album "James Cotton Blues Band:Taking Care Of Business" (Capitol ST-814) (LP)
This recording taken from the 1995 2CD set "Chicago Blues Masters Vol. 3"

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RundgrenRadio updates

Special guest Cy Curnin, the lead singer for the Fixx, today on! As many of you know, the Fixx will be opening for Todd Rundgren at the 9/10 (St. Louis) and 9/11 (Indy) concerts.

While we have your attention, here are a few more updates from us …

· For those of you that can’t make the big RR BASH III party in Akron, you will be able to view it on the internet if you like! For those of you going, be careful what you say and do on camera because the party will be seen online and permanently archived on the world wide web J.

· Are you planning on making any of the upcoming Todd/Healing concerts? The tour begins one week from today! Because Todd and Michele really enjoyed some of the fan outfits last year during the AWATS tours, we’ve decided to add themes to this year’s tours as well. Of course dressing the part is OPTIONAL and only a suggestion from your friend’s at RR, so participate at your own risk or just show up wearing whatever you like. You can find the theme information here …

· If for some reason you can’t make any of the 6 concerts on this tour, you can still get an idea what it’s like being there because Todd’s camp has finally decided to add a webcast/PPV --- the 9/14 concert at the Keswick in Glenside, PA! The webcast will include some footage from the Todd and Roy interview event as well as some footage from the Toddstock Movie Premiere and Party. You can see this webcast for only $19.99 and here’s the link for you to sign-up …

· Speaking of the concert at the Keswick, we are less than 300 tickets away from a sold out show. We are putting on a big push to sell this show out and give Todd the homecoming he deserves! Please reach out to your Todd friends that may be living in a cave and haven’t heard about this concert J. Every ticket sold gets us closer to our goal of packing out the Keswick. Every person that attends the concert has a shot at being on the webcast and making Todd fan history J. Beginning on 8/31 through Labor Day, the remaining $75 tickets will be on a Working Man sale with $20 off with the passcode DREAM. The sale info is only going out to the Keswick e-mail blast subscribers and of course YOU our loyal RR e-mail subscribers. Help us sell out the Keswick! It sure would look nice on the webcast if there were no empty seats, wouldn’t it?

Thanks and see you on the road to Utopia!!
Doug & Cruisermel

Call him Professor TODD

Call him Professor Todd
Rock star Todd Rundgren has quite a few titles on his resume, including singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

He'll be performing two of his albums (1973's "Todd" and 1981's "Healing") in a theatrical concert Sept. 11 at Clowes Hall.

Rundgren will soon be able to add a new label to the list: Indiana University Wells Professor.

The rocker will be in Bloomington in late October and early November for the two-week gig.

The plan is for Rundgren, who lives in Kauai, Hawaii, when he isn't touring, to teach a class for students who attend IU under the prestigious Wells Scholars program.

Rundgren, best known for 1993 song "Hello It's Me," is expected to make a couple of public appearances -- an Oct. 28 lecture and a likely Oct. 31 storytelling concert, said IU rock history professor Glenn Gass, who is coordinating the visit. His summer home is near Rundgren's in Hawaii.