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Coming soon..."Arena" live DVD, CD and a special EP tribute to robert johnson

.” A live DVD will be culled from the July 14 show at the Boulder Theater (also being shot for an HDNet concert special), which will eventually be bundled with the brick and mortar release of Arena, along with a live CD and an EP consisting of a tribute to the late blues great, Robert Johnson.

Todd Rundgren prepares to blast Bearsville Theater with 'Arena' rock

By Steve Israel
Times Herald-Record
July 25, 2008
Todd Rundgren has one fear when he returns to the Town of Woodstock to play the Bearsville Theater:
"I just hope we don't get sued for deafening someone," he says with a laugh about his Monday show.
Rundgren, who lived near Bearsville from the '70s to the '90s, knows that the combination of his new music — high-octane, guitar-fueled rock from his new album "Arena" — and the tiny (250-seat) Bearsville Theater could be intense.
"This is hard rock," he says, "not some little piano minuet."
Which is why Rundgren called his new album, due in September, "Arena," as in arena rock.
Rundgren knows "Arena" is a departure from the music his devoted fans (Toddheads) might expect. For more than 30 years he's recorded tuneful, synthesized, electronic pop music, including hits like "Hello It's Me," "I Saw the Light" and "We Gotta Get You a Woman."
"This is the other end of the spectrum," he says. "This is in-your-face guitar rock of the old school."
Then, as if to soothe his shocked fans, he adds, "There are plenty of hooks, too, that will have you singing along by the end of the song."
Not only is Rundgren's new music a first, but also so is the gig in Woodstock.
He may have produced albums by acts as diverse as Meat Loaf, Patti Smith and Jesse Winchester in his home studio in Lake Hill and at Bearsville Studio (the studio was started by his old manager, the late Albert Grossman, who brought stars like Dylan and the Band to Woodstock). Rundgren may have engineered the Band's album, "Stage Fright," at the old Woodstock Playhouse. He even played UPAC in Kingston and the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie.
But he never played the wood-paneled Bearsville Theater — even though Grossman built it, even though Rundgren made music videos in the studio next door, Utopia Video.
"It's been a really long time coming," says Rundgren, 60, who now lives in Hawaii.
Still, Rundgren has kept his Woodstock connections. His personal assistant/tour director, Mary Lou Arnold, lives in Woodstock. Her husband, Jesse Gress, is his guitarist. So when Rundgren had an open date on his way to a private show in Boston with the New Cars, and Arnold suggested Bearsville, Rundgren thought, "Why not?"
"And besides," he adds, "Woodstock is so pleasant this time of the year."
Still, Rundgren says he wasn't always that "crazy" about the Ulster County town surrounded by mountains. Back in the early '70s, he was a New York City guy.
And why not?
He hung out at Steve Paul's Scene, where he jammed with young guitarists including Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. After that, his favorite spot was Max's Kansas City, where he saw Bob Marley and the Wailers' first American gig.
"There was nothing comparable," he says.
But as his production gigs increased and Grossman vowed to make him the highest-paid producer — getting him a $50,000 advance to do Grand Funk Railroad's "We're an American Band" — Woodstock became more attractive.
"It took too much energy to do anything in the city," he says. "Just to get across town was a hassle."
So with that production money "piling up," Rundgren bought a house (actually two) in the wilds of Lake Hill, a few miles north of Bearsville. That's where, in that second home on the property, he recorded acts such as Meat Loaf, XTC and the Tubes.
As he devoted more time to his music, he spent less time there. Finally, in the '90s, he sold his homes and moved to Hawaii. Even though he's visited Woodstock several times since, don't expect him to repeat the Bearsville gig any time soon, especially while he's playing this loud music.
"Hopefully, this will create a self-fulfilling prophecy," he says. "If we play arena rock, we'll soon be playing arenas."
Todd talks about ...
Rockin' forever: Oddly enough, this interview took place via phone, Austin on one end, Bethel Woods at the other, just before legendary Tony Bennett was set to take Bethel's stage. Upon learning this, Rundgren remarked, "Sweet. I admire guys who perform right up until they die. I'm just hoping I'm not one of them."
Woodstock '94: Rundgren performed in his Todd Pod at the 25th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair. "I loved playing there for a few days until the rains came. Then everyone wanted to use our tent for shelter."
"Stage Fright": Though he was the engineer on the Band's landmark album, "Stage Fright," which was recorded in Woodstock, Rundgren gives credit where it's due. "I was essentially the recordist. It was five guys showing up every day and playing."
Technology: Rundgren, who has repeatedly proven his high-tech prowess both behind the knobs as an engineer and with computer-laden multimedia performance environments, was interactive before anyone really knew what interactive meant. On "No World Order" (1993), which was easily the world's first interactive album, listeners had access to reshape Rundgren's songs. He will be releasing "Arena" on the label Hi-Fi Records, because "there are things I need on a record, like promotion, plus publishing is part of the deal." So in today's digital download age, Rundgren still plans to put out a tangible CD. "Many of my fans like to hold the product in their hands." But that's not to say the old creativity won't be present. "When it does come out, it will likely have some bonus ways that people can participate in it."
Nostalgia: Some people miss the vibe. Others miss their friends. On what he misses most in Woodstock, Rundgren is specific: "The Just Alan shop. I loved the chocolate truffles."

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Just a reminder that a long time friend of mine, Scott @ trbazaar has a web store related to Todd Rundgren music.. Support Todd and support Scott's site by visiting
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Sorry for the delay. I'm headed to the post office tomorrow to ship some Toddleheads! All of them aren't ready for shipment but I'm trying to get them out this week.

The reason it's taking so long is because I am carefully inspecting each and every one before it's put into the shipping box. Unfortunately, a lot of them have failed inspection due to issues like chipped paint or facial dents and other weirdness. So, the Toddleheads are going to be extremely rare. The merch folks tried to ship 48 to Austin and the bobbles arrived in horrible condition and were tossed in the trash. When this is all said and done there may only be about 250-300 of them that are actually presentable.

The good news is I will have enough to ship to all of the folks who bought them from me. I am working overtime to make sure your Toddleheads look good and are as secure as possible. I will be doing some very minor touch up on some of them and if this is a problem for you then please let me know and I'll refund your money. You shouldn't be able to tell if I did some touch up on your Toddlehead, but I don't want to mislead you into believing these haven't been doctored some because most of them will be. The company that made these did a poor job of making sure they were built to last. It's a sad situation but the ones that survived look really cool. I wish things would have been better but it was out of my hands as far as the manufacturing went. I'm going to see what I can do about getting some money back from them and will give it to the Rundgren's if it works out.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Shine on!


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blogs and reviews

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UK PR agency for Todd’s new album


First studio album in 4 years, Arena, out September 30th
Sneak peak of album track ‘Mad’ on MySpace

UK Release: Monday 29th September
US Release: Tuesday 30th September

Multi-faceted and celebrated recording artist/producer Todd Rundgren is set to release his first full-length record of original studio material in 4 years, entitled Arena in the UK on September 29th and in America on September 30th
(via newly launched music venture Hi Fi Recordings).

Rundgren has been on the road in support of the release on a 20 + U.S. city tour this summer which kicked off with a week-long celebration in Hawaii, culminating with the first-ever live performance of Arena in its entirety on Todd’s birthday, June 22nd. Rundgren will also hit the road in support of Arena this fall in Europe and the UK where the album will be released simultaneously to the U.S. A sneak peak of an exclusive album track ‘Mad’ will be available on starting on July 15th (

Arena, recorded in Todd’s current home state of Hawaii,is yet another notable addition to Rundgren’s remarkable career as a performer, songwriter, and producer. The album showcases his unique songwriting style and sonically captures the essence and energy of “arena” rock with bombastic, guitar-driven tunes like “Mountaintop,” “Strike” and “Mad,” while the anthemic song “Mercenary,” transports you to a stadium with its epic chorus, “How Do You Like Me Now?,” resounding to every seat in the house.

“I found myself just going out and doing this sort of guerilla guitar quartet thing around the country and around Canada,” said Rundgren, “So when it came time to make a record, I thought maybe I’ll just continue in that vein and write something that is appropriate to the guitar, since the fans seem to be enjoying it so much.
“So when I decided to write a new album, I knew beforehand it was going to be this kind of old-school guitar-rock record.”
Known as a man of musical innovation, Rundgren’s latest release draws from his vast and impressive career experiences as a performer, songwriter and producer – including notable achievements on the cutting edge of music and technology such as: the first live nationally broadcast stereo radio concert (by microwave), which linked 40 cities around the country in 1978; the very first two commercially released music videos, one of which was nominated for the first-ever Grammy awarded for “Best Short Form Video” in 1983; and the launch of PatroNet, the world’s first direct artist subscription service all of course; and of course there are the timeless hit songs, including 'Hello It's Me', 'I Saw The Light', 'Can We Still be Friends', and 'Bang The Drum.’

With ground-breaking accomplishments under his belt, Rundgren’s career boasts additional credits to the aforementioned roles he is most well known for, including video pioneer, computer software developer, conceptualist and, most recently, interactive artist (re-designated TR-i). Given this incredible history and his constant creative state-of-mind, there are undoubtedly many more imaginative horizons for Todd Rundgren to discover.

Be sure to catch Todd’s tour when it stops in the following cities (more to be announced soon):

July 17
House of Blues San Diego CA
July 19 Antones Austin, TX
July 20 House of Blues Dallas, TX
July 21 Warehouse Live Houston, TX
July 23 Pageant St. Louis, MO
July 24 VooDoo @ Harrah's Kansas City, MO
July 26 Nolas Rochester NY
July 28 Bearsville Theater Bearsville, NY
Aug 1 The Tralf Buffalo, NY
Aug 2 Borgata Music Box Atlantic City, NJ
Nov 6 Manchester Academy 2 Manchester, England
Nov 7 Edinburgh Picture House Edinburgh, Scotland
Nov 22 Norwich Waterfront Norwich, England
Nov 23 London Forum London, England

About Hi Fi Recordings:
Based in New York City, Hi Fi Recordings was founded in 1995 by entrepreneur and respected music industry insider John Hecker. Originally a joint a venture with major labels Elektra, Arista and Virgin Records, Hi Fi Recordings’ history boasts the releases of successful hit albums from the likes of Avril Lavigne, Isyss, Marvelous 3 and Spacehog, among many others. Now acting as the recorded music label arm of Music Publishing Corporation of America (MPCA), an independent publisher founded in May 2006, Hi Fi Recordings is dedicated to working with marquee recording artists while also achieving synergies with its vast collection of publishing copyrights.


Tickets on sale for
London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Norwich
on Friday 11th July

Thursday 6th November – Manchester Academy 2
Friday 7th November – Edinburgh The Picture House
Saturday 22nd November – Norwich Waterfront
Sunday 23rd November – London Kentish Town Forum

Rock’n’roll icon, guitar genius, interactive progenitor, consummate singer/songwriter and record producer, Todd Rundgren, returns to the UK shores for his first concerts since 2005.

Todd Rundgren, the man who gave us classic albums like Something/Anything?, A Wizard, A True Star, Todd, Faithful, Hermit of Mink Hollow and 2004’s critically acclaimed Liars, will play four rare UK concerts that will follow the September 29th UK release of his long awaited new studio album .

is a definite return to riff-oriented guitar rock," says Rundgren. "It's supposed to make you reflexively pump your fist and wave a lighter in the air.”
The Arena Tour band will consist of Jesse Gress (guitar), Rachel Haden (bass), Matt Bolton (guitar and keyboards), Prairie Prince (drums), and Todd Rundgren (guitar and vocals).

“The concerts will be a straight-ahead, guitar-rock extravaganza," assures Rundgren. “We can't afford the flamethrowers yet, but we'll make up for it with aggression."
Rundgren is universally hailed as the most innovative rock star on the planet. He was the first pioneering recording and performing artist responsible for interactive audio and video. In 1981, his video for the song Time Heals was the second video ever aired on MTV in America.

By 1992, Todd focused his creative energies on the ground-breaking No World Order, rock’s first interactive music album on the CD-i format. The album enabled music enthusiasts to create their own mixes of the album, something unheard of in the early nineties. Appropriately, when Rundgren filmed the world’s first interactive concert tour for video release in 1994, London’s Forum was the venue of choice, making this November’s show a homecoming of sorts.

Two years later, Rundgren proved that he was two steps ahead of the music technology game by releasing what was to be rock’s very first full-length Enhanced CD, The Individualist, which featured the combined song and interactive video game Cast The First Stone.

In 1998 he was the first artist to launch an online music service entitled PatroNet, years before Apple launched iTunes. PatroNet enabled its online subscribers to directly download new, previously unreleased songs, cutting out the major record labels. Sounds familiar?
It was Rundgren who predicted the future, and now, with , his rockiest guitar album in decades, he’s back to rock the house. Always the innovator, Rundgren continues to enhance his reputation as the ultimate Wizard, A True Star.

6th November
Manchester Academy 2
Doors: 7.30pm GMT
Tickets: £18.50
Venue Box Office & CC: 0161 832 1111
Online Booking (Ticketline) -
Venue Website:
Venue Street Address:
Manchester University Students Union
Oxford Road
M13 9PR

7th November
Edinburgh The Picture House
Doors: 7.00pm GMT
Tickets: £18.50
Venue Box Office & CC: 0844 847 1740
Online Booking (Ticketmaster):
Venue Website:
Venue Street Address:

22nd November
Norwich The Waterfront
Doors: 7.00pm GMT
Tickets: £18.50
Venue Box Office & CC: 08700 600 100
Online Booking (Ticketweb):
Venue Website:
Venue Street Address:
The Waterfront
139 – 141 King Street,

23rd November
London Kentish Town Forum
Start time: 7.30pm GMT
Tickets: £23.50
Venue Box Office & CC: 0844 847 2405
Online Booking (Ticketmaster) -
Venue Website:
Venue Street Address:
Kentish Town Forum,
9-17 Highgate Road,