Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Years eve show in the works

OK, here we go. This is as much as we can tell you so please enjoy not having to wait until Tuesday for all of it .

As stated earlier, we are mostly holding back info because we do not have the info. This is an attempt to be nice and give you a head start in case you would like to attend.

And for the record, sorry to be so blunt but posting that you can't go or don't like the theme, etc does not help us. We're interested in info on who can go so we can be better prepared. We are sad about the people that can't go so don't take that the wrong way please....

1) RR will be hosting a Todd Rundgren gig on NYE. Setlist will be "guitar heavy"! There will be a support act, national act in fact.

2) We are speaking with 4 different venues right now. We plan to lock one in tomorrow hopefully. These are the top 2 cities and they are listed by priority. Orlando and Atlanta. SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please do not book flights or anything - we could end up somewhere totally different but we hope not. Orlando is top priority and we hope we can work it out.

3) Standing and sitting will be available if we get any of the venues that are on our radar.

4) Like any NYE gig/party worth anything the ticket prices will be pricey. It's impossible to say at this point without the venue locked in but assume $125-$175 range. Could be better but assume it's not. Hotel rooms $150-$200 most likely if you want to stay at the group rate hotel. Hey, get off me it's NYE people !

5) Band will be Kasim, Jesse, Ferenzik, and Greg Bendian (Prairie has a Tubes gig that night).

6) It has been 17 years since Todd did a public NYE gig. 2008 was "semi-private" and limited to 225 peeps. Tickets for that show were $125 by the way and it sold out.