Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Todd Rundgren on His Frustration With the Music Industry: 'I'm Not a One-Hit Wonder As Some Suggest'

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Todd Rundgren on His Frustration With the Music Industry: 'I'm Not a One-Hit Wonder As Some Suggest'

March 26th 2013 12:00PM

Todd Rundgren
Todd Rundgren has long defied any easy sort of characterization. A renowned songwriter, producer, guitar God, technophile and one of the most soulful and interesting singers of his generation, it is fair to say that Rundgren has mined more musical ground than anyone else Noisecreep can think of. From heart-wrenching ballads to metallic epics to soaring prog-rock (and everything in between), for decades he has staunchly produced the music that he wants, when he wants it.

On April 9, Rundgren's 24th studio album, a provocative, groove-heavy collection entitled State, will be released in the US. Noisecreep had the distinct pleasure of speaking with the wizard, the true star - the one and only Todd Rundgren. He talks about what inspired him this time out, the upcoming tour, and how he manages to survive in an industry that doesn't usually take kindly to someone that refuses to play by its rules.

Todd, certain solo albums of yours have distinct overall themes. Did you create State with a them in mind?

Unlike a lot of my records, which have some sort of central theme, this record isn't really like that. What it is, is a series of somewhat contemporary cautionary tales. In other words, the songs come off as being about something specific or they set a certain mood but in reality, they are really about something different – that is to say the actual realities are perhaps different than what they seem to be about. For instance a song like 'Something From Nothing' - a lot of people's first impression is that I'm saying that faith is a good thing to have. And I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that faith is possibly a necessary thing to have but that faith is a very limited thing and is not an adequate substitute for actually knowing something or doing

Monday, March 25, 2013

House of Blues New Orleans june 23

This just in..info for ticket sales for the New Orleans HOB show on June 23 !
LN/HOB Presale: Thursday March 28, 2013 @ 10AM
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