Friday, April 13, 2012

Rolling Stone : Todd RundgrenOn the greatness of Laura Nyro

Todd Rundgren

On the greatness of Laura Nyro

April 13, 2012

Todd Rundgren recently sat down at the Rolling Stone studio to talk about his deep love for the music of the late songwriter Laura Nyro. "Her having such a great influence on me is probably one of the reasons why people think I have a sophisticated sensibility about writing songs, and how the lyrics should impact and mesh with melodies," Rundgren says. The rocker goes on to tell the story of how he came to work with Nyro and had to turn down an offer to be her band leader.

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1975 Live Album by Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Hits Stores Tuesday april 10th

A live album capturing the first UK concert by Todd Rundgren’s Utopia arrives in stores on Tuesday. Live at Hammersmith Odeon ’75 features 10 performances from the versatile singer/songwriter’s old prog-rock group, including a rendition of “Open My Eyes,” a 1968 nugget originally recorded by Rundgren’s psychedelic outfit The Nazz, and a cover of the Electric Light Orchestra hit “Do Ya.”

In addition to Rundgren, the Utopia lineup at London show featured bassist John Siegler, keyboardist Roger Powell and drummer Willie Wilcox. The band was accompanied by a pair of backing singers at the gig — late R&B star Luther Vandross and Anthony Hinton.

Here is the album’s complete track list:

“Freedom Fighters”
“Mister Triscuits”
“The Last Ride”
“When the S**t Hits the Fan”/”Sunset Boulevard”/”Le Feel Internacionale”
“Heavy Metal Kids”
“The Wheel”
“Open My Eyes”
“Sons of 1984″
“Do Ya”
“Couldn’t I Just Tell You”

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Send Ruth Rundgren (Todds Mom) a 90th birthday wish

This is from Liz who started an awesome online group card to celebrate
Ruth's 90th birthday! She includes the link if you'd like to sign :)
*Peace* and much Love, ~m.
Hey there!

Ruth Rundgren is turning 90 on her 4/29 birthday!!! I've started this
group card for everyone, who would like to, to sign. I also started a
birthday gift card that you're welcome to contribute to, but please don't
feel like you have to because you're birthday message is free, and I know
that would mean much more to her.

Please feel free to share this link with anyone you think might like to
wish her a Happy 90th!

Todd Rundgren & Jody Denberg of KUT Radio Austin, TX