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Mid-Priced Remasters cd's to be released

Todd Rundgren / Utopia - More Expanded Mid-Price Remasters

The next batch of Todd Rundgren mid-price and expanded releases are on the way in January and February. The packages contains all the lyrics, and extensive notes by Paul Myers, extracted from his definitive book on Todd Rundgren “A Wizard, A True Star: Todd Rundgren In The Studio”. Click on the titles to pre-order:

1) Todd Rundgren - A Cappella/Nearly Human/Second Wind (2CD) (Released January 30th) £8.99

Three difficult-to-find albums that were issued on Warners, in 1985, 1989 and 1991. “A Capella” is purely the sound of Todd’s voice, often imitating instruments, on a wide variety of songs. By contrast “Nearly Human” was recorded live in the studio with a large ensemble and guests like Bobby Womack and Narada Michael Walden. “Second Wind” was recorded live in a San Francisco theatre, again with a large ensemble, in front of an audience who were told to keep quiet... The bonus track is a 12” Dance Mix.

Disc 1
1. Blue Orpheus
2. Johnee Jingo
3. Pretending to Care
4. Hodja
5. Lost Horizon
6. Something to Fall Back On
7. Miracle in the Bazaar
8. Lockjaw
9. Honest Work
10. Mighty Love
11. Something to Fall Back On Bonus Track
12. The Want of a Nail
13. The Waiting Game
14. Parallel Lines
15. Two Little Hitlers
16. Can't Stop Running
17. Unloved Children
18. Fidelity
Disc 2
1. Feel It
2. Hawking
3. I Love My Life
4. Change Myself
5. Love Science
6. Who's Sorry Now
7. The Smell of Money
8. If I Have to Be Alone
9. Love in Disguise
10. Kindness
11. Public Sevant
12. Gaya's Eyes
13. Second Wind

2) Todd Rundgren - Back To The Bars (2CD) (Released February 27th.) £8.99

In May 1978 Todd issued “Hermit Of Mink Hollow”, but rather go out on a “Hermit” tour, he mounted a retrospective mini-tour
accompanied by many of the musicians he’d played with over the past thirteen years. Certain of these shows, in New York, Los
Angeles and Cleveland, were recorded for the original two LP live album “Back To The Bars”. Featured guests are Utopia, Daryl Hall, John Oates, Stevie Nicks, Spencer Davis and Rick Derringer.

1. Real Man
2. Love Of The Common Man
3. The Verb “To Love”
4. Love In Action
5. A Dream Goes On Forever
6. Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel
7. The Range War
8. Black And White
9. The Last Ride
10. Cliché
11. Don’t You Ever Learn?

1. Never Never Land
2. Black Maria
3. Zen Archer
4. Medley: I’m So Proud / Ooh Baby Baby /
La La Means I Love You / I Saw The Light
5. It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
6. Eastern Intrigue
7. Initiation
8. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
9. Hello It’s Me

3) Todd Rundgren - Hermit of Mink Hollow/Healing/The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect (2CD) (Released February 27th.) £8.99

These three truly ‘solo’ albums (Todd plays every instrument and sings every vocal) were released between 1978 and 1982
on the legendary Bearsville label and feature some of Todd’s best-known songs: “Can We Still Be Friends” (covered by both
Robert Palmer and Rod Stewart), “Healer” and “Bang The Drum All Day”. NB: The albums are presented out of chronological order in order to avoid splitting “Healing” across two discs.

1. All The Children Sing
2. Can We Still Be Friends
3. Hurting For You
4. Too Far Gone
5. Onomatopoeia
6. Determination
7. Bread
8. Bag Lady
9. You Cried Wolf
10. Lucky Guy
11. Out Of Control
12. Fade Away

13. Hideaway
14. Influenza
15. Don’t Hurt Yourself
16. There Goes Your Baybay
17. Tin Soldier
18. Emperor Of The Highway
19. Bang The Drum All Day
20. Drive
21. Chant

1. Healer
2. Pulse
3. Flesh
4. Golden Goose
5. Compassion
6. Shine
7. Healing Part I
8. Healing Part II
9. Healing Part III
10. Time Heals
11. Tiny Demons

4) Todd Rundgren's Utopia - Todd Rundgren's Utopia/Another Live (2CD) (Released February 27th.) £8.99
Rundgren started the band Utopia in 1974 to run concurrently with his solo career. Whilst using many of the same musicians,
the band was a more democratic set-up. These are the two albums recorded by the six-man line-ups. “Utopia” (1974) features
the extraordinary 30 minute epic “The Ikon”, as performed by the reunited line-up during 2011. The live album “Another
Live” (1975) includes new songs alongside the band’s covers of “Something’s Coming” (from “West Side Story”) and The
Move’s “Do Ya” and Todd classics “Heavy Metal Kids” and “Just One Victory”.

Disc 1
1. Utopia
2. Freak Parade
3. Freedom Fighters
4. The Ikon

Disc 2
1. Another Life
2. The Wheel
3. The Seven Rays
4. Intro/Mister Triscuits
5. Something's Coming
6. Heavy Metal Kids
7. Do Ya
8. Just One Victory

5) Utopia - Adventures In Utopia/Deface the Music/Swing To the Right (2CD) (Released February 27th.) £8.99

These three albums were the third, fourth and fifth by the quartet of Todd (guitar), Roger Powell (keyboards), Kasim Sulton (bass) and John Wilcox (drums). “Adventures In Utopia” (January 1980) became the band’s biggest US album, and features the hit single “Set Me Free”. Its b-side, bonus track “Umbrella Man”, features alongside its parent album for the first time. The three bonus live tracks were taped between the album’s recording and release and include Utopia’s covers of The Who and ? And The Mysterians. “Deface The Music” (December 1980) is a homage to The Beatles, features thirteen songs written in the style of Lennon & McCartney, arranged chronologically. Unfortunately its release coincided with John Lennon’s murder. “Swing To The Right” (1982), almost a concept album about money, war and greed (including a cover of Gamble & Huff’s “For The Love Of Money”), was the band’s last for the Bearsville label.

1. The Road To Utopia
2. You Make Me Crazy
3. Second Nature
4. Set Me Free
5. Caravan
6. Last Of The New
Wave Riders
7. Shot In The Dark
8. The Very Last Time
9. Love Alone
10. Rock Love
11. Umbrella Man
12. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
[live in Syracuse,
16th November 1979]
13. 96 Tears
[live in Syracuse,
16th November 1979]
14. Just One Victory
[live in Syracuse,
16th November 1979]

1. I Just Want To Touch You
2. Crystal Ball
3. Where Does The World Go To Hide
4. Silly Boy
5. Alone
6. That’s Not Right
7. Take It Home
8. Hoi Polloi
9. Life Goes On
10. Feel Too Good
11. Always Late
12. All Smiles
13. Everybody Else Is Wrong

14. Swing To The Right
15. Lysistrata
16. The Up
17. Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)
18. Shinola
19. For The Love Of Money
20. Last Dollar On Earth
21. Fahrenheit 451
22. Only Human
23. One World

Review from another blogger of Stockholm show

The phone rang the other day. I answered it to hear Todd Rundgren on the other end. "Gene," he said, "I'm coming to Stockholm and need some help with the set list. Any suggestions?" "Sure, Todd," I said.

OK, Todd didn't call me. But last night he did come to Stockholm and his set list was as if I (and maybe any other Todd fan) had picked this concert's "worth of tunes."

Stockholm is a great city for music and on 2/22 at about 8:30 pm I'm walking home when I saw a poster announcing a solo, acoustic Todd show, not in the usual three months, but for the following night. I whip out the iPhone and go online to get a ticket. Hmmm, last row with the pigeons. Screw it, I'll grab a scalper and pay a premium.

I'm in front of the theater the next night about an hour before the show. No scalpers or any ticket selling activity. So, 45 minutes before showtime, I walk into the box office and ask if there are any floor seats? "How about this one?" the guy says. 11th row middle. Less than 24 hours from seeing the poster-I'm in the audience for face value. I love Stockholm.

Södra Teaterns is the oldest theater in Stockholm and is situated in the heart of the city's bohemian area, with breathtaking views over the capital. Although built as a theatre, the main focus of the venue today is on music. It is a beautiful and intimate lounge, appointed in green and gold with red velvet chairs with a 414 seat capacity. In his greeting, Todd remarked on the venue's intimacy but likened the decor to a "French whorehouse."

Todd was dressed in dark jeans, a black hoody trimmed in emergency green, gold sneakers, sunglasses and the trademark blonde streaked hair. He was accompanied by one electric guitar and grand piano. I guess it was semi-accoustic.

Wasting little time he started with "Love of the Common Man" followed by "Cliche." He professed that it was difficult in these solo events to decide "when to rock." He said he wanted to rock early this night and tore into the intro of "Black & White."

The show was divided into three segments, guitar, piano and then guitar. Todd was in a very open and friendly mood, obviously pleased with this mini-Scandinavian tour.

Unfortunately the audience had no one under the age of twenty something. Gray hair was the common denominator. However, there is an atmosphere in Swedish crowds of this age group. Whether it is honed by the classical music concert tradition, or the acceptance of the jazz legends of the 50's and 60's, Swedish audiences listen, without the war whoops and chants for song selections elsewhere. That's not to say they are not enthusiastic. When Todd opens up the floor, he gets his responses, some witty enough to bring a chuckle to the Puck's face. As Todd remarked, "I'm a little like lute fish (a strong smelling traditional Nordic dish of dried white fish), a little strange, an acquired taste…but you (the audience) seem to have an appreciation for it."

Todd was a little rough at first, especially on the high registers, but as the evening went on he adjusted and the throat loosened up and he was sounding as good as I have ever heard him. His guitar playing was as expected, after all he is a guitar god. During "Born to Synthesize," which was played with a jazzy motif, he ripped off a little blues-based guitar solo, which brought appreciative applause. "Oh, did you like that?" Todd said. "Here's a little more," and ripped into another, tastier, run. Getting more applause, he told us to stop, "Because I can do this shit all night."

He then moved to the piano, where he began with the haunting "Past." As a tribute to his Nordic audiences (he also played in Norway) he played "The Viking Song"-Gilbert and Sullivan style.

However, during the piano segment, Todd had trouble with his playing. He missed notes, started-stopped-said sorry and started again. To be honest, it was surprising to see the producer/composer have such a problem. It made the Wizard/True Star become less an icon and more a mortal. It really was endearing, in a way, that he allowed us to share his vulnerability. Todd was sharing some of his songs. It brought the artist closer and gave us a glimpse of the person behind the mask.

Back to the guitar for the finale, which included a sing along version of The Beatles "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" including the requisite "HEY!

Finishing with "I Saw the Light" and "One World," Todd thanked the crowd, said we would see him "soon" and was gone. The applause and call for an encore was barely needed, as Todd almost bounded back to the piano bench and gave us, "Hello, It's Me" and "A Dream Goes on Forever."

Finished, he got up, bowed, waved and left. Not enough called the crowd, and he agreed. Stockholm got a second encore.

During the first encore, Todd had a particularly hard time with the piano. He completely missed the intro to "A Dream Goes On Forever" to the point he just abandoned it all together. When he finished and took his bows, he seemed genuinely embarrassed by his gaffes.

I'm sure that's why he came out so quickly for the second encore.
He didn't have a song ready, and while he was considering, audience members were calling up their favorite songs for him to play. Unfortunately, for the reader, I was so intent on watching the artist determined to give this appreciative audience what he felt they deserved, that I have no idea, exactly, what song he played.

Forgive me for the oversight, there really is no excuse. But to see the TODD persona completely wiped clean and watch the real Todd Harry Rundgren perform was, in itself, worth being there. I, for one, will now see Todd Rundgren in a completely different light.

Set List
Love of the Common Man
Black & White
I Don't Want to Tie You Down
There Goes My Inspiration
Hammer in My Heart
It wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
Too Far Gone
The Viking Song
Born to Synthesize
Beloved Infidel
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
I Saw The Light
One World
Hello, It's Me
A Dream Goes On Forever
2nd Encore

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just announced !! West Coast dates

This just in !! 3 NEW Todd Tour dates !! You listening West Coast ???
Apr 3 Anthology - San Diego, Calif.
Apr 4 Canyon Club- Agoura Hills , Calif.
Apr 6 Coach House -San Juan Capistrano, Calif

New Prize incentive for S/A?40 fundraiser. Get your name into Rolling Stone Magazine

Bill Bricker is offering a new prize incentive until 2/29/2012:
One of the FEB contributors to S/A?40
via paypal
will receive an authentic AWATS post card.

Click on image to enlarge

INFO: RundgrenRadio Trifeca of Events.

RundgrenRadio trifeca of events.

May 31, 2012: RR Family Reunion Party (family being Todd fans)
June 1, 2012: Todd Rundgren and the Rockford Symphony Orchestra in concert!
June 2, 2012: Todd Rundgren and the Rockford Symphony Orchestra in concert!

We have 3 Facebook event pages up already - one for each event. Please click attending if you plan to go because we might send emails out using these pages.

Party =​events/239349079488372/

First concert =​events/354270227937636/

Second concert =​events/308460835878992/

We also have a page on where we will be posting updates as they happen.


It looks like the hotel is already sold out but we have several others we are working on for group rates so no worries there - we will have that info soon.

Ticket info won't be available until next week and we will keep you in the loop and you'll have plenty of time to prepare. PLEASE do not call any venues or anyone asking about tickets. We are the info source for tickets, they cannot help you at this time.

And last but not least, if you missed the show last night and are asking yourself, "Why in the hell did they pick Rockford?" please take a listen to the archive for a full detailed explanation about most of the decision making process for these concerts :-) ...


Thanks and we hope to see you in Rockford IL!

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Video: Todd and an Orchestra GOD Said

RundgrenRadio archive of orchestra announcment shows

Listen to internet radio with Rundgren Radio on Blog Talk Radio



LIVE IN ROCKFORD, IL (Venue to be announced later)
06/1 and 06/2 2012

Ticket info will not be available until next Tuesday on our next Rundgren Radio show. Do not panic :-). PLEASE do not call any venues - if you listen to the show or subscribe to our newsletter you will be in the loop in plenty of time to prepare.


Group rates at Lexington Hotel at Cliffbreakers Resort
Party will likely be held here

LIMITED on rooms - other hotel group rates will be announced soon

Rate(s) per night plus tax: $79.95 Standard Double Queens & Standard Kings - $89.95 Whirlpool Double Queens

& Whirlpool Kings - $99.95 Bi Level Kings - $109.95 Whirlpool Bi Level Kings *
Group code is Rundgren Radio

Call (815) 282-3033
or book online HERE (online booking might not be ready until tomorrow)

Group code is Rundgren Radio

Special RundgrenRadio show tonight. Breaking news.

TONIGHT 2/22/12 at 8:30pm ET, (click LISTEN)!



The who, what, where, when, and why of this year's RR party event. We've brought you parties as part of our concerts like Todd In Vegas, AWATS Live, Todd+Healing Live, Todd Rundgren's Utopia Live, and we're not done yet!

It's not what you think it is, it's not where you think it is, and it's not when you think it is -- the mystery shalll be revealed TONIGHT!

Duet Album Idea of Todds ... Youtube inspired !!!

this is a translation of a partial interview Todd just gave while on tour overseas

So let Rundgren a little bit of world news: His next album is a duet album.

PROJECT is partly inspired by the success of the collaboration with the old Philadelphia friend Daryl Hall in its web-TV concept, "Live from Daryl's House" (see video above right). We see perhaps a collection of blue-eyed soul duet with Hall and other great singers, possibly a Toddsk twist on the great American songbook? But no:

- There are no known name. I will be singing duets with people that are YouTube phenomena, and write a song specifically for each of them. It's my cunning way to ensure that the project is a success. These are people who are already being seen on the web. Most duet disc is mostly to prove that you are good enough to sing with someone. This is much more fun, says Rundgren, who obviously spent some time on the popuære video sharing service in recent years.

- At the recent times has been so good for me, partly thanks to YouTube. Are you typing my name, there's a lot of things I have done, TV shows, concerts, everything. That's how people discover new artists. I may not have unused so well I could have done, but it has increased interest in what I do.

Record labels and artists who are trying to remove unauthorized material published from sharing services like YouTube are completely off track, says Rundgren:

- It's the kind of attitude that has gotten the record industry to collapse.

- You show a lack of willingness to embrace new media habits of consumers. They've been at it for too long. We as artists can not rely on the monolith. The incestuous relationship between radio and record companies here in the U.S. is just one example. As much as published by the music, the radio will be just 20 to 30 songs. It had to be removed. It was tyrannical, from a musical standpoint. I was happy to see the model break down.

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Guests for the Musical Revival Camp announced July 23-27

Scheduled for July 23-27 “Todd Rundgren’s Musical Revival Camp” will include Mark Volman whose lineage includes The Turtles, Frank Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention and Flo & Eddie. R.E.M.’s Peter Buck will also be there as well as a third high-profile guest to be named later.

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set list for last nights show as posted by jill m

...I Saw The Light (WAT style), Love of the Common Man, Beloved Infidel, Black and White, It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference, Song of the Viking, compassion, Too Far gone, Past, Lysistrata, There Goes My INspiration, Hammer in my Heart, Born to Synthesize, Cliche, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, Hello It's Me (!?!??!?!?!?), Can We Still Be Friends, One World. Encore. Hawking. 2nd Encore. The WHEEEEEEEEEEEl....The biggest surprise was Hello It's Me. He played it really well on Piano. Also, the main funny thing was everytime he did his Toddjump at the end (Which was rare for TR solo acoustic), his ipad conection to his guitar for Line 6 (?) would fuck up. and he's have no effects for his was a running joke. Can't wait for Bergen. I enjoyed it even more. he was apologetic and some songs needed to be stopped and know. But it was great. Loads of charm. Lots of amazingness ala TR. xx