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TODAY !!! tickets available for Todd/Healer show !!

11am ET on

11am (I think ET too) on has a low $1.50 conv fee and you can pick your seat. When looking at their chart, keep in mind the pit is NOT the stage. The text at the top is closer to the stage scale so don't let your eyes deceive you :-).

We did a pre-sale last night during the RR show on the site and the middle premium seats are gone. Ticketmaster will have the closest seats there but only for a little while. They have rows 3 and 4 of the center orch right section which is about 40 seats give or take a few. They have other seats and so does

The venue is great and any seat is a good seat based on what a lot of people have said about it and what a lot of us witnessed last year.

Tickets for the Muskegon, MI and Glenside, PA go on sale this Saturday!

All the info is at .

Hope to see you at one or more of these gigs!!!

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1st review of Toddstock DVD << spoiler alert >>

I had the good fortune to be given a pre-release copy of "ToddStock: All Excess" to review. After watching it a couple of times, I would like to share my thoughts. I must reveal that the disc I screened, while essentially the entire movie, it is not the final DVD product, simply a copy of the work in progress that Todd reviewed and approved during the creative process. It has not been color corrected or mixed; there are no menus, extras or cover artwork to critique. Slipping it into the DVD player starts the program right up.
First of all, how do I review the DVD without giving away the "first-time viewing experience"? Hmm, here goes. It's good, a great job capturing the spirit of the week-long event. For those of you who attended it will serve as a walk down memory lane, filled with special moments that will produce laughter and tears of joy. For those that were unable to attend, the movie will make you feel as if you had. The movie is more about what the fans experienced, while Todd is certainly a central figure throughout. Go out and buy it when it becomes available; it will be certainly a unique addition to your Todd video collection. The End.

....... spoiler alert ...........

Well, that was rather short. And perhaps it's just enough to convince those of you on the fence to make that purchase. But in case you're not convinced, or perhaps you're a sucker for spoilers, then read on.

The movie opens with a montage of personal photos provided by Todd and Michele, showing the construction of their new home. The blessing of which is one of the three primary reasons for having this event, the other two being Todd's 60th birthday and the release of "Arena". All will be delighted with this glimpse of the process it took to bring Todd's dream home to light: the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

One thread throughout the movie is a conversation that Todd and Michele had about the week, allowing the viewer to hear their personal thoughts about the event, before, during and after. In the first of these segments they discuss how the idea for "Toddstock" emerged, how it may come together and why Todd decided to include fans to participate; "They will make the event". Juxtaposed and in a split screen format, utilized through out the movie, we see scenes of the construction of "Rundgren Village" and the general "Toddstock" site. Much of the work being done by the fans, the physical and spiritual "Utopian Community" begins to emerge. Todd and Michele's commentary gives way to short blurbs from the early arrivals that play out over a "karaoke" version of "Never Never Land" from "With a Twist".

The peacefulness and serenity of those early days gives way to the hectic activity-filled days that followed, featuring kayaking, tubing, helicopter rides, kite-flying, surfing and a Todd-led hike up the Na Pali Coast; all cut to a selected soundtrack that is right on. The segment featuring food prep, the dueling bars and nightly merriment brought back lots of memories and also offered more opportunities to spot friends in the many cameos offered. An extended selection from Kenny Emerson singing Bo Diddley's "Mona" spotlighted the first of the "evening" activities, which gives way to humorous depiction of the nightly experience and "soundtrack" of living in "Tent City".

Interspersed among the scenes are clips from the rehearsal sessions for "Arena." They feature selections from "Afraid," "Panic," "Strike," "Gun" and "Today." They provide a rarely seen glimpse into Todd's process of teaching the band his new material and how much work goes in to preparing for a tour. As for the much anticipated week-ending event, the debut and dress rehearsal of "Arena": I am still waiting to see it, as there was merely a place holder in lieu of any concert footage. When Ed sent me the DVD, I was informed that this portion of the movie is still being edited but that clips from the performance will be included in the final movie.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the week's events was the blessing of the house, as Todd explains in the movie, an important and integral ritual in the Hawaiian culture. As Michele discusses, participating in this special moment with the Rundgren family was a highlight for many of the fans. An important aspect of the ceremony for those who were in attendance was to offer a personal blessing for the family. Being the large number of people, each was asked to provide one word of blessing. Todd then invited everyone to tour the house for themselves. After everyone had an opportunity to tour the house and take pictures with Todd in his kitchen, the fans performed a Hula in Todd's honor, the rehearsal for which is also seen.

The daylong preparation of the pig for the Luau is compressed into just a few minutes, (warning: the vegetarians among us may want to divert their eyes for this brief moment), and the celebration of the Luau is captured with all the excitement it entailed. This led into another of the evening activities, the Rundgren Radio interview, a unique opportunity that illustrated the ease of interaction and camaraderie that developed over the course of the week between Todd and the fans.

As it actually took place on June 22, at the conclusion of the dress rehearsal, there was an impromptu fan inspired birthday celebration. During it, Todd and Michele thanked all those who made so many sacrifices, traveled so far, made Utopia a reality and shared a sake toast. After some drunken fun the movie's conclusion begins with a newly recorded Hawaiian version of a Utopia song, done specifically for the movie. During this segment the fans are once again front and center, sharing, in short sound bites, their experience of the week while a photo montage shows the numerous newly formed friendships that were forged. In conclusion Todd thanked everyone for "Living up to my highest expectations" as well as Michele asking, "What are we going to do for your 70th?".

Viewing this work in progress made me want to experience Toddstock all over again and this movie provides that opportunity and more. And just as the original "Woodstock" movie had people who did not attend that event feel as if they actually were there, "Toddstock" will do the same. Before it is released, a unique opportunity to see the movie on a big screen will be at the "World Premiere" on September 7th in Michigan, the day before one of the "Healing/Todd" performances. Todd will be in attendance. Plans are in the works to make this premier a unique event as Ed and Bill Chapman continue the work to finish the movie.

Roger, AKA Lokelo

ticket sales begin Wednesday....

Ticket Sales Begin Wednesday For Todd Rundgren's First Ever "Todd" + "Healing" Albums Concerts
Musician Todd Rundgren will perform his "Todd" and "Healing" albums live in their entirety this September. The tour is being presented by and will include 6 cities in only 11 days. For details, visit

Todd and Healing albums

PR Log (Press Release) – Apr 26, 2010 – Pop/rock icon Todd Rundgren will perform his "Todd" and "Healing" albums live in their entirety for the first time ever on September 5th, 2009 at the Akron Civic Theatre in Akron, Ohio. The Akron concert will be followed by 5 more Todd Rundgren "Todd" and "Healing" concerts in 5 different cities. The concerts are being presented by

On September 6th of 2009, Todd performed his "A Wizard, A True Star" album live in its entirety for the first time ever in front of a sold out crowd at the Akron Civic Theatre. The promoters for the upcoming "Todd" and "Healing" live performance expect the Akron concert to sell out quickly.

Ticket sales begin this week with the Akron concert going on sale Wednesday. The other tour dates and cities include:

9/8 Muskegon, MI at Frauenthal Theatre

9/10 St. Louis, MO at Roberts Orpheum Theater

9/11 Indianapolis, IN at Clowes Memorial Auditorium at Butler University

9/14 Glenside, PA at Keswick Theatre

9/15 Morristown, NJ at The Community Theatre at Mayo Center For The Performing Arts

For complete details including ticket on-sale dates, visit

Todd Rundgren has released over 30 albums either as a solo artist or with his bands Nazz, Utopia, and The New Cars while producing acclaimed, successful records for artists as diverse as Badfinger, Meat Loaf, Grand Funk Railroad, the New York Dolls, and XTC.

Rundgren Radio is an online talk radio show for Todd Rundgren fans that airs Tuesday nights at 8:30pm Eastern time.

Todd Rundgren To Speak At OneMovement Australia

Todd Rundgren To Speak At OneMovement
by Paul Cashmere - April 27 2010

Rock veteran Todd Rundgren is coming back to Australia to speak at OneMovement in Perth in October.

The 2nd annual OneMovement music conference will take place again in Perth.

The first round of speakers also includes Indian digital music consultant Mandar Thakur, Indica Records A&R head Franz Scheller from Canada and US tastemaker Nic Harcourt.

OneMovement will also feature artist showcases. Applications are available at

Key dates are:

Wednesday, 6 October, 2010 – Opening Night Cocktail Function, Special mystery showcase (to be announced)

Thursday, 7 October, 2010 – MUSEXPO Conference at Parmelia Hilton Perth and Industry Showcases

Friday, 8 October, 2010 - MUSEXPO Conference at Parmelia Hilton Perth, One Movement Music Festival at The Esplanade, Industry Showcases and Fringe Festival

Saturday, 9 October, 2010 – Workshop Panel at Parmelia Hilton Perth, One Movement Music Festival at The Esplanade, Industry Showcases and Fringe Festival

Sunday, 10 October, 2010 - MUSEXPO panel session, One Movement Music Festival at The Esplanade, Industry Showcases and Fringe Festival

Watch Undercover interviews at Undercover’s new YouTube chann

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RundgrenRadio promo video for TODD/HEALING tour

new gig announcement june 13.

Hello It's Me ... I'm Hungry
Posted by Michael Gallucci on Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 2:28 PM

"Can we still be friends ... if I ate all of your french fries?"

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is teaming up with Maker’s Mark for Chef Jam 2010: Cleveland Food Rocks, a gorge-yourself-on-lots-of-different-dishes-till-you-puke event happening on June 13.

But the big news here isn't the more than two dozen local restaurants (including Bar Symon and a couple of Zach Bruell's places) that are participating. Nope, the big news is that while you're noshing on tiny apps you can't pronounce, Todd Rundgren will sing to you.

Chef Jam is actually centered on a performance by Cream of the Crop, the local band made up of area restaurant workers, and sets by groups formed by other local food workers (including employees of Greenhouse Tavern, Happy Dog, and Melange).

It all culminates in Rundgren's appearance with Cream of the Crop. Hopefully, they'll cater some of his tunes to the event — "We Gotta Get You a Napkin"? "Hello It's Peas"? "Bang the Drumstick All Day"? (OK, I'll stop now.)

Tickets are $50. Proceeds benefit Tri-C’s Culinary Arts program and the Rock Hall’s education programs. —Michael Gallucci (follow me on Twitter @mgallucci)

Reserve your spot on the TODD/HEALING bus

Reminder TODD/HEALING tour tickets

tickets for these limited events will be on sale soon.

2010 Todd & Healing Tour:

9/05: Akron Civic Theatre Akron, OH
Tickets will go on sale April 28 at at 11am ET with select-a-seat option!

9/08: Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts Muskegon, MI

Tickets will go on sale May 1st at at 1pm ET with select-a seat option! (on sale date subject to change)

9/10: Roberts-Orpheum Theatre St. Louis, MO
Tickets will go on sale May 8th at 11am ET (on sale date subject to change)

9/11: Clowes Memorial Hall Indianapolis, IN
Tickets will go on sale May 8th at noon ET at (on sale date subject to change)

9/14: Keswick Theatre Glenside, PA near Philadelphia
Tickets will go on sale May 1st at noon ET (on sale date subject to change, more info to follow soon)

9/15: Mayo Performing Arts Center Morristown, New Jersey
Tickets will go on sale May 8th at 1pm ET from the venue box office (on sale date subject to change)

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