Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Lucky Guy


Can we still be friends

Couldnt I Just Tell You

Video: Todd Rundgren 2013-07.02 - Secret Society - Boulder Theater - Boulder

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goldmine cover shot of UTOPIA

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Toddstore News For August !

Greetings !

How's your Summer been so far ? As most of you know , Todd has been a pretty busy guy !
The State Tour kicked off in May in N.Y. , then they headed over to the U.K. to make some noise , blow some minds and cause some seizures over there ..
AND then ...there was Toddstock v 6.5 ..a HOT time was had by all !
More State shows commenced following T-Stock ..
then it was over to Australia for some " Evening With " shows ..
This guy is like the Pony Express ..or the U.S. Mail..“Neither snow nor rain ,not heat nor gloom of night, or achey back..or froggy throat ..stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” :)
I'm tired just typing it out ..WHEW !
So that brings us up to date ..
Todd is out with Kasim, Prairie, Jesse and John doing some " Evening With " shows ..
The dates are below -
roadtodd copy
Japan STATE Shows :
Aug 21, Wed Tokyo, Japan - Billboard Live (Two Shows)
Aug 22, Thu Tokyo, Japan - Billboard Live (Two Shows)
Aug 25, Sun Osaka, Japan - Billboard Live (Two Shows)

Special Orchestra Show !

Brought to you by the good folks at Rundgren Radio ..
Todd Rundgren To Perform With The Akron Symphony Orchestra And Akron Youth Symphony
Akron, OH @ the Akron Civic Theatre
The only symphonic show in the US this year for Todd!
Special guests include Michele Rundgren, Mary Lou Arnold, Jesse Gress, Prairie Prince, John Ferenzik, and Kasim Sulton
Tickets available here :
Rundgren Radio Orchestra Show
Thanks again to everybody for coming out to the shows ..attending Toddstock II and for all your support ..Be sure to email us with any questions and we will do our best to answer them !
The Toddstore Staff