Friday, November 23, 2012

Video: Singring and the Glass Guitar

this is a blurb from willie wilcox I wanted to share a video that was sent to me by a Utopia fan living in Solotcha, Ryazanskaya Oblast', Russia. His name is Ivan Lychkov. He did a great job reconstructing Utopia's "Glass Guitar." I'm sure that he had to work very hard and listen very closely to recreate this piece. Thanks Ivan for your tribute to Utopia. willie wilcox

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

download bittorent :Todd Rundgren Metropole Orkest @ Paradiso November 11, 2012

Captured from the Radio6 Broadcast. Converted to wav files to allow me to create individual songs rather than one big stream Enjoy !
Mary and the Holy Ghost
Another Life
Hello Its Me
Pretending To Care
Second wind
If I have To Be Alone
Love in Disguise
 Wailing Wall
Love Science
 Facist Christ
 I Saw The Light
Fade Away
Bag lady
we gotta...Woman
Can We Still Be Friends