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Hartford Ct Preshow meet up.. march 25th

Friday, March 25 · 4:30pm - 7:00pm

Location Black-eyed Sally's

More Info Friday, March 25th 4:30-7:00 PM
Black-eyed Sally's
350 Asylum St.
Hartford, CT 06103

The manager is reserving their private party room for us (holds over 100). There are plenty of tables & chairs for folks who want a sit-down meal, too. For any spillover crowds, we'll also have access to their upstairs bar and their normal restaurant seating, too (each area holds another 100 or so).

More specifics:

- Location is an easy and safe walk from the Hilton (0.3 mi) and the venue (0.4 mi).
- Meet-up hours are 4:30 thru 7:00 (happy hour runs 4:00 until 6:00 with beer, wine and most mixed drinks priced $2 - $4).
- The manager will pipe in TR music if we bring it in (this is a "BBQ & Blues" place, so TR's Johnson would be perfect!).

Thanks to Dave Cornelio for putting this event together.

CD release party and other news


This first part of this e-mail is only for the people going to the Toledo concert so our apologies for having to send this to the entire group. If you are going to that show or thinking about it, please hit reply and let us know if you have a preference concerning this subject.

We are torn between holding the party with Todd Rundgren the night before the Toledo concert or the day of the concert. We know some of you may have issues with arriving a day early. If we did the party during the day it would probably be around 1pm to 3pm or so and we would likely try to host it at an actual record store -- one with vinyl of course! If we did the party the night before the concert we're not sure where we would host it but it would probably be a hotel ballroom or a club.

For those of you that just subscribed to the newsletter list, we announced on Tuesday that we would be hosting a party in Toledo with Todd Rundgren in attendance. It looks like the party will likely be a CD Release Party featuring Todd's next CD "Reproductions". We are in discussions with Gigatone Records about speeding up the release for this party and they are working hard to pull it off. We hope to have an answer soon so we can formally announce what the party theme will be for this event.

We added some nice seats on our page for the Toledo concert to help you avoid the Ticketmaster fees if you are thinking about attending this concert. Row F and G in the middle right front orchestra! If you're interested, the pick your seat site can be found here ...

If finances are the main thing keeping you from attending the Toledo concert, we are going to try to make the situation better by running a sale on some of the front orchestra side seats. Info will be sent via e-mail soon.

The Psychodots have been added as an opener for the Toledo concert.


Tickets for the Rundgren Radio Fan Party in Boston are now on sale for only $15 and are limited to 200. The venue's capacity is only 225. You can get all the details here ...

That's it for parties, sorry. The night before the Columbus concert will be a much desired night of rest.


Columbus tickets went out yesterday. We have not received the others yet. Toledo and Hartford tickets bought through us will be shipped out soon via the venue.


Information is now available on Rides are available from Toledo to Columbus and back if needed.


A few fans are selling a rare "Todd+Healing" watch is being auctioned on ebay to help raise funds for Moogy's battle with cancer. The link is here ...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

kasim interview from last night

updates on todd /healing tour from

Party in Boston!

A venue has been found and locked in for the Rundgren Radio Fan Party in Boston! If you are going to the Todd+Healing concert in Boston on 3/27 you might want to attend this party featuring two Todd/Utopia tribute bands with a special guest appearance by Utopia's Kasim Sulton! All of the details can be found on this webpage:

Or you can straight to the ticket buying site here:

Only $15 + $2.50 fee!! Limited to only 225 fans so don't procrastinate if you want to attend this party.

Party in Toledo!

We don't have all the details yet but we are excited to announce we will be hosting a party in Toledo the night before the Todd+Healing concert and TODD RUNDGREN WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE! If you were at the Toddstock Movie Premiere Party or saw the pictures you know we throw a great party! Most likely the party theme will involve a new Todd Rundgren CD Launch Party.

To help celebrate this news we have taken a couple of rows in the front orchestra middle right section for the Toledo concert from Ticketmaster and added them back to our site so you can save some money and pick your seats! Snap some seats up before they are gone -- we have great seats in row F and G.

If these seats are too pricey for you have no fear because we have also taken all of the front orch seats on the left and right side from Ticketmaster and will be adding them to our site soon with DISCOUNT codes for you to hopefully be able to attend this concert up close for a price you can afford! We want to make sure the front of the venue is loaded with fans for this special concert!

We also announced tonight on Rundgren Radio that we have added an opening act for the Toledo concert. The band, Psychodots, was founded by residents of Ohio and two guys we know and love are big fans -- Jesse Gress and Kasim Sulton. The band members are all longtime Todd fans too.

Columbus Presale Buyers for Todd+Healing concert

If you bought tickets from our site your tickets are sealed in an envelope and ready to go out the door. You should see them within a week and if you don't please contact us. We haven't received any of the other tickets yet but we'll let you know when we do.

The Golden Goose Bus Returns!

If you need a ride from the Toledo Todd+Healing concert to the Columbus Todd+Healing concert why not take the fan bus? One way rides to Columbus are only $35 and you can also get a ride back to Toledo for $35. Information is available on

Moogy Klingman was our special guest tonight on Rundgren Radio and the show is worth a listen in the archives if you missed it especially if you are a fan of Utopia. Just be sure to have some Kleenex tissues handy.

Our next guest is Darryl Tookes, one of the background singers for the recent Utopia Mark II Reunion concerts. He has a very impressive resume and some good Todd stories you might enjoy. Speaking of Utopia, the webcast of the reunion show from 1/30 is still available at and it's a steal at $19.95.

'Til next time ...
Doug & CruiserMel

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just in case you live under a rock... TODD HEALING TOUR Presents a Todd Rundgren 2011 Tour Featuring His Healing and Todd Albums Live in Concert in Five Different Cities
Back by popular demand, will be presenting five Todd Rundgren "Todd" and "Healing" albums live concerts beginning 3/25/2011. Locations include Harford CT, Boston MA, Red Bank NJ, Toledo OH, and Columbus OH. Tour information is available on

Todd Rundgren Performing During a "Todd" and "Healing" Albums Live Concert

You're invited to be part of what the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called "a magical musical night," as legendary singer-songwriter-producer Todd Rundgren brings two of his classic albums to cities that might be within a few hours of where you call home.

Todd (released in 1974) and Healing (from 1981), were first performed together last fall in six concerts.

"These are taking place because of popular demand from Todd's loyal fans," says Doug Ford, co-organizer of the upcoming shows. "The overwhelming sentiment after people saw this in the fall was, 'That's the most incredible concert I've ever seen.' We want to make sure more people have the opportunity to enjoy this amazing night of music."

Adds co-organizer Melinda Cain, "It's highly unlikely Todd will take this tour out a third time, so this is likely - so to speak - 'The Last Ride' for the Todd/Healing shows," citing a song title from the Todd album. "If you're a fan of Todd Rundgren, you'll get rock, pop and soul; guitars, keyboards and soaring vocals - you won't be disappointed."

Marc Allan of the Indianapolis newsweekly NUVO called the Todd/Healing show "equal parts music and spectacle." A Post-Dispatch review of the St. Louis show last fall was headlined "Rundgren concert is magical." Daniel Durchholtz noted that Rundgren and his band turned "the stage into a time capsule. Psychedelic costumes as well as period lighting - vintage lasers and a primitive video screen - recalled the eras in which the music originated. More modern contrivances - wireless instruments, headset microphones - as well as rollaway carts for the drum kit and keyboards allowed Rundgren and his five-piece band to come and go as was necessary, giving the stage a constantly evolving look that added to the presentation's theatricality."

Band members Jesse Gress, Greg Hawkes (The Cars), Prairie Prince (The Tubes), Bobby Strickland, and Kasim Sulton (Utopia) join Rundgren on stage. A local choir, directed by Dirk Hillyer, will add a brand new element to the music.

"These shows are proposed and promoted by the fans," Rundgren states. "I'm lucky to have a very loyal audience. It seems like some of them will come out for just about anything. But because the album re-creation shows are a much bigger production with a bigger band and more expenses, I can't afford to do them all the time."

Todd Rundgren's music has been popular and influential since he emerged with the band, Nazz, in the late 1960s. He's produced dozens of albums for a wide array of other artists, including Cheap Trick, XTC, Patti Smith, Hall & Oates, Meat Loaf, Grand Funk Railroad, Badfinger and The Tubes. He's scheduled to produce a new recording by Donny Osmond in 2011. He served as Wells Visiting Professor at Indiana University - Bloomington last fall, and visited DePauw University in Greencastle in April 2009 as a guest of the Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture Series.

Rundgren's music video for "Time Heals" (from Healing) was among the first to be played on MTV. The albums he'll be performing in Toledo also include such favorites as "A Dream Goes on Forever", "Compassion", "Tiny Demons," "Don't You Ever Learn" and "The Last Ride."

Other shows are scheduled for March 25 in Hartford, CT at the Belding Theater; Boston, Massachusetts at the Berklee Performance Center (March 27); and Red Bank, New Jersey at the Count Basie Theater (March 28). For complete information including how to get tickets please visit

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RA pyramid's home

The Pyramid from Todd Rundgren’s RA tour of 1976 has resided in a natural setting, in a field in coastal Massachusetts since 2004.

Its orientation coincides with Egypt’s Great Pyramid, and is placed within a 20 acre hieroglyph cut into the field, which can be see from space.

Egypt’s Great Pyramid was aligned with the four points of the compass, perfectly aligned with the four cardinal points. Many pyramidologists believe that the meridian line running north and south on the globe passing through the Pyramid (31 degree East of Greenwich) should be the zero line of the whole world. This orientation has been replicated with the RA Pyramid in the pasture.

Article by Chris Epting: Todd Rundgren's Utopia Found: The Great Pyramid of Massachusetts

AOL has asked me to cut this article down to bare bones to not infringe on their property so please click the link below to view the full article.

to read the full story follow the link above..

Todd Rundgren's Utopia Found: The Great Pyramid of MassachusettsFeb 7, 2011 – 7:16 AM
Chris Epting
AOL Contributor
Those great stage sets of the mid-1970s took arena rock where it had never gone before.

Pink Floyd delighted its fans with a giant, inflatable pig. The Rolling Stones had a six-pointed "lotus petal" stage that opened to reveal the entire band. And the Electric Light Orchestra had its own onstage spaceship.

click on the above link to read this great article.

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Article: Excerpt of an article by super fan Chris epting

The Pop Culture Road Trip Uplifting stories about people, places, and things I encounter
across America.
by Chris Epting

to read the full article please click on the link below

Read more:

A Vision in the Middle of a DaydreamSaturday February 5, 2011

Excerpted from a recent piece I wrote for AOL News...

"Veteran singer-songwriter Mark "Moogy" Klingman (who, along with Buzzy Linhart wrote the Bette Midler standard "(You Gotta Have) Friends") was recently diagnosed with cancer. His battle to survive is being fueled with what he knows best: singing and playing keyboards for his band The Peaceniks, in and around New York City.

"The medicine that works best is the music," he told AOL News recently, "and what's happening at the end of this month is probably the best medicine the musical gods could have ordered."

Klingman's referring to two shows he'll be part of Jan. 29 and 30 at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. The concerts will be special, as they will feature a reunited version of the revolutionary early-1970s band that helped put Klingman on the musical map: Todd Rundgren's Utopia."

click on link above to finish reading the article

Read more:

RundgrenRadio: Feb 8 Moogy's fan call in show

This is YOUR time to call in and let Moogy know what you thought about the Utopia Mark II Reunion concerts and/or show the love. We'll be taking calls the entire show so you can talk to Moogy if you like!
Tuesday, February 8 · 8:30pm - 10:30pm