Saturday, August 20, 2011

reProductions cd is available NOW !!!

ATTENTION TODDSTORE shoppers !!! The CD's have arrived !! Order Yours NOW and I guarantee they will be shipped at the beginning of next week !! You will have them way before anybody else ! 15.00 , 2.00 shipping ..International Shipping will vary ..Email to request an invoice !

Friday, August 19, 2011

Todd Rundgren on Sirius/xm radio The Loft

Legendary musician/producer Todd Rundgren is the latest artist to lock themselves into the massive Loft Music Library with Program Director Mike Marrone. That’s right, “Mr. Wizard: A True Star” himself is the guest on a brand new edition of Playing Records with Mike. You’ll hear all about Todd’s new album of Robert Johnson songs, take a trip back to the early days of Nazz, the birth of Utopia, Mike and Todd’s shared love for all things Prog Rock, get some inside stuff on Badfinger, Hall & Oates and much more during this two and a half hour extravaganza.
Playin’ Records with Mike and Todd Rundgren debuts Saturday August 20 at 3 PM (ET), with encore presentations Sunday August 21 at 6 AM (ET) and Friday August 26 at 6 PM (ET).
Prior guests on Playin’ Records with Mike include Robert Plant, Booker T., Bryan Ferry, Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, Jim James, Steve Cropper, Paul Weller, Robbie Robertson, Steve Earle and Jenny and Johnny


from Roger Linder
The fourteenth incarnation of ToddFest/West, TF/W 2011, is tomorrow (Saturday, August 20, 2011) in Concord, California. Throughout the day, we will be posting updates, photos and perhaps some audio to the web site as well as to this ToddFest/West Facebook page. Be sure to check in to keep on top of the action. You can also send us e-mail during the Fest to

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toddstore to release ( reProduction ) cd first to fans.

We are pleased to announce that the Toddstore will be the first place to have Todd's NEW "reProduction " CD ! They are 15.00 and You can Pre-Order NOW and receive them BEFORE the actual release date on Sept. 13th !! Email us at : and We will send You a Paypal invoice !

Video: Can We Still Be Friends 1978 Mike Douglas show

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Incredible sale on Todd merchandise from TR

Don't miss out! T-shirts as low as $5 and nothing over $14.
Everything goes except CDs, DVDs and books.
Get your TR stuff while you can!

We're not going out of business, but we will only be selling CDs, DVDs and books in the future.

link to photos from Fuji rock Festival

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Super Fan, Joe "guido" Welsh releases cd with fellow TR Utopian musicians

Nothing Left To Say
Instrumental, Rock Joe Guido /01/2011
Liner Notes: Progressive and forward thinking rock with tinges of jazz, psychedelia and funk highlight this album from the always eclectic Joe ‘Guido’ Welsh. Pop fusion? Yes! Bombastic and sweet, outside and in, Nothing Left To Say brings it right out of the box. There’s some blowing and there’s some space. Heavy grooves and sonic seasonings. It’s all here. Modern but vintage sounding goodness featuring three former members of Todd Rundgren’s Utopia (John Siegler, Kevin Ellman & Roger Powell), Reeves Gabrels from Tin Machine, and a bevy of incredible and groovy Nashville hot dawgs (Jim Riley, Steve King, Chris Rodriguez, Dann Sherrill & Jim Hoke) Guido is able to bend and twist the grooves, the moods, the changes and melodies into a musical stew one could only describe as mighty! Even people who typically don’t like progressive rock or jazz will find some love inside these tracks! From the explosive first downbeat of ‘The Busybody’ to the lights out jazz club vibe of ‘Etude, Guido?’ Nothing Left To Say takes the listener on a mind excursion to around 1972-1975 and back again. All with a fidelity that reminds one of a time when audio quality was the order of the day. So ya better listen to this on a “stereo”… computer speakers don’t count. Impeccably recorded and mixed by Mike Poole. Here is a record that reminds us that music doesn’t always have to ‘say’ something… but should definitely make us ‘feel’ something. Put this on and listen to this when you intend on listening like we used to listen to records. All the way through. Enjoy the ride and enjoy the lyrics… that you make up yourself. This music is whatever you want it to be. Guido wouldn’t have it any other way.