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some great buys on merchandise "Groupie gear"


amsterdam is a 6 hr difference from NY

Bart Versteeg
to me
Hi Mike A.

Wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2012!

Hereby an update on the upcoming live-broadcast on Sunday.

You can listen live on the internet. The show starts on 21:00 hours local time..... paradiso time..... not usa time

The show is availiable for a few months. I will tweet this link on monday.


Photo's taken by my wife Liset Noorduyn

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hermits of Mink Halloween gig NYC

Saturday, March 3, 2012.
7:30pm until 9:30
Hermits of Mink Halloween gig the night after the 3/2 Todd gig at City Winery. The R-Bar NYC is within a mile or so of the City Winery.

Gotta get the band in from Boston and put them up, etc and the capacity is limited to 100 so admission would be $20-$25 most likely. A bit pricey in some areas but dirt cheap for entertainment in NYC on a Saturday night!!!

Rbar NYC
218 Bowery St., East New York, NY 10012

Friday, December 23, 2011

CD review of The Individualist by Jeff "weavil" Gauss

It will be edited and the site doesn't have the rights to post lyrics that
are that long. A line or two we can do, but not as long as I wanted.'s the full piece in unedited form

TR-i "The Individualist"
by Jeff"weavil"Gauss

Todd Rundgren's ever-changing diversity is often hard to keep up with and
difficult to follow and, with the birth of TR-i (Todd Rundgren
interactive) in 1993, he reinvented himself yet again, this time as an
artist wanting to share sound and vision with fans in an intimate fashion.
His first venture into his TR-i persona, "No World Order", was mostly
centered around producing a CD-i in which the listener could interact with
the music in a non-linear fashion. It represented a chance for Todd to
reinvent himself while providing an opportunity for the listener to talk
back to the music. Todd basically used this moniker as a way to denote his
more technologically innovative work. TR-i released three albums in as
many years and "The Individualist", released in 1995, would prove to be
the last of that era.

While "No World Order" was heavily influenced by electronica and rap, "The
Individualist" settled into more of a somewhat accessible smooth groove
assembled from many elements of diversity. His rap on this album is more
like recitation that emphasizes the importance of his lyrics. From the
power pop opener, "Tables Will Turn", to the call-to-arms rock of "If Not
Now, When?" and "Cast The First Stone", to dance material like "Espresso
(All Jacked Up)" and "Woman's World", to the Beatnick-Rap of the title
track, this album could his best of the '90's. There's even the patented
Rundgren soul-based ballads of "The Ultimate Crime" and "Beloved Infidel".
This album seems to have it all.

Todd's production values always come into play on his releases and this
could be one of his best once one gets past the use of computers instead
of "real" instruments, an essential part of TR-i's DNA. Rundgren had
played all instruments and sang all vocals on many of his classic albums,
like Something/Anything? and Hermit of Mink Hollow, so this approach
should come as no surprise to those familiar with this talented artist.
The album's title also implies that it was created by one man. Clocking in
at a bit over one hour, "The Individualist" boasts a sweetly clear sound
with layers of subtle instruments, double-tracked vocals, and stacked
harmonies spread about the stereo field with much of the punch coming from
the sub-woofers. The listener is hypnotized with the arrangements and
sound quality, evidence of Rundgren's seasoned production skills.

This fine album begins with a borrowed phrase that is adapted for the
album's setting, "Water, water everywhere and not a place to stand. My
foundation rests on bedrock but the bedrock rests on shifting sand." It
seems that the message of his career has always been about individualism
and getting to know one's self and taking responsibility.
This record is a a call to arms and about taking action. "Tables Will Turn",
the opening number, sets this tone, emphasized with changing verb usage
like "Tables will turn...tables can turn...tables have turned...tables are
turned." It is time for individualists in society to take notice and
change the hands of power back to the people.

"If Not Now, When?" takes the call-to-arms to the next level by presenting
changing mantras like "Too much effort, there's never time",
"Change the system, and please arrange it to change some way that I feel
no change", and "Leave the gun on the table loaded the first to grab it's
as good as voted in." Each mantra gets more intensely urgent, with rocking
guitars and a driving bassline, until it leads one to "the bullet or the
ballot box." This song contains some of Todd's best rocking vocals of the
album and asks "Are we good enough for us to care?"

"Family Values" is directed at high-powered politicians of the time like
Dan Quayle, whose quotes are sampled here, that ask for people to
implement family values. TR-i insists that "we already got them." The
"Faux P-Funk Honky Chorale", the only voices other than TR-i on this
album, brings the party home as "We gonna have a good time everybody,
because the family is all in the house!" Quayle is even told to "Shut Up!
'Cause we got them, we already got them. We got family values." A hip drum
beat and stellar keyboard bassline drive this hopeful sing-along tune
while a unique keyboard riff takes one out near the end as we move back to
the power, comfort, and shelter of our families.

The first of two beautiful ballads, "The Ultimate Crime", brings
'Philosopher Todd' to the forefront as he proves once again how he's in
touch with the human condition, one of my favorite aspects of this
timeless artist. This number builds tension as Rundgren continually teases
the listener with the concept of "What is the ultimate crime?", pulling
one into the lyrics until the secret is finally revealed,
"The ultimate crime is not to care."

"Espresso (All Jacked Up)" is a slight, and perhaps needed, departure from
the albums message of waking up and taking action. This song documents a
fun trip around the globe while wired on caffeine. A frantic pace builds
throughout this tune featuring a driving bassline underneath climbing key
changes, climaxing in another sing-along by repeating "I'm all jacked up."

The title track follows with Popeye's "I am what I am" phrase coming to
mind. Beginning with the spoken words, "Gather 'round children, I got a
tale to tell", this bit of Beatnick-Rap delves into the background of this
artist with lines like "There was a time when I couldn't bust a rhyme, had
yet to hit my prime, 'cause my mind was such a young mind" and "Check my
Wherever you are now you know I been there, done that
Don't need to sling the scat 'cause my resume' is too fat
Change my name to some funky fresh dingbat
Like "the artist formerly known as TR-i"
I got to laugh when they try to figure out what it's all about
And they doubt that I'm so devout
But it's something I can do without
I got to know why I wanna know what I wanna know
Why do I go where the others won't go?
My eye is on the prize that's in disguise
That you can only theorize, but I can utilize
To rise above the lies about reality
'Cause you can't relive the hype don't ya see?
'Cause I got a special answer meant just for me
Somewhere in my immediate vicinity"

The repeated chant of "Here comes the Individualist" builds to an ecstatic
free-form jazz groove that leads to ecstatic wild applause and then
brought down to a pin drop.
"And if there's time enough to find it, then in time I'm gonna find it."
He IS The Individualist!

"Cast The First Stone" is the seventh track and he borrows from the best
again by placing a Biblical proverb in a heavy-industrial-punk setting
with a 'hammer on anvil' snare sound and in-your-face kick drum propelling
a thick bassline, nasty keyboard washes and swirls, and an
out-of-this-world guitar solo. Again, the lyrics are in the listener's face,
"Please do not complain to me of moral relativity
The crimes of others you deplore
But of yourself, you don't keep score...
Like you never in your life cursed an evil god before...
(and culminating with the repeated title words)
Cast the first stone, cast the first stone
Let the righteous among you cast the first stone."
Some of Todd's best rocking vocals on the album can be felt here,
reinforcing the albums main theme of taking action as an individual's

This is followed by the contrast of the other gorgeous ballad, "Beloved
Infidel", which features a thick bed of sparse keyboard tones and a
sweetly simple clean-tone guitar solo along with Rundgren's production
expertise. "Ring the liberation bell" as he will not be longing much more.
"False gods they will erect offerings they will burn, I am lost in
meditation and awaiting your return" show that his ballads can contain
serious subjects yet still be one of the most beautiful songs he has ever

"Temporary Sanity" returns to the main theme of the album with another
dark synth bass riff that features cutting Fagen-esque chords and an
overdue screaming guitar solo with an end result for the situation we are
"We must be crazy, we must be crazy
There's no explanation so we must be crazy."
Some rapping returns here as direct delivery of lyrics is in order. This
divided some of the "TRoups", much like "No World Order", but the heavy
lyrics like these MUST reach the listener,

"There's a chance that we would still get the picture
If reality just came up and bit ya
But the news team would never report it
Because there's too much evidence to support it
If we was stupider the problem would vanish
But our brains are much more than we can manage
We say we want something so bad we can taste it
But once we get it, then we turn 'round and waste it
We got a twisted fixation with the marketplace
And every sufferin' soul is just another face
We think we're bein' manipulated from outer space
It's the collective guilty conscience of the human race
We get joyful when we look upon a lesser man
A specimen we can be sure that we're better than
There is no shortage of supply of pride and vanity
There is no explanation but INSANITY.

You're listening to Prozac while the message goes unheard
It's the final word."

"Woman's World" is an excellent closer with an up-tempo big finish
featured on many of his fine albums. (See "Just One Victory" on "A Wizard
A True Star", "Fade Away" on "Hermit of Mink Hollow", or "2nd Wind"). This
track puts men in their place by reinforcing that there's "No surprises,
it's a woman's world...'cause it always was." This also contains a heavy
bridge that reprises the heavy industrial guitar sound heard earlier in
the album yet climaxes with a most upbeat positive ending featuring
stacked harmony vocals atop an upbeat progression, providing hope for the
future of (wo)mankind.

"The Individualist" shows that Rundgren still believes that society can be
saved from its wallowing tumble and that human kind's compassion will
prevail. It is up to the individual to make this happen.

TR-i's original release of "The Individualist" on Digital Entertainment in
1995 featured an enhanced CD which paired each song with its lyrics,
graphics, and video. It was also one of the first CDs to be offered over
the internet, where subscribers could download the music before it was
released in stores.

The recent remastering of this album by Esoteric is fantastic, presenting
the album in a new light by sounding better than when it was first
released. It also includes an excellent booklet featuring interviews,
photos, and lyrics. Sounds and colors flow out of the speakers with
"surround sound effect." This remaster is not squashed or a victim of the
loudness wars as it features lots of breath and dynamics. Close your eyes
and inhale as it almost sounds like high-resolution audio, which Esoteric
would be smart to offer. They do the remastering in high-res and I know I,
and many others, would pay extra for it.
In the meantime, be sure to seek out the remaster of this often
over-looked mid-90s Rundgren Classic!

As the closing lyric gloriously emphasizes, "It's absolutely fabulous!"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Todd Rundgren Museum

Over 10 years ago, Robin Ambrose and I co-purchased a collection of Todd memorabilia to add to our own individual collections, and dreamed of one day facilitating an interactive Todd Rundgren brick and mortar museum (preferably in the Woodstock area), to be able to share with all fans and welcome all contributions from anyone who shared our vision. As the years went on, we both realized the best way to involve the greatest number of fans and have the memorabilia be accessible by everyone around the world, would be to create a virtual museum instead.

Enter our Ever Popular Master webmaster Roger Linder! Roger has been the catalyst in turning our dreams into reality!! And just in time for the holidays, I am pleased to unveil release 1.0 of the Todd Rundgren Museum!!

It is release 1.0 because this is the foundation of all the museum will grow to become, in content and design, by everyone who wishes help build it. It is for you to enjoy, share your collections and ideas, and will be the definitive archive for all of those “Todd Who?” folks out there!!

Special thanks to Ruth Rundgren for her memorabilia contributions and to Ralph Garcia, Jon Risen and Roger for providing digital images of some of their memorabilia to help build the foundation. Together, let’s grow this museum into all it can be . . . for Todd, for all fans, and for the world to discover our best kept secret!!

To be a part of this project and start uploading your memorabilia, just contact Roger and he will set you up with a curator account. It’s as easy as that!

Happy Holidays to All! and hope you enjoy the museum!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stars To Honor Robert Johnson’s 100th Birthday At The Apollo Theater

Stars To Honor Robert Johnson’s 100th Birthday At The Apollo Theater
The legacy of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson will get the all-star treatment when The Roots, Shemekia Copeland, Bettye Lavette, Taj Mahal, Keb’ Mo,’ Sam Moore and Todd Rundgren gather in NYC in 2012.

Co-produced by Steve Berkowitz, Michael Dorf, Joe Morton and Patricia Watt and taking place March 6 at New York City’s famed Apollo Theater, net proceeds will go to funding the construction of the Blues Hall Of Fame in Memphis. Expect more artists to be announced in the weeks to come.

VIP ticket packages are available via, while general onsale tickets are now available at Visit for more information.

Tix are on sale directly from the City Winery

great venue. great wine and food.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let Me Just Follow Behind - Moogy Memorial - The Bitter End

Moogy Klingman's song "Let Me Just Follow Behind" performed by The Utopians (John Siegler, Kasim Sulton, Jesse Gress, Daryl Tookes, Curtis King, and Julie Eigenberg) at The Moogy Klingman Memorial, The Bitter End, NYC, Dec. 11, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ringo Starr's All Star Band Press Conference 1998 WAST Productions

Ringo Starr's All Star Band Press Conference 1998 Ringo Starr, Todd Rundgren, Gary Brooker, Timmy Capello, Simon Kirke, and Jack Bruce. All field questions.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vintage TV airs there interview with Todd Rundgren this month

Vintage TV airs there interview with Todd Rundgren this month (

Chris Difford recalls the moment when he got lucky with his first girlfriend, while listening to Todd Rundgren, before they perform together a beautiful rendition of The Beatles' finest B-side 'Rain'. Thursday 8th December, 8.30pm / Friday 9th December, 10.00pm. Sunday 11th December, 5.00pm

"Todd Rundgren: In Conversation" premieres on Vintage TV next Thursday:
Todd talks of his early influences, working with Ringo Starr, his new album and Meat Loaf's 'Bat Out Of Hell', his most successful production to date.
Thursday 15th December, 8.00pm / Sunday 18th December, 5.00pm

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tour Date corrections for Norway and Sweden shows

There was a change in 2 of the dates we posted a couple days ago..please make note of it ..Feb. 22 is @ Ricks Bergen ( Norway ) ..Feb. 23 is @ Sodra Teatern Stockholm ( Sweden)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Concert : BBC Radio 6 classic concert series limited availability

Todd Rundgren recorded live at the London Forum in 1994 performs his album No World Order as well as other classic Todd Rundgren tracks

Todd Rundgren- Interactive, or 'TR-I' as the show is known, is a historical new concept where the audience can participate. His 29th album 'No World Order' is featured along with new arrangements of old classics.
Todd's first band was The Nazz which was formed in 1967. They split up in 1970. His first self-titled album 'Runt' was in 1970- closely followed by 'The Ballad of Todd Rundgren' in 1971.
The concert was recorded by the BBC at The Forum, London, on 7 October 1994.

New tour dates Semi acoustic shows

click on image to enlarge

Feb 18 Q & A by Larm Festival ,Oslo (Norway)
Feb 19 Solo acoustic show @ Parkteatret, Oslo (Norway)
Feb 22 Solo Acoustic show @ Ricks, Bergen (Norway)
Feb 23 Solo Acoustic show @ Sodra Teatern, Stockholm (Sweden)
Feb 26 Semi Acoustic show @ City Winery, NYC
Feb 27 Semi Acoustic show @ City Winery, NYC
Mar 2 Semi Acoustic show @ City Winery, NYC
Mar 6 Part of Robert Johnson tribute @ Town Hall NYC
Mar 7 Semi Acoustic show @ City Winery, NYC

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Todd and Ethel tour... info to come.

Tours & Projects
Tell Me Something Good - Touring 12-13
with special guest Todd Rundgren

As each generation comes into its prime it affects the contemporary musical environment, bringing in elements of the sounds it grew up with. These days, we are surrounded by references to the culture and sounds of the 1970’s; the era of funk, glam rock, early minimalism, the bi-centennial, Watergate, and the Vietnam War. The 70s was a restless, intelligent, dissatisfied time- a decade of contradictions, a decade of loss, a decade of discovery.

ETHEL celebrates this vibrant decade in a program that is scheduled to include Lou Harrison's Quartet Set (1972), a seminal example of cross-cultural concert music, as well as Kimo Williams' Quiet Shadows, a hauntingly beautiful Vietnam - inspired work, arrangements of music by Sun Ra, and a fascinating new work by rising star Judd Greenstein that incorporates the sound of synthesizers from the 1970s.

Central to this program is the thrilling collaboration between ETHEL and ‘70’s icon, Todd Rundgren. Having toured together in the United States and Europe in 2005, they found a deep connection and ongoing friendship in their passion for authenticity and their curiosity about what’s emerging. Each has assaulted the boundaries of convention with dynamic creativity. The energy onstage is explosive and beautiful.

Video: It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference - Alison Krauss

Norway mini tour

During his stay in Norway, Rundgren will also join a norwegian artist in the studio, and do a few intimate solo performances with material spanning his whole career.

WTF ? Todd Rundgren Plans His Own Tribute Act

Todd Rundgren - Todd Rundgren Plans His Own Tribute Act
01 December 2011 12:06

Veteran rocker Todd Rundgren is planning to launch his own tribute band so he can retire from touring after almost 45 years on the road.

The songwriter/producer began his career with Nazz in 1967 before going solo two years later.

He is still regularly touring and recording at the age of 63, but admits the rigours of life on the road are wearing him down - and he's considering finding an impersonator to take his place at concerts.

Rundgren tells Mojo magazine, "I'm 63 years old and there's a limit to what I can do physically. So I'm thinking ahead: how can I alter what I do in order to accommodate that without compromising any of it?

"The hardest part of it now is the travelling - it's getting to the gig. So I'm thinking about starting my own tribute bands. They can go out to work."

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Todd in Norway in Feb.

‎(Dagbladet): Music Conference Larm festival has been an ever so small scoop before the event in February next year.

The legendary American artist and producer Todd Rundgren is the guest of honor, and will stay in the country for a week.

Rundgren is known as unusually gifted, eccentric and influential artist, songwriter and producer with great musical range and a very loyal fan base, as well as music technology innovator.

Cooperation Project
Rundgren will be interviewed on stage during Larm festival of Audun Wings in the journal window. But it is far to go one's errand from Hawaii to the winter cold Oslo and Rundgren would not be avspise with a well-paid seminar appearance.

It is therefore a short tour Norway, where Rundgren will go through songs from across his career, in intimate solo format. In addition, efforts are being made to bring about a collaborative project between Rundgren and a Norwegian artist.

- It is amazing that this happens, says: Larm festival program manager Joakim Haugland told Dagbladet.

- Rundgren is one of the vikigste artists over the last 30-40-years as a musician, producer and technical innovator. He is a little side of everything, but have inspired many. He does not do things like this very often, so it hangs a little extra high. This is a hĂžjdare Larm festival in history, says Haugland.

Agreed in London
It all came about through a collaboration between the city bustle window, which will host several seminars during bransjetreffet. Edited by Wings are also music critic for Today's Business, and Rundgren fan on his neck.

During Rundgrens concerts in London in October, he was in contact with the artist, and secured agreement on visit to Norway.

- Rundgren is not a people dear name today, but he is bigger and more important than most realize. He is a god gifted songwriter and musician who is definitely going their own ways, and have done it the last forty years. Whether it's prog rock, powerpop or blue eyed soul, his music has a unique nerve and beauty about them, and he is still capable of doing amazing things.

- I rank him up there with Paul McCartney, Frank Zappa and Prince, says Wings.

Moogy Klingman Memorial Celebration

Sunday, December 11, 2011.
2:00pm until 5:00pm

Dear friends!
You are invited to attend a memorial celebration in honor of the life of Moogy Klingman.
It will be on Sunday, December 11th from 2 to 5 pm
at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street (between Thompson and LaGuardia), NYC.
There will be no food served but drinks are available for purchase.
If you have, please bring Moogy photos old and new to share.
We hope that you will be able to attend.
Please RSVP to


Dorit Klingman & family

Project: 40 Years of Something/Anything

Buy Here and Get Your Name in 2012 Rolling Stone Tribute Ad
This is a jump start store for the 2012 campaign to place an ad in Rolling Stone in tribute to 40 years of Todd Rundgren's album "Something/Anything?" The ad will run as soon as funds reach the full page mark, or by year's end as large as we can get (which ever comes first).

What is "S/A?4(@)"? S=Something, A=Anything, 4=4 decades, and (@) is the digital flower sitting inside the "0" in "40". This is printed on the back of the shirt and makes a great conversation starter for the curious minded.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Donny Osmond Preps Holiday Shows, Possible Solo Return

As he reaches the 40-year anniversary of his first solo album, Donny Osmond is starting to think about returning to his own work -- although his long-running residency with sister Marie at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has stood in the way.

"Nobody knew this 'Donny & Marie' thing was going to kick in like it did back in 2008, when we first started," Osmond tells "So all of my efforts have been placed into this, and I had to put my solo career on hold for quite some time. I'm thinking in the next couple of years I can focus a little bit more on a solo album."

Osmond -- who will also perform special holiday shows with Marie in Detroit and Chicago during December -- says the Vegas show is contracted through 2012. "They want to go more, but I just don't know if I can," he notes. And if an album does wind up being his next project, Osmond may well have an interesting collaborator -- Todd Rundgren.

"I was going to do an album with him, and it never materialized," Osmond recalls. "Our paths just didn't cross again. But we've met several time and he was serious about it. We started looking for songs and the whole bit, and it just was, 'I'll call you back because I gotta do this...' It was one of those natural things that pulled us apart, but we were ready to go. I thought that would have been a very interesting maybe Rundgren is the right guy."

The Vegas revue, meanwhile, remains top priority. "We've changed it substantially since the opening," Osmond says. "We added more dancing and more singing to it, and I think that's maybe because of the work ethic that we're just used to, the way we were raised. So we haven't dialed it down; if anything, we've dialed it up."

As for the holiday shows, which begin Dec. 1 in Detroit, Osmond says "pick a Christmas song and we're doing it" -- including a new song called "If Every Day Could Be Christmas" that's available at Osmond's web site. "It sounds like a classic," he says. "It sounds like something you've heard before, but it's a new song. When they played it for me I said, 'I gotta put that in the show!' " The tenor of the productions, meanwhile, will acknowledge some of the more serious world issues and current events but present Christmas as a respite from the turmoil.

"You've got to be careful about how you produce a show like this," Osmond says. "With Donny and Marie doing a Christmas show, you really run the risk of having to pass out insulin shots at the end, you know? You've got to be careful you don't put a lot of sugar on top. It's called 48 years of show business and trying to remove yourself from who you are and what you think the audience wants you to be -- although you know some people think they're going to get an 'Osmond Family Christmas' show of the 70s, and you've got to give them a little bit of that something that's a little different and that you're happy with as well."

Video: Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Capital theater, Clearwater, Fl. 11/5/2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Interview: Todd on Sodajerker !!

In the second episode of Sodajerker on Songwriting, Simon and Brian talk to legendary writer/artist/producer Todd Rundgren (Nazz, Utopia, Meat Loaf, XTC) about his approach to the art form and the writing of hit songs like Hello it’s Me, I Saw the Light and It Wouldn’t Have Made any Difference.

Kindle edition of Paul Myers Rundgren book : "A WIZARD A TUE STAR" now available

a japanese translated version is now available in japan

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Todd taking Jesses new custom built "Perry Morelli" guitar for a spin

Special RundgrenRadio show tonight "Moogy Tribute" airs TONIGHT beginning at 8:30pm ET. Special Edition show: "Mark Moogy Klingman Remembered". We'll be celebrating and remembering his wonderful life on earth.

NY Times article on Moogy

Moogy Klingman, Songwriter and Original Member of Utopia, Dies at 61
Published: November 21, 2011
If pop music, at its best, can be called a series of evanescent but magically eternal moments, Moogy Klingman lived the concept. He jammed with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, produced a rare album featuring Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and other superstars, and helped write the song that Bette Midler made her theme, “Friends.”

He was best known for his association with Todd Rundgren, the singer, songwriter and producer. It was Mr. Rundgren who announced that Mr. Klingman, an original member of his band Utopia, died on Nov. 15 in Manhattan. He was 61.

Mr. Klingman lived most of his life out of the limelight, though he and his groups, most recently the Peaceniks, had long been part of the New York music scene.

As Mr. Klingman’s health declined, starting with bladder cancer, Mr. Rundgren summoned him and the other original members of Utopia to play a series of concerts. They had not played together in more than 30 years. They are continuing their tour to help pay Mr. Klingman’s medical expenses. Information on survivors was not available.

Mr. Klingman produced and played keyboards on “Buckets of Rain,” Ms. Midler’s duet with Bob Dylan of the Dylan song for her 1976 Atlantic album, “Songs for the New Depression.” “Friends,” also known as “(You Got to Have) Friends,” a song Mr. Klingman wrote with Buzzy Linhart, was a hit for Ms. Midler in 1973.

Original compositions included on Mr. Klingman’s own first album, “Moogy” (Capitol, 1972), were later recorded by Carly Simon, Johnny Winter, James Cotton and Thelma Houston.

Mark Klingman was born on Sept. 7, 1950; sources differ on whether he was born in New York City or Great Neck, N.Y. His nickname from childhood, Moogy, had nothing to do with the Moog synthesizers he played.

As a youth Mr. Klingman developed a distinctive style of piano playing informed by boogie-woogie and jazz, and by the time he was 16 he was spending more time in Greenwich Village than in high school. He formed a rock group and sat in with top musicians, including Hendrix.

In 1968 he played on the soundtrack for the Jane Fonda science fiction film “Barbarella.” He met Mr. Rundgren outside the Cafe Au Go Go in Greenwich Village that same year.

Mr. Rundgren and Mr. Klingman built a recording studio, Secret Sound, in Mr. Rundgren’s Manhattan loft. When Mr. Rundgren formed Utopia in 1973, he used members of Mr. Klingman’s band, Moogy and the Rhythm Kings, as the core.

Mr. Rundgren was scheduled to produce a “super session” in 1969 involving Mr. Clapton, Mr. Beck, Dr. John, Linda Ronstadt and other musicians. But after Mr. Rundgren’s manager refused the payment offered, Mr. Klingman, at 18, took on the project and found himself supervising his musical idols. The effort led to a single album, “Summit Meeting,” and a double album, “Music From Free Creek,” both released in England in the 1970s. The musicians used pseudonyms on the album. Mr. Clapton was “King Cool” and Mr. Beck “A. N. Other.”

In a 2001 interview with the magazine Heavy Metal Mayhem, Mr. Klingman said he had approached the sessions dreading that someone would say, “Who are you, Sonny, to tell us what to do?” No one did. “I knew when to back off,” he said.

Video; Todds tribute to Moogy .. JOV

Monday, November 21, 2011



Spirit of 76 from disco jets

ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown Rundgren Bang on the drum

Musician Rundgren happy his song is a big bang in Lambeau

Musician Rundgren happy his song is a big bang in Lambeau
By Bob Wolfley of the Journal Sentinel

Musician Todd Rundgren is not disappointed his 1983 song, "Bang the Drum All Day" is the house song of the Green Bay Packers.

That song is played at Lambeau Field whenever the Packers score a touchdown.

Chris Connelly provided a feature story about the song for ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown."

"I’m kind of happy that I’ve done something that penetrated the consciousness of the culture in this way, that everybody knows it, even if they can’t remember where they first heard it," Rundgren said. "It just popped into my head pretty much the way it got recorded. It was kind of a throwaway song on a record of songs that I thought I had worked a lot harder on."

Video: "Just one Victory" dedicated to Moogy .. last song of the tour

Friday, November 18, 2011

New record deal to release older music again


“The Archive Audio & Visual Recordings 1976 - 1995”


Cherry Red Records and their imprint Esoteric Recordings are extremely proud to announce the acquisition of TODD RUNDGREN’s unique and extensive personal audio and visual archive of live and studio recordings covering material recorded and filmed between 1976 and 1995.

Todd Rundgren is a true original in popular music. A highly creative and diverse musician, his work as a solo artist and with the band UTOPIA has earned him a vast and loyal global following and immense respect from his musical peers. His production work with stylistically diverse artists such as MEAT LOAF, NEW YORK DOLLS, PATTI SMITH, THE BAND, THE TUBES, XTC et al has also set him among the gifted elite of musicians and producers.

The extensive Rundgren archive features a host of unreleased audio and visual concert recordings, of Todd’s solo work and Utopia. Esoteric Recordings label manager Mark Powell said; “It really is an honour for all of us at Esoteric and Cherry Red to be given the chance to work with rare recordings of such a ground-breaking icon as Todd Rundgren. As a fan of Todd’s, the chance to prepare a series of unique releases of unreleased material, beginning in the early months of 2012, is a privilege”.

Further announcements will be made as releases are prepared, but Esoteric plan a series of CD and DVD collections with deluxe packaging, extensive liner notes and the finest audio and visual quality. Aside from TODD RUNDGREN and UTOPIA releases, Esoteric’s release programme will also include a full release of the rare and unreleased DISCO JETS album, a UTOPIA side project from 1978.

Todd Rundgren Fans to Light Up Tour’s Final Show in Tribute to Late Keyboardist

Todd Rundgren fans will be out in Philadelphia this weekend hoping to break a world record as a way to pay tribute to Rundgren’s longtime keyboardist Mark “Moogy” Klingman, who recently died of cancer.

The fans will gather on Saturday at Philadelphia’s Upper Darby — site of the final tour date of the Rundgren-led band Utopia — and use 3,000 flow sticks to spell out “LOVE,” besting what fan organizers said is the Guinness World Record of 300 glow sticks used to spell out the word.

“I wanted to do something special to commemorate the final show of the tour, and a friend suggested a love message in glow sticks for Moogy (a long-time Rundgren friend and collaborator who was a founding member of Utopia),” said Rundgren fan and event organizer Bill Bricker of Charlottesville, Va.

“With a little quiet advertising on Todd’s fan pages, I got together with other fans willing to pay $10 each to pay for 100 glow sticks a piece. Very quickly we raised the money needed to provide everyone at the show with glow sticks. We now have 3,000 ready to go. 2,300 are all colors except white distributed randomly as fans enter the area.”

Prior to the encore at the conclusion of Saturday’s show, Bricker said 700 specially placed white glow sticks will be illuminated to display the word “LOVE” similar to the famous Love Park Statue.

front row orch seats available tower theater

Two front row center orch row AA seats for the TRU gig at Tower now available. Email at if interested. Asking face $224. Possibly negotiable if you needed. Seller can meet you in Upper Darby.

Special RundgrenRadio show this coming tuesday.

Mark "Moogy" Klingman -– best known as keyboardist and a founding member of Todd Rundgren's Utopia passed away on Nov. 15th following a battle with cancer. He was 61.

As many of you know, Moogy was on several Rundgren Radio shows over the past 4 years and was a very popular guest especially this year when he pulled off putting together the first reunion of TRU since 1975. We will be remembering Moogy during a very special show this Tuesday night beginning at 8:30pm ET at

Getting the TRU band back together was a dream come true for Moogy and the healing power of the music improved his remaining time on this earth. Unfortunately, Moogy was not able to make the current TRU tour but rest assured he was thrilled to have the music he helped create be recreated live for the fans that loved him the most. There are two more shows left for this TRU reunion tour and one of them is tonight and will be available for you to view on your computer. Tonight's Todd Rundgren's Utopia concert in Peekskill NY will be available as a VIDEO ON DEMAND via Nevessa Productions. Details are availble at

Rest in peace Mark Moogy Klingman, you will be missed.

WebCast tonight peeksville show

Feb 14th release date for Todd's new DVD

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Huffington post article on Moogy's death

(Mark "Moogy" Klingman passed away last night after a long, brave bout with cancer. You may not have heard his name, but you have heard, and enjoyed, his music. This was posted last December.)

You got to have friends/To make that day last long.

Mark Klingman isn't a household name. But the terrific singer/songwriter/keyboardist/producer known as Moogy has, in addition to enjoying a stellar solo career, crossed musical paths with such diverse musical giants as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Todd Rundgren, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, Carly Simon, Paul Winter and Guns N' Roses.

And now Moogy's sick. What began as bladder cancer has spread to the rest of his body. He's gone through four surgeries and four rounds of chemo. And like so many other dedicated artists who get sick, he needs help defraying his medical and living expenses. To that end, a benefit will be held next month at The Bitter End in New York City. (Details below.)

Moogy and I became friends in Great Neck, Lawn Guyland, when we were 8 or 9. He was the scraggly-haired kid up the street with the evocative name and the cool basement, where we traded DC comics and he spun 45s like a pre-stoned-age Murray the K. My mom admired Moogy's mom for being a committed "lefty," and I learned that word referred to something more than my southpaw status in stickball.

As we crossed the threshold of teenagery I lost track of Moogy, but rediscovered him in his high school incarnation as a '60s radical -- before that term was commodified -- and an amazing rock & roll singer and keyboardist.

When Moogy was 15, his sister, who was dating someone in Dylan's entourage, swung her brother a "kin" pass to the Newport '65 Folk Festival, and he hung out with Dylan both before and after the "electric" set that became a seminal moment in rock & roll history. (Moogy would later be managed by Dylan's manager, the legendary Albert Grossman.)

When Moogy returned to high school that fall, his band, The Living Few, played a dance in the Great Neck South High School gym. Instead of the pop hits of the moment, they began with a blistering version of "Maggie's Farm" -- one of the tunes Dylan had played at Newport -- and for me high school dances would never be the same.

Moogy moved into Manhattan after his gig at the Great Neck South High Civil Rights concert ended in fiasco -- some would say near-riot -- after Steve Sloane, the Zelig of our class, performed a strip tease. (At that same show Moogy took the hand of Andy Kaufman, another Great Necker, leading the deadpan "blind Cuban refugee" to his conga drums for Kaufman's first public performance.) Within a year, at age 16, Moogy was playing with Jimi Hendrix's band, Jimi James and the Blue Flames, at the Cafe Wha in the Village.

By the time we were 22, Moogy had written a huge hit song -- Bette Midler's "You've Got to Have Friends" -- and recorded a solo album for Capitol. Our relationship became professional for a moment when I wrote a profile of him for Record World magazine.

Moogy went on to, among myriad accomplishments, front his own bands; become a founding member of Todd Rundgren's Utopia; participate in the "lost" supersession Music from Free Creek with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Dr. John, Linda Ronstadt and other superstars; and produce the Dylan-Midler duet of "Buckets of Rain" for Bette's album "Songs from the New Depression."

Since the '70s, my contact with Moogy has been limited to high school reunions -- where he can be seen handing out flyers for forthcoming gigs -- or chance meetings in Greenwich Village or the Lower East Side, where, as often as not, he's handing out flyers for anti-war rallies. And, every now and then, word comes about yet another Great Neck musician whose career Moogy helped along without asking anything in return.

The benefit, set for Sunday, January 16 at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street at 9 pm, is scheduled to feature Peter Yarrow, David Amram, Randy Brecker, Danny Kortchmar's group the Kingbees and Moogy's own outfit the Peaceniks are scheduled to perform. (Yes, remarkably, Moogy is still rockin'.) Admission is a $25 donation.

A much-anticipated Utopia reunion concert -- this one's not a benefit -- will salute Moogy January 29 at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. All the original members -- Todd Rundgren, Ralph Schuckett, John Siegler, Kevin Ellman and Moogy -- will be on hand.

It's awful to find out that an old friend is ill and only then to express appreciation. But in the words of my brother Jeff -- one of the many who began making music with Moogy long, long ago -- "better late than later." If you haven't been lucky enough to get to know Moogy, at least through his music, now's the time.

last photos of Moogy and Tr's Utopia

Ikon voted #1 long song winner

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Video: Moogy tribute

Moogy music webpage

moogy's last interview w/

Listen to internet radio with Rundgren Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Mark "Moogy" Klingman's Bio

Mark "Moogy" Klingman (born 7 September 1950, in New York City, New York, USA), was a founding member of Todd Rundgren's musical team Utopia and later became a solo recording artist and songwriter.

[edit] HistoryThe biography of Mark Klingman, and how he acquired his nickname of "Moogy," were not widely known as of January 2010.[citation needed] Although "Moogy" is pronounced "Moo-Gee", he and his nickname rose to fame as Moog synthesizers dominated the market for his main instrument, electronic keyboards.

Klingman grew up in the Long Island suburb of Great Neck, New York. By age 10 he was collecting not just the usual comic books but 45rpm records, playing DJ in his basement. Through his older sister, he got an access pass to attend the 1965 Newport Folk Festival performance where Bob Dylan famously "went electric," hanging out with Dylan before and after.[1] Back home, his band The Living Few recorded a demo of Dylan songs and original tunes. Then, at 16, he joined Jimmy James and the Blue Flames with Jimi Hendrix and Randy California. His jug band performance with schoolmate Andy Kaufman in a controversial civil rights concert resulted in his expulsion from high school. By then, his band Glitterhouse had made records with the star producer Bob Crewe, as well as Crewe's soundtrack to the 1968 Roger Vadim film Barbarella with Jane Fonda.[2]

Klingman's association with Todd Rundgren commenced in 1969. Moogy was the original keyboardist for Todd Rundgren and Utopia. In his Manhattan loft, he and Rundgren constructed the "Secret Sound" recording studio where Rundgren produced his A Wizard, A True Star, Todd, and other albums.[3] He played on 10 Todd Rundgren albums, as well as several Utopia albums.

Klingman played keyboards and produced a record for Bob Dylan - "Buckets of Rain" - a duet Dylan did with Bette Midler. Through Rundgren, Klingman became the executive producer and musical director of the Music From Free Creek "supersession" project, which featured the participation of such internationally renowned artists as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Keith Emerson, Mitch Mitchell, Harvey Mandel and Linda Ronstadt.[4]

He has also played live for Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Buzzy Linhart and in the 90's - with members of the Allman Brothers/Gov't Mule and a summer tour with blues legend, Bo Diddley.

Klingman has performed at many legendary venues with various groups. From Carnegie Hall to Radio City Music hall from NYC's Bottom line to Live radio concerts on WBAI FM and K-ROCK.

Klingman is the co-founder of the band The Peaceniks, along with Barry Gruber.

Klingman has had solo albums out on Capitol and EMI records, as well as on his own label. Klingman has released several solo albums containing songs that went on to be recorded by people like Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Barry Manilow, Bette Midler, Todd Rundgren and others. He wrote the song "Dust in the Wind" (not to be confused with the hit song of the same name by Kansas), which Todd Rundgren recorded on his Something/Anything? album and Guns N' Roses have occasionally performed live in concert.

Klingman collaborated with William "Buzzy" Linhart on the authorship and composition of the selection (You Got To Have) Friends, which soon became Bette Midler's de facto theme song. He produced and played keyboards for Midler on her "Songs for the New Depression".

Klingman has played, recorded and/or had his songs covered by many rock legends, including Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Luther Vandross, Bob Dylan, Bo Diddley, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Allan Woody and Warren Haynes from the Allman Brothers & Gov't Mule. Klingman has also worked with great female rockers like Carly Simon, Cindy Lauper, Shawn Colvin, Irene Cara, and Thelma Houston.

Klingman also played in the "Moogy/Woody Band" with Allman Brothers alumni Allan Woody, and Warren Haynes.

A recent benefit concert (Feb 2011) for Klingman's medical expenses due to cancer saw the original Todd Rundgren's Utopia, featuring Ralph Schuckett, Kevin Ellman, John Siegler and Klingman, reunite on stage for the first time in well over thirty years.

dust in the wind highline ballroom jan 2011

RIP Moogy

Mark "Moogy" Klingman has passed away !!

I have some sorrowful news this morning. Last night Moogy Klingman, longtime friend and Utopian passed away after a difficult battle with cancer. He will be greatly missed. RIP Moogy.

Glow stick world record attempt @ Tower Theater Todd show

Help set a world record for LARGEST GLOW STICK DESIGN for TODD RUNDGREN'S UTOPIA at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby this Saturday 11/19/11. Free glow bracelet for anyone inside!

photo: Akron Marquee

Jesse new guitar and Todds fool

photo: Wilbur Theater marquee

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VIDEO: Akron Party: Hermits of Mink Halloween something to fall back on with spcecial guests

Hermits of Mink Halloween w/ special guests Heartsville -Kimberly Andersen & Dee Dee Miles & Matt Holley, Kasim Sulton, Mary Lou Arnold & Michele Rundgren @ MiStock Akron

check out all the other videos from this night.

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Todd Rundgren's Utopia Reunion, 11-09-2011 Atlanta full show

message from Kasim

In all honesty, I wasn't looking forward to the Utopia tour.
It wasn't the Utopia that I was a part of and my role in the band for these shows was simply singing background vocals.
I was certain it was going to be 3 weeks of thumb twiddling.
I've never been comfortable on stage without playing some kind of instrument
As much as I love singing, I need to be holding more than a microphone to be at ease.
The rehearsals were short and unfortunately, after the second day it became apparent that Moogy wasn't going to be able to tolerate any amount of traveling given his health.
Having to make the decision to go forward without Moogy and have him join us for the shows that were closer to home was a difficult one.
Given the fact that Moogy was the main reason we were doing these shows in the first place, missing his persona on stage, his distinct playing and his bad jokes was going to be hard.
Of course it could be done but it wasn't the way anyone wanted this tour to proceed.
Todd mentioned that I might be able to pick up some of the slack on what we'd be missing without Moogy's keyboards and I gladly jumped at the chance to busy myself with the challenge.
I'm not a great keyboardist. I'm nowhere near as proficient as one needs to be in order to play this kind of music but little by little I'm picking up parts here and there and I'm happy to go the extra mile to help round out the sound.
After a week on the road I can honestly say it's one of the best tours I've done.
John Siegler, Ralph Schukett and Kevin Ellman are some of the nicest guy's I've ever had the pleasure to work with.
Not only great musicians but wonderful to be around too.
Considering I've spent so much time in the past with musicians who 'thought' they were extremely good, it's refreshing to be around those who really are.
So, I've gone from dreading a tour to not looking forward to it ending.
Funny how life works.

The Runt is back

Malcolm X Abram: The Runt is back

By Malcolm X Abram
Beacon Journal pop music writer

Published: November 9, 2011 - 07:10 PM

I don’t want to draw unwanted attention from Mother Nature or wake up Jack Frost, but haven’t the last few weeks been beautiful? Hopefully, whilst you have been scurrying through your busy days, you’ve taken a moment or two to simply look into the skies and appreciate the loveliness.

Because we all know what’s coming and by the time you read this, it might already be here.

Hopefully there will be lovely weather to appreciate as you go out this weekend to see some live music (that’s called a smooth transition in the journalist game), and you have some very interesting choices.

We’ll begin with a return visit from Northeast Ohio favorite Todd Rundgren to Akron’s Civic Theatre on Saturday.

Rundgren has dipped into the musical way-back machine once again, but this time he’s not taking on one of his solo albums. He has revived the short-lived prog-rock band Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, with original members Kevin Ellman, Moogy Klingman, John Siegler, Ralph Schuckett and longtime Runt cohorts Jesse Gress and Kasim Sulton. TRU is not to be confused with the more pop/rock-leaning, Rundgren-fronted Utopia of the ’80s.

No, TRU and its catalog, which consists of the 1974 self-titled debut and a live 1975 follow-up, Another Live, were full on ’70s prog-rock with a bit of Rundgren’s pop melodies. The self-titled debut featured an action-packed 15-minute tune, Utopia Theme (live), and the epic 30-minute album-closer/endurance test Ikon.

I hadn’t listened to either album in a good 15 years, but having recently done so, I’m really interested to see and hear TRU pull it off, particularly Rundgren’s guitar parts, which are pretty demanding.

One big difference between this show and Rundgren’s previous Akron stops is that it won’t be a debut performance, as TRU has already played several shows, including a benefit concert for keyboardist Klingman, whose recent cancer diagnosis was the spark for the reunion. This is the group’s first tour in 35 years

Video: Todd Rundgren's Utopia 2011-11.09 - Center Stage, Atlanta, GA - Utopia Theme

upped on youtube by tardis7171

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

potential limited edition version of Paul Myers, Todd Rundgren Book

Do you think there are at least 500 Todd fans (around the world) who would spend buy an expensive, hard back, velvet boxed edition of my book A Wizard A True Star: Todd Rundgren In The Studio, with extra photographs, autographed by TR and me? It could happen if I can promise 500 potential buyers to this great company in England. Petition time? (Thinking about it)

Video: Love is the Answer by the RockandRoll Choir @ bb kings NYC

Photo. tr's utopia CHAPS

photographer unknown. please let me know if its you so i can give creidt.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

meet and greet information for tonight show

DVD LIVE !! TODD and Healing and Roy Firestone Interview to be released

Todd Rundgren will release his September 2010 performance of his album, Todd, on February 14 via S'More/Rockbeat.

By the time he recorded the eponymous Todd in 1973, Todd Rundgren had charted with such evergreen hits as Hello It's Me, I Saw the Light and We Gotta Get You a Woman, and had also been dubbed 'Rock's Renaissance Man' by Rolling Stone after releasing studio masterpieces Something/Anything? and A Wizard, A True Star. Todd was a departure; the iconoclastic artist included pop ballads alongside medleys, anthems, and prog rock. The album is universally heralded as one of Rundgren's best, often compared to Electric Ladyland and Pet Sounds.

In 2010, 37 years after its original release, Rundgren performed Todd live in its entirety for the first time ever, as part a special limited six-date sold-out tour (the Healing album was also performed, which will be a subsequent stand-alone live DVD/CD release). The September 14 date at Philadelphia's Keswick Theater, in Rundgren's hometown, was videotaped and is being released as both a live DVD by S'More Entertainment and a live audio CD by sibling RockBeat Records. Joining him onstage were Utopia's Kasim Sulton (bass), The Cars' Greg Hawkes (keyboards), The Tubes' Prairie Prince (drums), Guitar Player Magazine's editor Jesse Gress (guitar), Bobby Strickland (sax) and a full choir. Both the DVD and CD will hit retail on February 14, 2012.

In addition to the musical performance, multiple Emmy Award-winning television personality and sportscaster Roy Firestone, whose knowledge of Rundgren's work is encyclopedic, was enlisted to conduct an extensive in-depth conversation with Rundgren onstage, which will also be packaged with the DVD.

From pop classic A Dream Goes on Forever to rocker Heavy Metal Kids, from the anthemic Sons of 1984 to the explosive Blue Eyed Soul of The Last Ride, from the industry satire An Elpee's Worth of Toons to the Gilbert & Sullivan homage The Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song, Todd is a masterful example of Rundgren's broad musical palette.

Read more:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Utopia's Todd Rundgren Comes Home to Upper Darby

When hometown boy Todd Rundgren returns to his old stomping grounds in Upper Darby to play the Tower Theater on Nov. 19, he will not bring his usual bag of tricks. In fact, Rundgren doesn’t do anything “usual.” Ever.

This show will definitely be for the hardcore Todd-heads and Utopians. No “Bang the Drum All Day.” (Don’t dare yell it out, either, or you will be mocked!) No “Hello It’s Me.” No “Love Is the Answer.” No most of the songs you know. Instead, this two-hour performance is a re-creation of the first two Utopia albums from the early to mid-’70s.

This tour is decidedly not for the uninitiated, but it's a true treat for those who have followed the “Todd Is God” philosophy since the early days. With the formation of Utopia, Rundgren took his pop leanings and made a progressive turn. Equipped with three keyboardists, he pushed the limits of song length, rivaling Yes. And so, Utopia's 1974 album stretched the seams of how much music can fit on vinyl.

This project came about as a benefit concert in New York for original Utopia electronic keyboardist “Moogy” Klingman (as in Moog synthesizer). Earlier this year, other original Utopia members like drummer Kevin Ellman got together—for the first time in more than 30 years—to raise money for Moogy’s cancer treatments. They had such a good time that they decided to take it on the road. The plan was for Moogy to join them, but, unfortunately, he’s been too ill to perform.

I recently spoke to longtime Utopia bassist, vocalist and keyboardist Kasim Sulton. Although he wasn’t a member of Utopia until 1976, he joins this tour. His description of the music: “Rush meets the Beatles.” In addition to Todd Rundgren's Utopia, the album Another Live will be performed, plus a touch of West Side Story and a cover of “Do Ya,” which was originally done by the pre-ELO band, the Move. (Listen to my interview with Sulton at

The rehearsals are done, the music is challenging, and the band is having lots of fun. It promises to be magnificent for those tried-and-true Rundgren fans, and it will be especially sweet since it's both the last show of this tour and in Rundgren’s home burg.

But remember! Don’t go if you expect to hear anything else but these two albums. You won’t.

Where: Tower Theater, 69th and Ludlow streets, Upper Darby.
When: Nov. 19, 8 p.m.
Tickets: $112-$374. Visit

PHOTOS from TR's Utopia reunion tour

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NEWS FLASH ...TR's Utopia tour changes.. Moogy's Health

"There has been a change to the line up of the for the Todd Rundgren's Utopia tour that is about to start. Due to Moogy Klingman 's health concerns he will not be playing the entire tour, as the travel may take too much of a toll on his well being. He will be playing the 3 NYC area shows- Westbury, Peekskill & Englewood. We will miss Moogy on the road but understand that his health must be his first priority."

Monday, October 31, 2011

Interview: TR Talks Utopia reunion

Exclusive Interview: TODD RUNDGREN talks UTOPIA reunion with Examiner Ray Shasho
Ray Shasho, Bradenton Classic Rock Music Examiner
Posted: 10/30/2011 10:31 PM

Sunday, October 30, 2011

PPV : TR'S UTOPIA show in Peekskill NY

The Todd Rundgren's Utopia concert in Peekskill NY will be available as a VIDEO ON DEMAND via Nevessa Productions! Details coming soon!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Todd Rundgren and Utopia perform at Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce Nov. 3

Todd Rundgren and Utopia perform at Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce Nov. 3
By Curt Devine Special to Treasure Coast Newspapers
Posted October 26, 2011 at 8:23 p.m.

Todd Rundgren and the original members of the 70s rock band Utopia will perform at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce on Nov. 3, reuniting on tour after more than three decades apart.

The show begins at 7 p.m. and tickets cost $39 or $49 for front section seating.

Blending elements of rock, funk, jazz and electronica, Utopia released two diverse albums in 1973 and 1975, helping to define the progressive-rock genre. The members gradually disbanded in 1975.

Frontman Todd Rundgren, known for solo hits "I Saw The Light" and "Hello It's Me," said he had considered for years doing a reunion tour with Utopia, but the five members could not align their schedules.

When original keys-player Mark "Moogy" Klingman was diagnosed with cancer last year, Rundgren and the others decided to cancel their projects and support their friend with a reunion tour.

"The rock gods really brought us back together," Rundgren said.

He said this tour should offer fans something unique because the songs will be played in their original form, but two special guests will add to the sound.

The band will use some vintage equipment and some modern, digital amps and effects pedals, making Utopia's sound crisper than before, Rundgren said.

"We have a few kinks to work out after not playing together for 35 years, so we still need some practice," he said, "but fans should be excited."

Utopia performed two reunion shows in January at the Highline Ballroom in New York.

Rundgren said that when tickets sold out both nights, he knew Utopia needed to do a full U.S. tour.

"This is really just friends having fun together," he said. "We're glad we get to do it one more time."

Utopia will play 12 dates on this tour, beginning in Hollywood, Fla. on Nov. 2 and then moving up the East Coast.

As a musician, songwriter, producer and computer software developer, Rundgren has worked with such musicians as Patti Smith, Cheap Trick, Psychedelic Furs, Meatloaf, XTC, Grand Funk Railroad and Hall And Oates.

On many of his solo albums, such as "Something/Anything," Rundgren wrote, recorded, produced and distributed the music by himself, often using new technology and innovative approaches.

Despite his rock-star persona, Rundgren, 63, now views himself as a family man, prioritizing relationships over his music.

"I've had a long career with success here and there, but now I focus on spending time with the people that matter most to me," he said.

1 good Ticket available for Bergen PAC, Englewood, NJ Nov 16

i have a friend that has this ticket available
E107, orchestra center, $72 face value
contact Roy at

Article. Why Todd as Grand Marshall

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Video: Occupy Wall Street Theme song. ?????

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Cool cover version of the Nazz's ... Back of Your Mind and Open my Eyes

Spanish neo-psych band STAY rip into a Nazz/Todd Rundgren track in a one-take studio rehearsal.

One-man band Jay Tausig rips into a Todd Rundgren original from the sixties, taken from Todd's early days with The Nazz - powerful stuff!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Concert Poster Available for purchase

11x17 color matt print with 1/4 inch white border. Will customize to your show location if desired. $25 + $5 s/h in U.S. via paypal to

RundgrenRadio replay of Moogy interview

Listen to internet radio with Rundgren Radio on Blog Talk Radio