Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RundgrenRadio Ed Vigdor tonight

Special guest Ed Vigdor. You may not know he was involved with projects
for Nearly Human and 2nd wind among some other things we'll be
discussing tonight. And of course we'll be talking about the official
Toddstock DVD he is working on with Bill Chapman!

Kasim DVD release party information

this notice was emailed to fans from the kasim store

Greetings friends!

I wanted to let you all know that our friends Doug and Cruiser Mel at Rundgren Radio are hosting a Kasim Sulton DVD Release Party in Tampa, Florida on February 28th! It is a chance for us to get together and escape the long, cold winter in sunny Florida!

The date, February 28th, is the one year anniversary weekend of the DVD filming. Our gracious host and hostess, have put together a fantastic evening for us. There will be a waterfront dinner party with Kasim followed by an intimate solo performance.

All of the details can be found at www.kasimtampa.info.

A great group rate has been negotiated at an adjacent waterfront hotel and the hotel has an airport shuttle available for anyone flying in. There is no doubt, it will be another memorable evening.

Also, thank you for your reviews and comments you have sent about the DVD. We are still running the special on the All Sides CD's, purchase the CD and get an All Sides tour shirt FREE! Sizes are very limited, but we have a few left!

I would love to see you in Tampa. We will have brand new Kasim merchandise to unveil at the party as well!

Peace and Love,