Friday, June 27, 2014

Video: I saw the Light : Ringo Starr Beacon Theater NYC

RundgrenRadio Facebook Message

Hey folks, not sure if you are aware of this or not but we are hosting an RR BDAY BASH on Labor Day weekend in the Boston area. Todd will NOT be attending and there will not be a Todd gig surrounding it like usual. What can I say? The man is busy busy busy! So, this is more of a fan gathering kind of thing but we had enough requests for it that we went ahead and started putting it together.
We will have entertainment that includes but is not limited to: Kasim Sulton,Gary Backstrom's Road To Utopia band, and the Hermits Of Mink Halloween! We are also visiting the RA pyramid!
We have over 20 solid commitments which is enough to pull this off and we appreciate those folks being willing to attend something of this nature despite the no Todd factor. We could use another 20 or so to do some o the things we really wanted to do like a 3-4 hour private yacht/cruise boat dinner deal with Kasim performing. We can't pull that off without enough people. It's not cheap but in our opinion it's worth it to do something so unique and fun that could arguably be a once in a lifetime deal. So,tickets are currently on sale for the weekend event at $300 each and that would include everything including the dinner cruise. If we don't get enough peeps we will have to ditch the cruise and will of course drop the price. If you sign up for both days the price breaks out to $150 a day for the 2 day event. That's really not bad when you think about what all you would be getting. This would include some meals, entertainment, cake, laminate, tshirt, and more.
We get that many of you are going to Cambria and can't make this one and that's cool but we also know many of you couldn't afford Cambria or couldn't get the time off to go.
So, bottom line is we are looking for a few more takers on this wonderful plan we have put together. We even have a payment plan system for you if desired - we really just need a firm commitment # of people so we can book this boat or ditch the idea. We thought we had that number but some folks seemed to disappear when it was time to actually make a move to show their commitment. Such is life in the world of Facebook lol.

Monday, June 23, 2014

RundgrenRadio B-DAY BASH 5 in 2014

RR BDAY BASH 5 in 2014

= DEPOSIT ($105 due at purchase, $105 due on 7/15 via check, $105 due 8/15 via check)




Disclaimer:  Todd Rundgren will NOT be at this event nor is there a Todd Rundgren concert surrounding this event.  This is a fan community event.
RR's 5th B'day Bash will be based in Boston, MA this year on Labor Day weekend (08/30 and 08/31).

Join us for our birthday party as we celebrate the music of Todd Rundgren and Utopia!

Kasim Sulton solo performance (Sunday night)
Visit and group photo at the RA pyramid (Saturday)
Gary Backstrom's Road To Utopia band (Saturday night)
Hermits of Mink Halloween band (TBD)
Riverboat dinner cruise (Sunday night)
Unique cakes (both days)
Event tshirt
First ever viewing of RARE fan video footage from the RA tour (8 minutes).  Video from the Ralph Garcia collection.

And most importantly, 50+ diehard Todd/Utopia fans!

Schedule subject to change (other than Kasim, he's Sunday for sure).