Friday, September 5, 2008

UPDATE : Arena cd packaging

the front cover is the cover we all know. the cover opens up and on the inside the words to all the songs cover 4 pages worth that fold out. The back part of the folded pages has a scene that depicts a ancient stone wall with cd credits photoshopped on it giving the feeling of a epitath to a person who recently died. The stone wall has a mound of dirt and rock with bunches of wild flowers placed on top of the mound. the scene depicts a memorial to a fallen hero. i will post the picture in the near future when we get closer to the cd release.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I just bought the "ARENA" CD and upon opening the package, I noticed that the insert art/photos had been changed to no longer include the stone memorial/headstone photo that I happened to see on your blog site about a week ago. I'd like to see the photo again now that TR apparently decided to replace it, so I just went back to look for it in your blog entries, and the photo is no longer there. What happened to the photo, and is it still posted anywhere on the Internet?