Wednesday, September 24, 2008

VIP PACKAGE for the ARENA tour web site

Todd was on Rundgren Radio talking about a VIP Package.
economy is a mess, he's trying to get a 2nd mortgage to pay off the house,
he's calling this the 2nd mortgage Club
this is what you get......
2 personal guest passes
VIP seating-gig of your choice
Member only gig's if this package is successful 2008-2009 tour period
Aftershow meal with Todd
Todd will record a Robert Johnson song during the aftershow
also....2 polo shirts branded
2 wall size Arena posters
USB wristband custom for 2nd Mortgage Club members only that has Arena> on it-plug your earbuds into it to hear Arena hands free
2 Special laminate
Each 100 members will be entered into a drawing that gives away 2 more
free VIP seats during 2009
If so successful 1,000 people random drawing for a trip to Todd's in house in Hawaii for 5 days

Price tag right now is $600 makes you a member of the 2nd Mortgage Club.

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