Thursday, November 13, 2008

Concert Review : Edinburgh Dunfermlinepress
Published: Thursday, 13th November, 2008 10:15

Todd Rundgren at the Edinburgh Picture House
By Matt Meade

Edinburgh Picture House, Friday 7th November, 2008

I've never punched the air before at a gig and I never will. But I came pretty close tonight.

If rock'n'roll is about balls out belting hits, tight leather pants and an obligatory towering timbre, Todd's your man.

And for those just about to skip this review to read instead about the fleeting flavour of the month, cool your jets.

Todd's work as a solo artist also extends to producing post-punk favourites XTC's classic Skylarking album as well as pioneering multimedia CD releases long before the likes of the Super Furries and Flaming Lips.

Tonight, there's unashamed audience participation (for new release 'Strike'), exaggerated claims of inventing the blues ("We called it Fuchsia, but somewhere it got lost in translation") and swooning in the aisles over 1972 hit 'I Saw The Light'.

The appeal is in songs that appear straightforward rock, yet retain a thoughtfulness that manages to stay away from the self indulgence of 'prog'.

And this is in spite of ubiquitous power chords and often ridiculous noodling.

He may be 60, but Rundgren retains a remarkably lithe body, like a taller Iggy Pop without the steroids, to give an energetic two-hour performance.

If it wasn't for my British reserve I'd have been giving it laldy with the rest of the crowd. At least I air drummed a bit.

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