Monday, December 15, 2008

Sneak peak at Kasim video release on DVD

The DVD from the Kasim show in Atlanta is finally ready and available
for you to purchase at www. KasimStore. com. To celebrate the release
of this DVD, Kasim will be on RundgrenRadio. com tomorrow night
starting at 8:30pm ET!

Jesse Gress and Doug Kennedy are in the video as well.

A little background on this DVD for those who don't know ...

This DVD is quite unique because every part of it is fan-based (some
Groker's by the way) with the exception of the performers of course.

The show was put together by RundgrenRadio. com and GroupieGear. com
and marketed on fan forums like this one. The DVD taping was done by
DaveK and Jen Salyer. The sound for the show and the DVD was mastered
by Grady Moates. The DVD cover was done by a Kasim fan. The photo on
the event t-shirt was taken by trs. The interview on the DVD was done
by CruiserMel. Obviously, all of the attendees were hardcore fans.
The list goes on and on.

I think this speaks volumes for the power of the
Kasim/Todd/Utopia community as a whole. Lots of different fans from
all over the country, and even the UK, got together and played a role
in making this DVD happen. That is cool as it gets IMO. The folks who
couldn't get involved or attend this gig will still get to play a
role by getting to enjoy this DVD.

In short --- it's all good!
Here's a sneak peak on youtube for your viewing pleasure ...

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