Tuesday, January 6, 2009



Join us tonight, January 6! Three-time Grammy winner David Sanborn
will hopefully be our guest. David may be pressed for time as he is
taping a short video Tuesday afternoon / evening, but is trying to
schedule around our show. Certainly, we are optimistic that he can
join us for a little while, at least. Do call in early with your
questions in case he needs to cut out early.

As many of you know, Todd Rundgren appeared on David
Sanborn's "Michelob Presents Night Music" back in 1988. David has
recently put out a new album, his 23rd, called "Here and Gone", a
tribute to the music of Ray Charles. David is currently touring in
support of it. On his new album, he is joined by the likes of Eric
Clapton, Joss Stone, and Sam Moore. The album was produced by Phil

Renowned and revered the world over as one of the greatest saxophone
players of all-time, David Sanborn is an artist whose music has
inspired countless other musicians while creating a body of work that
spans the genres of rock `n' roll, R&B, pop and jazz. A naturally
gifted performer, David has helped defined the saxophone's modern
sound while influencing a generation.

Also on tonight's show, Doug & CruiserMel will be discussing the NYE
show in Philly last week. We welcome your calls with your reflections
on the night, concert reviews, special memories, wedding fun, etc.

Call-in number is 646-716-9262.

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