Thursday, January 15, 2009

VIDEO kind of.. UMBRELA MAN obscure b side song.

to be honest i have no idea how this song ever made it to vinyl. but its a rare one and some of the newer fans might not even know its existed. so here it is. UMBRELLA MAN


Roger D. Linder said...

The video creator did a halfways decent job of tying the video to the song using old performance footage. There is some nice TR guitar work in the middle that may be the song's salvation.

mike a said...

your right roger, but this is so not a typical song from utopia. sounds like a disco jets throw away. umbrella man has always left a thorn in my side i just dont understand how it made it to a b side..

Daryll Collins said...

Wow, guess I'm in the minority here. Love this song. I have a demo version of Todd singing it, but this is the first I've heard of the B side Kasim version.

Sounds very Todd/Utopia to me.