Friday, February 6, 2009

todd rundgren: rock and roll fantasy camp

Dear Rockstars,

The upcoming camp is heating up! Legendary rockstar/producer, Todd
Rundgren, is coming to Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp to jam with each band.
Todd, who is arguably one of the most versatile rockers of our
generation, is going to conduct master classes, jam sessions, and
rehearse with each band at the upcoming camp. This is VERY exciting as
I consider Todd to be one of the most innovative and talented
producers/musicians of our time. There's not a sporting event or radio
station on Friday afternoon that doesn't play his song "Bang on the
Drum All Day." Please see the spotlight section of the newsletter to
learn more about Todd and his many accomplishments. Todd Rundgren is a true jack of all trades, gaining success and notoriety in the music, production, and
even computer programming worlds. Todd has had a successful solo
career, and has played with his band Utopia. As a producer, Todd has
been hailed as a genius for his ability to command career defining
albums from such bands as Meatloaf, XTC, Cheap Trick, and The Band.
Todd has also found success in the digital world as well where he has
developed various computer programs, including Patronet in the mid
1990's. Todd has brought success to everything he has touched and we
know he'll bring that same enthusiasm to camp this April!


weavil said... the way he's highlighted/mentioned first.
and a reunion (of sorts) with elliot!

ma4utopia said...

my kids dont need camp this summer...LOL