Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RundgrenRadio tonight Eric Gardner... Todd Manager.

Special guest Eric Gardner -- Todd Rundgren's 30+ year manager.

Show starts at 8:30pm ET.



Gary Krensel said...

My name is Gary Krensel. I am an old respected friend of Marty Garcia. What I am about to suggest is mighty heavy...and powerful and extremely logical so here goes.

I would strongly encourage Todd to reach out to Sir Paul McCartney a mutual inspiration to us all as Todd has been to me in my life...and maybe Todd and Paul would collaborate on an album worth of amazing music!

In my opinion Paul missed the boat when he collaborated with Elvis Costello...no disrespect to Elvis...but Paul recognized Elvis's lyrical skills sighting that Elvis might be able to "Fix to hole" that the rain let in when John(lyrisist that John was)left us all. TODD WAS...AND STILL IS THE LOGICAL CHOICE if there was ever a common interest to create something amazing that might last the test of time...a collaboration between Todd and Paul would be SUCH A GREAT MUSICAL GIFT at a time when music and our society seems at times to be so negative and Todd has demonstrated understanding & "Compassion" and Paul (maybe with Ringo) will still sing that "All you need is love". Todd & Paul. It is so lonely being a "Visionary". All the best! gwizdreamon@yahoo.com

Gary Krensel said...

My name is Gary Krensel and in my last "Blog" I made a typo so I would like to correct my comment. I believe Paul's intention in... "Fixing the Hole...where the rain gets in...that my mind from wandering". when he chose to collaborate with Elvis Costello was misguided and in fact Todd Rundgren was and still is the correct choice if both "Todd & Paul"..."Paul & Todd" choose to get on the same page. I have a a great picture of "Todd & me" back stage back at "Rock World" at the now defunked Philadelphia,Pa. (where I was born & raised as well)at the Civic's center back in 1994. All I would ever want is the opportunity to shake both their hands, thanking them for raising me right! PLEASE...let them both know ! gwizdreamon@yahoo.com

Gary Krensel said...

gwiz..."I'm fixing the hole that the rain let in...that stops my mind from wandering...where it will gooo".
Please...let Todd know with respect to my suggestion to write with Paul...Todd should get in his car and "DRIVE"! Let Todd know he is NOT the only one who feels like he's "Trapped in a world...that he never made"! All the best! gwizdreamon@yahoo.com

Gary Krensel said...

Gary Krensel here once more.I just lost my younger sister Lisa who "Turned me onto Todd" 40 years ago and my Dad who is still alive (at 73)..."Turned me onto "The Beatles". I am hoping that my thoughts and suggestion have not (fallen on deaf ears)...to en-courage...Todd & Paul to write and then perform what could be their best work yet...hard as that might be to believe...yes it would take courage on behalf of both of them...and yes...all I would want is to shake both Todd & Paul's hand backstage at the show and maybe get a picture with two of my musical hero's & me. Thank you on behalf of the planet and the hope for a better tomorrow for your time and consideration.Sincerely,Gary Krensel. gwizdreamon@yahoo.com

P.S. Here is some additional creditability that hopefully you will consider with my "Wishfull Thinking"/suggestion.I shop musical talent (freelance) for my long time friend and Entertainment Attorney Bernard(Bernie)Resnick. www.bernardresnick.com here in Philadelphia,Pa. G.Wiz

Gary Krensel said...

Maybe...for inspiration this proposed album to be written by both Todd and Paul would be in honor of John Lennon and or George. "The Love is the answer"..."All you need is Love" tour? Would that be a bad thing? "The last of...the New age Riders". I have a real angle on who might just jump at the chance to sponsor a monster tour like this. Gwizdreamon@yahoo.com

Gary Krensel said...

I still believe..."Love is the Answer".Gwizdreamon@yahoo.com