Friday, April 3, 2009

myspace update . this from Lynn ... Todd's myspace page

Friday, April 03, 2009
Messages from the road.
From what I understand the tour is going really well. Michele is out with the band handling merch while we are between merchandise people. That is the epidemy of a team player if you ask me. Doing merch is not necessarily the most glamorous job on the planet but it is quite important to the bottom line. Im sure TR loves having his wifey out and about with him as well!

I texted with my friend Paul Freeman today. He's been opening for TR on a number of gigs on this leg. He said that " Todd is bang on and they are having a GREAT time out there" he also said that TR fans have all been very sweet to him. Thank you all very much. He actually got a standing O the other night. Just a man and his guitar getting a standing ovation---THATS what I call a warm up act!. Thank you to Pauly, my fav Welshlander ;)

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