Wednesday, May 6, 2009

photo: orlando show

Plaza theater orlando
these pictures were sent to me by a high shcool friend and very long time todd fan KEITH KAUFMAN
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Dan E. I. said...

I drove an hour from Tampa to see Todd's Arena show in Orlando. It was well worth the trip! While no Todd concert will reach the fabulous "Nearly Human" show, this was a close second. He still ignores the average "pop" fan by not pacifying them with "Hello It's Me", but he still pulled out a few from the old archives. But the energy, passion and creative sounds of the Arena CD are so good, that after seeing them performed live, you certainly ran out and bought Arena if you didn't have it already. It's one of his best works in decades. I have it ranked 3rd all-time behind Nearly Human and Something Anything. See this tour before it's over! Hats off to the great band behind Todd, especially how well Rachel Haden plays off of Todd's on stage antics. Keep going Todd... well into your 60's!