Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frank Bubnick's AWATS compilation project

The Live AWATS Project
click on this link below to find the mp 3 of songs that have performed live in the past for AWATS show

Todd Has Performed Many, but not all, of the songs from AWATS over the years live.

Here are versions of all the ones I could find in my collection.

If you have some of the missing tracks, send me an E-mail and I'll post them here.

I picked what was mostly convenient and in some cases the only versions I had.

Some just popped into my head that there were played on a certain tour or there was a certain memorable version.

Edits are rough, I just got the tracks off the CD's and chopped to length.

Can't wait for the Akron show on September 5th so I can hear ALL of these songs,
some of which will be performed live for the very first time!

You can always check out my list of live shows at:

AWATS Live Project:

1. International Feel - Audience November '73 Detroit

2: Never Never Land - Board tapes 5/14/78 Bottom Line

3. Tic Tic Tic, It Wears Off - Audience CW Post University 5/3/73

4. You Need Your Head - missing

5. Rock and Roll Pussy - missing

6. Dogfight Giggle - missing - This should be interesting on the new tour!

7. You Don't Have to Camp Around - Audience November '73 Detroit

8. Flamingo - missing

9. Zen Archer - Board tapes 5/14/78 Bottom Line

10. Just Another Head/Da Da Dali

11. When The Shit Hits the Fan / Sunset Blvd. - FM 10/20/77 Chicago

12. Le Feel Internacionale - Live in Cyberia Laserdisc '94

13. Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel - Board Tapes 5/14/78 Bottom Line

14. Does Anybody Love You? - missing

15. Oldies Medley - Board Tapes 5/14/78 Bottom Line

16. Hungry for Love - Audience November '73 Detroit

17. I Don't Want to Tie You Down - Boston 2/4/99 FM Board

18. Is It My Name? - Audience November '73 Detroit

19. Just One Victory - Midnight Special 1978 with extra long solo ending

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