Monday, September 14, 2009

live from daryl's house via roger's great site trconnection..

The "A WIzard, A True Star" tour ends its US run tomorrow night in Minneapolis, MN. If you haven't been seeing the news about it, check out reviews and pictures at beginning with the September 5 Rundgren Radio Birthday Bash. More pictures and reviews are being added as they come in, so keep checking it.

Will there be additional AWATS show in the US? No one knows for certain right now. Just keep chanting, "but there's more, there's always more" and maybe another journey to Never Never Land will occur. Time will tell.

Fans will also recall that Todd recorded a session with Daryl Hall for his "Live From Daryl's House" web site. That session begins airing beginning tomorrow, 9/15. Check it out at

See you on the Road to Utopia.

Roger D. Linder, The TR-i Fan Formerly known as RDL22

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