Tuesday, September 1, 2009

meet and greet at the premiere AWATS show has been canceled

OFFICIAL AWATS Akron event poster and t-shirt available at both of the Akron shows! If you'd like to purchase AWATS Akron shirt(s) and/or posters(s) but aren't making the Akron shows, we will hopefully have some available online for you after the tour is over. Official Todd merch is expected to be available at all of the AWATS shows including Akron.

Due to the secrecy surrounding the band's first set, the Todd meet-n-greet and sound check auctions for Akron have been CANCELED. However, a free meet-n-greet will take place at Cleveland's Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame on Monday 9/7/09 starting at 1pm.
Has anyone else seen the new merch at Toddstore? Like the kewl AWATS T's (in bud green!) and camo t- with the TR peacew sign and AWATS hoodies with the album art on the back!!!


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