Saturday, December 12, 2009


upped on youtube by arkanjul
nice blend of fractal images created in apophysis 2.0 and graphics from the Cinema marquee game Space Rangers 2 : Rise of the Dominators put to Todd rundgren's "future" from the Liars album, these are all great stuff, the music, the fractal generator and the game!!!

either use this link to see HD version or click on standard link below

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Linda Hurst said...

You know, in about 1993 or 94, AOL came out with an internet access. Pretty much the first time everyday people could access the web. And one time AOL had a chat session with TR where users could ask him questions. I remember how excited I had been about the possibilities of music generating computer graphics. I asked him about this and he dissed me completely, basically told me I was an idiot. I think he must have been in a really bad mood or something that day. Anyway, I was pretty surprised at his response because I would have thought he would be into computer sound and visuals. Don't get me wrong, I did think he was a genius and I still think so. But I effin' told ya so, TR! There are people now who are actually using sound and images to elevate consciousness. Just thought it was interesting that you have this on your blog.