Friday, February 12, 2010

Reviews> batched together for easy viewing

The Independent - Todd AWATS London Gig Review (Feb 10)

The Guardian – 5-Star Review of Todd's London AWATS Gig (Feb 9)

The Times – AWATS London Hammersmith Review (Feb 9)

Simon Jay Price - Todd AWATS London Gig Review (Feb 8)

InRocks France - Todd Rundgren: Mission Apollo (Feb 8)

eSpy Rck - Todd Rundgren London Hammersmith Slide Show (Feb 8)

Daily Telegraph – London AWATS Interview (Feb 8)

Daily Telegraph – Main Todd London gig review with colour photo (Feb 8)

The Word Magazine Blog – Comments about AWATS London Gig (Feb 7)

Funky Gibbons Blog – AWATS London Gig Review (Feb 7)

Clear Day Nebraska – AWATS London Review (Feb 7)

The Quietus - Todd Rundgren: A Wizard, A True Star – Gig Preview (Feb 5)

Music Radar - Todd Rundgren: On Creating A Wizard, A True Star (Jan 26)

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