Monday, March 1, 2010

Help !! finding a picture for a fan

please contact me if you can help out..

Hey Mike! This is Jeff Ravenscraft. I'm the touring keyboard player for Molly Hatchet. Todd told me that it was a great gig. It is alot of fun. However, while I was out with Molly Hatchet someone broke into my house and took everything, including my prized TR CD's and DVD's. :( I had everything; bootlegs, imports, TR produced items, etc. I'm slowly rebuilding my collection. One thing that I'm looking for above all else is a picture of Todd wearing the yellow tux shirt with white puffy sleeves on the 2nd Wind tour. I have the shirt; and Michele got Todd to sign it at the Arena show in Louisville, KY. last year. The next day I went to DePauw to here Todd's lecture. I had drinks with Todd and Randy afterwards! I have some great photos from the lecture that I can give you. I really need a photo of Todd wearing that yellow tux shirt! Thank you. Jeff

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Raven said...

Miss you dad....