Monday, March 22, 2010

RundgrenRadio Tonight Michael Holman " dancer for theTubes"

Rundgren Radio wraps up it's "Mondays In March" series tonight beginning at 8:30pm ET with special guest Michael Holman.

Michael was a former dancer with the Rock and Art band The Tubes. He is a long time acquaintance of the Rundgren's and attended Toddstock.

From ...

An often forgotten behind the scenes player in the early days of hip hop, Michael Holman may be remembered best for being "The Host With The Most".

That line is in reference to perhaps his most well known contribution to hip hop - the television pilot "Graffiti Rock." While it was the only episode every aired, it has found its place in the history of the music to the point where twenty years after its initial run, it was released on DVD. How many so called "failed" TV pilots can claim that?

But this was not his only contribution. He also ran a club called the Negril in the Bronx. He had the Rock Steady Crew perform regularly on Thursday nights. After growing tired of just the RSC, he heard about these b-boy battles taking place. The first battle he hosted pitted the Rock Steady Crew against the Floormasters. He liked the athleticism of the Floormasters and signed on to be their manager, changing their name to The New York City Breakers (hence the reason they were featured on "Graffiti Rock").

He also worked hard to bring graffiti artists together with the main stream art world including working with Fab 5 Freddy.

Michael Holman also wrote a book called "Breaking and the New York City Breakers."

Not bad for a guy who worked on Wall Street as a banker.

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