Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another chance at being part of TODDSTOCK history

Repost from Ed Vigdor...

As mentioned last night on Rundgren Radio, the Toddstock Movie is nearing completion and a premier of the movie is being held on September 7th in Michigan, the evening before the "Healing/Todd" show. Todd will be attending the event, hoping as many people as possible can attend as it will be the only opportunity to see this on a large screen.

Additionally, with all the talented people among us, we would like people to submit design ideas for the DVD case and disc. So all of you graphic artists out there, fire up your Photoshop.

If you go to my facebook page, in my profile pictures, you can see a still frame from the main title animation for the movie.

However, you should in no way feel limited to this idea. Toddstock, in retrospect was more about the fans and the Utopian community we put together than it was about Todd, while of course he was the central figure. This movie was about all us fans that were there, even those who were not able to attend. So it is fitting that a fan design the cover.

Any design would have to conform to a standard template for a DVD cover and disc, and would need to be submitted ready to print. I am working on getting those specs and will send to anyone who is interested.

Have to discuss and confirm this with Todd and Michele, but the person whose design is used, will be sent an autographed framed copy.

Any question, contact me on Facebook or at

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of coming to Northampton or Greenfield?