Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mark Wahlberg of "The Other Guys" Talks Music and his love for TODD RUNDGREN


Playlist: Mark Wahlberg of "The Other Guys" Talks MusicFor Mark Wahlberg, classic rock never goes out of style.

In fact, The Other Guys star has been discovering some oldies but goodies as of late.

Wahlberg explains, "I'm re-discovering stuff that I knew, but I never knew who the artists were [Laughs]—lots of classic rock stuff and people like Todd Rundgren. There were certain songs I liked, but now I've discovered [these artists'] other material and who they are."

In The Other Guys, his character Terry Hoitz is a tough cop with an itchy trigger finger, perfectly balancing Will Ferrell's timid pencil-pushing Alan Gamble. Given Terry's propensity for shooting first and asking questions later, ARTISTdirect.com was curious what Terry would listen to.

Wahlberg chuckles, "Man, they had Terry listening to Megadeth and that hardcore metal shit!"

That makes perfect sense when you see the hilarious new flick. Don't miss Mark Wahlberg in The Other Guys!

—Rick Florino

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