Monday, August 2, 2010


8:30pm ET on 8/17/10.

Rundgren Radio with special guest Peter Ponzol who played soprano sax on Todd Rundgren's song, "The Last Ride" on the Todd album.

The career of Peter Ponzol includes 30 years as an internationally known jazz and studio player. As a player, Peter has performed in most countries around the world, and has received not only a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Performance grant, but was also invited to Germany... by the prestigious German Academic Exchange Service. He has given clinics and workshops worldwide and has taught in several universities

Not content to only play and teach, he has spent the past 20 years in the design and manufacture of his own line of very successful high end saxophone products. Peter's experience and talents were also utilized as a consultant and designer by some of the world's oldest and most respected saxophone companies in Germany and France.

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