Sunday, December 26, 2010

Todd Rundgren - "I Went to the Mirror/Come On In My Kitchen" - 12/7/2010

upped by Silver2Ruby


Christine Bottaro said...

Love the Rythym of the music and "of course",,, Todd's voice!! Though I don't really like the "lyrics" to these songs. But!! It was an "Awesome Show in NYC"!! Truly enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

This first song is a piece of crap
as far as radio airplay would go.
Seems I even read that somewhere/
anywhere. Sounds like Christine might open up & admit, it's a rare song that mentions the existance of zits.
Few Blues Masters explore themselves with humor. So this truly stands out as unique twisted
masterpiece. That or I stood up too
fast ?

from: Circle-H to: H-Bomb