Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TR Survival camp june 2011

important to click on this link to see all the information
Whether you are veteran player or an avid music consumer, this 5 day inter-disciplinary romp with one of the 'industry's' most notorious survivors will open your mind and prepare you for the future. The man behind the 5th all time best-selling album Bat Out Of Hell, the 8th video played on MTV, the 1st interactive music disk, and predictor of the current demise of the music business has assembled a stellar staff of counselors and guest speakers (see COUNSELORS link above) and a curriculum of activities that will leave you informed and energized to face the challenges of making and consuming music.

A typical day at camp includes 3 meals, morning and afternoon counselor-led activities, free time and one-on-one counselor sessions, evening entertainment and late night jams. All this set within the beautiful Catskill Mountains Full Moon Resort grounds, just a stone's throw from Woodstock NY.

The curriculum includes not just the mechanics of music making, but the full range of issues facing todays performers, songwriters and support personnel. Activities include:


Anonymous said...

I can completely understand why TR would financially want to do this, I just hope it presages a tour of some kind for the public TOO, as the price for these camps is very prohibitive in this economy for the people who would actually really want to buy tickets, but who might have bigger priorities this year such as visiting their ailing folks, getting their kids in a good school, paying taxes, etc. or something else that's going to cost at least as much. A few gigs would not go amiss. How about a "day camp" or a more participatory-type tour?

Anonymous said...

VariationS on drawing A CROWD.

Look at Todd's Diversity in 2010.

This site clearly depicts the artist as one to not be bored or
bored with. The costume changes & miles logged, the differant 'formats/tours & professorship' I wish the camp well
& know there will be surprises I can reach in my vi-cin-i-ty
Stay up-beat Anonymous ONE