Sunday, December 12, 2010

Video: "Bleeding" & " I saw the light "gramercy theater "The Blender"

upped by jfk633


Anonymous said...

I saw the lights & sound at PARK WEST Chicago. Great venue,chilling cold Still was surprised it was not sold out. Good crowd,really fun
show. If Todd ever gets his Johnson
out you'll hope for more SPRING &
SUMMER(fest),Rib-Fest outdoor shows
If anybody's listening...
More ARENA, & Bluzzy gems from the past PLEASE.And say,behind the TELE
Heven & Hell aint in DEVIL'S BITE
You can quote me CHAPTER & VERSE

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with Anonymous

Antisipating summer shows & bringing out the un-intiated future
Todd fans who will get into this
variation easier than some.
Great SITE, Love turning people to it. Thanks MA !

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