Saturday, March 12, 2011

Donation for Japan relief effort: Todd Rundgren Fan Family Compassion Fund
Todd Rundgren Fan Family Compassion Fund
The concert going and social networking Family of Todd Rundgren fans are reaching out to offer a hand of friendship and comfort to our friends in Japan who have suffered the earthquakes and tsunami of March 2011.

We know that Todd holds a very special place in his heart for Japan in general and his fans there specifically.

We humbly send our Japanese friends love, comfort, and HEALING and appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate "Love in Action."


runnermargie said...

Thank you Todd.... I will be donating. I wish I could do more... All those effected, my thoughts of healing, recovery go out to you. Prayers to all.....

kero Yoshino said...

Thanks guys!! You are beautiful.
Just talking about one world members, we are quite alright. North side seaside town got HUGE damage by Tsunami (not earthquake itself) .... we, people in Japan must help them.
We must be strong, and your thoughts make us stronger. again, Thank you.