Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RundgrenRadio tonight choir members special


We'll have special guests from choir members of both the upcoming Todd+Healing concerts as well as the previous tour in September!

Our first guests will be a few of the choir members from the Keswick show in September -- Barbara Ingram School of the Arts choir.

The Keswick concert choir guests will be followed by George Hertzel. Since 1988, he has had the privilege of being the opening act for Todd 3 times. He will be joining Todd again, along with a vocal ensemble consisting of his music students, for the upcoming Toledo and Columbus "Todd" + "Healing" Albums Live concerts so we'll be discussing how that's going. He will also be sharing with us some stories about his experiences with Todd, Michele and Mary Lou and how he landed these gigs over the past 20+ years


Paul Solomon said...
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Jeremy Saul said...

I was at the Keswick show - I wish there was another one in March! (I notice that 3/29 is an open date...)

Can you ask the choir how they were chosen to meet up with Todd? Were they fans of Todd/Healing before getting the gig?