Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Todd at Hungry ear record holding his Johnson cd


DiscConnected said...

Amazon.com now shows it as releasing next week...

Better late than never...

Anonymous said...

To each his/her own... I simply can't fixate on that 1972 LP. As great as it is.. It's like Meet The
BEATLES was not a high water mark, just because most anyone can like it. I'm not venting on the people in the photo. I'm not venting on the highest percentage of 'fans'
Sorry to see such high numbers for
S/A in the ma4utopia poll. It seems
contrairy to the fantastic body of work, seeing S/A as some pinnicle ?
Think about it,I believe this artist's best work is in the future
Todd's hit me like a train innumerable times before & 39 years
since S/A.....From:Circle-H To: the

Anonymous said...

I love Something/Anything...it's very dreamlike to me, the progression of songs on the first 3 sides...hypnotic. That kid could write!

I also like the persona he creates with it, this kind of romantic singer/songwriter who is intelligent, and I prefer that to pretending to be Hawaiian or his more violent songs, or make money songs. I try not to think about how he now says this persona was completely false when I listen to it. To me, it's a beautiful dream, and you know those do go on forever-- on record anyway/someway. :)