Friday, June 24, 2011

setlist from the Bearsville show

Originally posted by ukiedog
Just home from the show...Sold-out, great crowd! RUTH was there too.
Todd and the guys were very loose. Sounds like camp was great and Todd announced he is doing it again next year in June.
Opened with Real Man.
Here is the rest of the setlist that I can remember in no particular order.
Love Of The Common Man
Buffalo Grass
Johnson song (not sure which one)
It Wouldn't Have Made any Difference
Love Is The Answer
Couldn't I Just Tell You
Can We Still Be Friends
Lost Horizon
I Saw The Light
Hello It's Me
Lucky Guy
I'm So Proud Medley
Dream Goes On Forever
I Want You To Want Me


pracstock said...

Johnson song was "Kind Hearted Woman"
And how could you forget... "Soul Brother"

Anonymous said...

Let's say it's ok to forget a song from the setlist( pracstock didn't add any additional). I know some shows may go longer. More important
is the show is clearly very choice
one for the un-initiated. Familiar
to unusual, great variety and still
highly approachable. Invite everyone you know to give it a shot
Who wouldn't like Buffalo Grass on
first listen ? Most vocalists would blanch at performing 1/2 of
this demanding program. Great to see Mr.Keys back for this tour.
Antisipation fills the air......RR

Anonymous said...

I'm inviting an uncle who is 63 & more a Clapton guy-never seen TR.
His son is into Zepplin & METAL.
The girl cousin loves The Cure &
before that, Rick Springfield.They
all dig Petty & Kid Rock. Wish me

Anonymous said...

Great set list! Haven't seen him for awhile. Can't wait! Seeing him July 9th!!! I was really hoping he would do "Sweet", "Want of a Nail" and my all time favorite "Last Ride." But no real disappointment because no matter what he does ~ it's Todd!!! Just LOVE him!